Puerto Limon - Buenos Aires - Reviews & Contact Details

*****  (1 review)
Address: Chacabuco 1080
Post code:
Phone number: 5411 4361-9649
Hostel website: http://www.puertolimonhostel.com
Type of hostel: Accommodation > Hostel

Reviews (1)

Puerto Limón receives a group of friends from Holland who looks for their course through South America. A German arrives to Buenos Aires to learn Spanish, and falls in love with the modern and retro house combination. She meets a Swedish who invites her to a BBQ on the patio. Travel broaden your mind. The Turkish installed from January invites some drinks at the hostels’ bar, a Chilean travels to the Patagonia. Who follows him? The French proposes “ir de copas to San Telmos’ bars. Everyone leaves to have a walk by the cobble-stoned streets. You can sleep when you´re dead. An Israeli goes away to the north for 4 days and leaves the luggage. The American looks for accomplices for a ride by bicycle to the city of the tango, while a Brazilian arrange going to the field to see Boca vs River. Nobody is wanted to lose nothing. What are you waiting for? It gets dark in the hostel, the Italian watches Amélie film with a cup of wine, while the English writes an e-mail on his laptop. His girlfriend reads a book from the library, in front of a picture of the Che. Turn off your mind. Everybody welcomes to a Japanese that returns to take tango classes. A Peruvian comes from Lima looking for a sense to his life. You don´t take nothing with you but your soul. The Spaniards come down from Ecuador and they are staying in a private bathroom room, is shower time!. This is Not a hotel, nobody told you? A Mexican cooks tacos in the kitchen. It’s Sunday and let’s go to the Plaza Dorrego Square 2 blocks away from here, to see craftsmen, some stop in front of art galleries and antiques markets, the posh keep walking to Puerto Madero. 50 travelers together, Bob Marley is singing, and all histories are crossed. Are you one of them? This is Puerto Limón. Smile, please.