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Townhouse Hotel Manila - Review from William ( Bill ) Collings

SERVING WORLD TRAVELERS Since 1986 - Guests From 83 Countries WELCOME!
The Townhouse was opened by Bill and Lorna after they had traveled and worked in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. for almost ten years. They'd stayed in bamboo, beach huts, Asian guesthouses, Spanish pensionnes, American and European campgrounds, backpacker dormitories, Korean yogwans and Japanese ryokans on shoestring budgets. They met each other 'on the road' while traveling in Hong Kong and Korea in the early 80s and got married in 1985. During a trip to Lhasa, Tibet, when Lorna was 6 months pregnant with Camilla in 1986, they decided that it was time to raise a family.They knew that they would miss the energy, excitement and adventure of world travel so they opened the doors of their small, 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse for travelers as a hobby.
The first guests were five Swedish young men Bill met in Hong Kong who had met on the trans-Siberian railway; since then travelers from 83 countries have stayed at The Townhouse. After a few years, guests had written to Lonely Planet, Jens Peters' Publication and other travel guides recommending The Townhouse as a low budget, safe, clean and friendly place to stay in Manila. Now, continuous improve- ments and expansion projects have produced a warm,family atmosphere where travelers meet, exchange travel stories and enjoy the 'magic' energy of world travel in a safe, comfortable setting with 23 bedrooms with private rooms with private baths and common bathrooms and one room with 4 dormitory beds. TRY THE TOWNHOUSE HOTEL-MANILA Villa Carolina Townhouse 201 Roxas Blvd Unit # 31 TAMBO, Paranaque, Metro-Manila, R.P. Tel.#: 632-854-3826,854-1435, 854-5399 / Fax-( 632)-804-0161
Email:bill_lorna@yahoo.com townhousemanila@msn.com
Room Rates:
P180 (U$3.50) dormitory beds
P300 (U$6 ), P350 (U$6 ) P500 & (U$10 ) /rooms w/ share bath & fan
P550 (U$11 ) rooms /private baths, fan
P700 ( U$14 )for rooms with private bath, fan & Cable TV
P950 (U$19 ) with private bath, Air Conditioning & Cable TV
MANILA ARRIVAL: Usually we advise our guests to take one of the Taxi / Transport services which is after immigration and customs and just outside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport ( NAIA ).
1. Outside of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Road( NAIA Road ),after the second set of sliding glass doors, look to the LEFT for a transport booth. We like Nissan Taxi. PAY ONLY P120 ( U$2+). Don't go RIGHT, they try to RENT you a car with driver P500++.
At the NISSAN Taxi Kiosk, give our address:
Villa Carolina Townhouse, Roxas Blvd. # 31, TAMBO, Paranque,Metro-Manila, Philippines. This is 10 minutes from all 3 airports and near Bayview Towers. Stress

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