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***  (5 reviews)
Address: 3/Floor, Paterson Bldg, 47 Paterson Street.
Post code:
Phone number: 852 28951015
Hostel website: http://www.wangfathostel.com.hk
Type of hostel: Accommodation > Hostel

Reviews (5)

Wonderful and affordable place to stay in Hong Kong. Bit tricky to find but well worth it. I stay there everytime I fly to Hong Kong. Brilliant location as well.
I go to hong kong almost every year and I stay here due to the centralized location and they are very accomidatig to us. They upgrade us when every possible and if we travel to the main lands they store our bags, it has been very safe and pleasant. the owner has made good on all our trips, they have been safe and with out problems I would recommend
I have similar experience too. They booked out and sent me to other building with terrible room. Eventually, I found other one called yesinn (www.yesinn.com) there was much better than Wang Fat! Yesinn is control tie of the booking to prevent the book out, I just lucky that one customer just cancelled the booking and I got the place!
What a complete rip-off! This hostel, whatever they call it, Wang Fat hostel or Hong Kong hostel (They have a few names but the same hostel), totally spoiled out holiday in Hong Kong. After reading reviews online where travellers have mentioned that they were not placed in the main building but across the street and in non-renovated rooms, I called the boss to request for a renovated room in the main building to which he pleasantly agreed to. I had checked third party websites and they offered cheaper rates as compared to what the boss offered but he said to book directly with him as we would have first pirority to get the room as compared to when we make a booking via the third-party website. He says there have been cases where people book via third party websites and have been declined a room when they get to the hostel. Since he sounded so sincere and nice, we decided to pay a bit more and book the room directly through him. On the first day in the morning at 10am when I reached at the check-in desk, the guy mending the desk was smoking and rude. He said there were no rooms as of yet as people checkout at 12pm. This was acceptable to me and I mentioned that I would return only at night. He then told me that I had to come back in the afternoon to check if there are rooms, otherwise he would not guarantee me a room (This was what he said although I had already secured a booking with his boss via email with my credit card details.) Apparently, he could not find my name in the list but when I mentioned that the boss had sent me an email confirmation and he checked his email, he realised I has a confirmed booking. I came back at about 5pm after shopping and wanted to take a short rest. When I got to the check-in counter, the same guy said to give him about 10-15 mins so he could get me a room and asked me to wait at the computer room. I waited for about half an hour but to no avail. At the same time, I was chatting with other backpackers and realised that the rate he charged me was higher than the others. I then walked back to the check-in area to ask for my room and realised the crowd that was there had more or less cleared and were given their rooms. I was furious and questioned the guy why I was the first to arrive in the morning but up till now at 6pm I was still not given a room while others were given theirs. He then rudely told me that I had too high requirements and to give me a renovated room at the main building was not possible. He said he does not know what his boss promised and was not able to fulfil it. He told me to go stay in a five star hotel instead and said his hostel could not fit my expectations. When I argued further, he said he could take me in and reluctantly asked another lady to take me to view a room on another street 10 mins walk away. The lady was grumbling as she walked me there. When we reached there, I realised it was obviously not the hostel we had booked ourselves yet but a totally new hostel unrelated to them. Anyway, I had 2 luggages and asked if she could help me carry them over to which she replied that I must give her a tip, otherwise she would not help me to carry them. I was so frustrated with their service! Later on the day of our check-out, we asked the owner of the hostel they had put us at what the rate of their hostel was and realised that it was only half the rate of Wang Fat Hostel. We then went back to Wang Fat to demand some refund. The guy threatened that should we continue to ask for a refund, he would close the door and we would not be able to leave hk. Anyway, to sum it all up, it was indeed a terrible experience . We should have opted to stay at mong kok, kowloon where we had stayed previously with a friendly owner which was fuss-free. Our advice would be to avoid this place! Have fun in HK!
Welcome to our budget hostel. We established our services in 1980. We have just completed renovation with new decoration and facilities to cope with the rapid increase of customers from all over the world. Our hostel is located in the downtown prime shopping district area of Hong Kong Island - Causeway Bay - where you can find many departmental stores like Mitsukoshi,Sogo, Seibu, Fashsion Island etc.,cum local speciality shop houses. For dining - you have more choices than department stores. Just a few minutes' walk you can choose cheap fast food or enjoy a deluxe dinner in high class chinese restaurant or in 5 star hotels. For transportation - just a few minutes' walk - you can catch a bus (to airport & etc.,) or take the subway (underground railway system - known as MTR in Hong Kong ) by which you can go to most of the interesting places in Hong Kong.

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