Hostel Dioskouros - A broad stretch

You know the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when your paying at midnight and in response to the question "what's for breakfast?" the receptionist says "you'll see"? The whole reason one would choose a hostel which includes breakfast in its price, is value for money. When the garden smells of decaying rubbish and you have a headache from lack of ventilation in your room with 4 others, all you need (and want) is a little strength to face the day. There was some fruit. And if you're early you can get a slice of cake. But where I would avoid wasting money? Single portion jams, and milks (I won't go into the environmental impact). The milk is the tiniest size (there are 3 I have seen) and barely enough to colour the strong coffee! There were 2 types of jams served, where a slice of even that processed cheese would have been much appreciated just to take the edge off all the sweetness. In Greece things are not as expensive (as say South of France!), and that includes ham and cheese. The 50 Euro that extra box of jams would save would afford copious ham and cheese, and hopefully not leave you feeling the crash after an hour after ingesting all that white bread and sugar. But in the spirit of fairness: mega-cups for coffee, open 24 hours and free internet are enough of a trade off! And at least Max was friendly and helpful with a smile (thank you!) - I think Gracia needed another cup of coffee - or some cheese for energy!

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