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De Draecke Youth Hostel - Gent - Reviews & Contact Details

*****  (1 review)
Address: St-Widostraat 11
Post code:
Phone number: + 32 9 233 70 50
Hostel website: http://www.ghent-hostel.com
Type of hostel: Accommodation > Hostel

Reviews (1)

The International Youth Hostel “De Draecke” (which means Dragon) is located on St-Widostraat 11, right in the heart of the city centre. Here, budget travellers can enjoy a clean bed, bath, and more, all at a more than reasonable rate. Because all of us did a fair bit of travelling ourselves, we (claim to) know what backpackers and other budget travellers are looking for. Ghent offers you a unique combination of tourist highlights (such as a medieval castle and the famous three towers) and a vibrant university town. This interesting mix of history and future as well as the city‘s interesting location (right in-between Paris - Amsterdam or Bruges – Brussels) makes it a true Travellers’ Crossroads. Hint: Use Ghent as your (affordable) home base for daytrips to visit Brussels (30 min. train/car), Bruges (1/2 hr train/car), Antwerp (30 min train/car) or –why not- the Belgian coast (45 min. train/car). Students, backpackers and other budget travellers meet up here, spend a couple of days and refuel before hitting yet another crowdy and touristy town! Sit back and relax in our cosy bar, where you can meet people from all over the world. Have a coffee or beer and watch some tele. Or, choose (swap) a book from our library. Even more, it’s the perfect location to taste numerous Belgian Beers without having to spend half of your budget (so: yes, cheap beer!). The rooms are far more comfortable than your average hostel. Twins, 3 – 4 – 5 - 6 persons rooms (up to 106 persons), all with private bathroom & shower! Very affordable, quiet & comfortable hotel accommodation & by far the best deal you can make in Ghent. Besides the tons of leaflets lying around, our multilingual staff can provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your Ghent experience. The Draecke will be your home away from home.