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Address: Villa Carolina Townhouse,31 Bayview Drive & Roxas Blvd, Tambo, Paranaque City Metro-Manila
Post code: 1700
Phone number: 632-854-1435,854-3826,854-1436,63922-841-5540
Hostel website: http://asiabill.pages.qpg.com
Type of hostel: Accommodation > Hostel

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Mabuhay Philippines! We have finished renovating 1/3 of our hotel/hostel, the next third will start again at the end of March til June and last stage of renovations will be finished by November 2014. Basically we are taking out ALL the wood ceilings & floors where the vermin hide and rule; we've fought many battles but can't win the war against vermin in such a big city as Manila with 14 Million people. So by the end of the year we'll see how it goes. Also due to Manila's air pollution we can not keep the curtains clean nor attractive so we will be replacing all curtains with wood louvered window shudders which will provide a wood element but not look dirty. Wish us luck and Happy Travels to all of you.
stayed yet again in 2011.Must say still the best and cheapest around. Local to all attractions ie coastal mall mall of asia manila bay santiago etc. Found lots of new cheap and very good <canteens and food outlets>within 5 or ten mins walk for evening snacks meals etc. never had any probs walking around at night near here but now know staff and local people very relaxing
If one want's to visit the developing world, then one expects to pay a better/lower price. The American Luxury Hotels charge an American price. This place is safe, and the prices are as low as you can ask for. If you want to live like locals and use a fan you may will handle the weather better. They have good air-conditioned rooms for a little more. The maids are as friendly as you can expect and the food is also good. The American Hotels charge about 4 times more.
I have stayed at the townhouse 5 or 6 times and yes, there is always something broken in the room such as no handle on the bath room, broken lights. The rooms are also ratty and you can tell the passage of time has taken a toll on the place. One time they had run out of towels so they gave me a sheet :). You can't give it 4 stars. Also between the front and the back building I have seen a rat on more than one occasion. It is however a budget hotel in a 3rd world country and I am about to book it again purely for the price. And yes the food is great and the beer is cheap. Free wi-fi in the lobby. Suggestion, the back building is a little more private and quite. Also in regards to safety, manila is not safe late at night no matter where you are. I have never felt threatened during the day anywhere in manila.
Since the townhouse has its own canadian cook the meals are very delicious and the staff is polite. I recommend this hotel in this price range
The Townhouse hotel, was the best choise for me. Especially they had a new canadian cook and the meals are so delicious, I will ever recommend it!!! good prices and nice polite staff.Its possibel to reach the airport by foot (15min). For me the best accomodation i saw for this price in the philippines
ive stayed here on and off for 5 years, sometimes long term, in terms of value for money its great. The location is perfect, right next to the airports and mall of asia is right round the corner (walking distance), so you can drink on the bay, in safety, or at hooters, or cinema, really impressive mall. Also, something ppl shud take advantage is the bus stop at the end of the road, these buses cost about 10 pesos to makati, air con, comfortable, with dvds playing. Inside the townhouse theres a good atmosphere ands its a great place to meet ppl. If u stay in malate u will be harrassed everytime u step out of the door, in the townhouse u can chill, or pop across the road to Mall of asia for some fun, or hop on a bus for 10 pesos to anywere. I definately recommend it for value for money!!!
hiya guys pandyla back sorry ive been very ill couldnt reply to all the negetivity about bill and the townhouse and casa camilla 1st i dont work for bill i would like to to get from this england.listen up,man these places are all the budget travellors dreams theyre cheap friendly and if you bother to speak to bill,or indeed any of his staff,you would be surprised at their friendlyness and their knowledge of local interest ive stayed 8 times now its the best.when im over this im back
online hotel ratings should be done away with because there are always troublemakers and lairs and people who totally should just stay home, going online and badmouthing pefectly fine establishments...i think alot of people are so timid and miserable in their lives that they must feel tough and badass online by flaming people and business...and rememeber people, businesses are owned and run by people...some guys just want far more than what they are paying for....and some guys expect things to be utter perfection...the only perfect place for these wiseguys is home....but wait, if home was so great, why do they leave and stay in hotels and then badmouth them...if you cant be happy on the road, stay home
i dont know why people are criticising this hotel. i stayed in the master room and found it to be exactly what i needed for my stay in manila. i found the staff lovely and helpful. i am going to be back in manila in 2008 May and i have no hesitation in staying at the townhouse. for the price it is great value, especially the room i stayed in for the 33 days. i think people expect too much for budget accommodation and if they dont like it then go and stay in the Hyatt.
YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR CLOWN........ You were expecting maybe a 5 star hotel at a 1 star cost ? What a idiot......
Its ok for the price and location,you have to remember,Manila isnt Bangkok,theres no bargain basement accomodation here,the Townhouse serves a purpouse.
Yea, thats right about its habit, it shd be anked smwhere in between bad & jst ok, th prce s stll unique, and the location near to terminal as well. Keep puutn on sme mre dilligence
Dirty run down overpriced neglected property. The owner really needs to put some money back into this place.
SERVING WORLD TRAVELERS Since 1986 - Guests From 83 Countries WELCOME!
The Townhouse was opened by Bill and Lorna after they had traveled and worked in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. for almost ten years. They'd stayed in bamboo, beach huts, Asian guesthouses, Spanish pensionnes, American and European campgrounds, backpacker dormitories, Korean yogwans and Japanese ryokans on shoestring budgets. They met each other 'on the road' while traveling in Hong Kong and Korea in the early 80s and got married in 1985. During a trip to Lhasa, Tibet, when Lorna was 6 months pregnant with Camilla in 1986, they decided that it was time to raise a family.They knew that they would miss the energy, excitement and adventure of world travel so they opened the doors of their small, 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse for travelers as a hobby.
The first guests were five Swedish young men Bill met in Hong Kong who had met on the trans-Siberian railway; since then travelers from 83 countries have stayed at The Townhouse. After a few years, guests had written to Lonely Planet, Jens Peters' Publication and other travel guides recommending The Townhouse as a low budget, safe, clean and friendly place to stay in Manila. Now, continuous improve- ments and expansion projects have produced a warm,family atmosphere where travelers meet, exchange travel stories and enjoy the 'magic' energy of world travel in a safe, comfortable setting with 23 bedrooms with private rooms with private baths and common bathrooms and one room with 4 dormitory beds. TRY THE TOWNHOUSE HOTEL-MANILA Villa Carolina Townhouse 201 Roxas Blvd Unit # 31 TAMBO, Paranaque, Metro-Manila, R.P. Tel.#: 632-854-3826,854-1435, 854-5399 / Fax-( 632)-804-0161
Email:bill_lorna@yahoo.com townhousemanila@msn.com
Room Rates:
P180 (U$3.50) dormitory beds
P300 (U$6 ), P350 (U$6 ) P500 & (U$10 ) /rooms w/ share bath & fan
P550 (U$11 ) rooms /private baths, fan
P700 ( U$14 )for rooms with private bath, fan & Cable TV
P950 (U$19 ) with private bath, Air Conditioning & Cable TV
MANILA ARRIVAL: Usually we advise our guests to take one of the Taxi / Transport services which is after immigration and customs and just outside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( NAIA ).
1. Outside of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Road( NAIA Road ),after the second set of sliding glass doors, look to the LEFT for a transport booth. We like Nissan Taxi. PAY ONLY P120 ( U$2+). Don't go RIGHT, they try to RENT you a car with driver P500++.
At the NISSAN Taxi Kiosk, give our address:
Villa Carolina Townhouse, Roxas Blvd. # 31, TAMBO, Paranque,Metro-Manila, Philippines. This is 10 minutes from all 3 airports and near Bayview Towers. Stress