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Woodville Guesthouse - London - Reviews & Contact Details

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Address: 35 Woodville Road
Post code: E17 7ER
Phone number: +447901155500
Hostel website: http://woodvilleguesthouse.webs.com/
Type of hostel: Accommodation > Self catering

Reviews (1)

If You want a place that is not homely, poor smelly rooms, dirty kitchen, and a disgusting bathroom with spiders everywhere, and you always want to communicate with a depressed, loud, crazy, sad, self delusional, fake, psycho, lonely lonely old man, that shld not be running a guesthouse and i quote "i don't like people, this is just my job" then this is the place for you! (i think his also still in the closet at 60 yrs old).. £3 extra each time to use the kitchen (in which i was told you cant use the stove because you'll 'mess it up'. £3 a wash, to use his washing machine. oh and don't use the clothes horse, or put your clothes down on a spare bed for just a minute. trust me - i learnt the hard way. Your personal items WILL go flying across the room in a manic flip out! (to which i was then yelled at to pick up my things and leave) couldn't believe this was happening!! At some points where he talked to me in a civilized manner, it was all about how England is the best country in the world, and was talking crap about Australia (why do this to a guest?) i could go on forever!.. to wrap this all up, go here if you want a terrible experience, in a shoddy town deep east out of london (oh 3 wks after staying here i was actually mugged in Walthamstow!) Now, Ive never used the word 'hate', ive never had to. But James, you are the first person i well, and truely, hate. Thanks for making my 2nd week in London, just that much harder. Good riddance, old man.