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The Rusty Railway Hostel - Austin - Reviews & Contact Details

****  (3 reviews)
Address: 3820 Southport Dr. (NO WALKINS/ CALL 1ST)
Post code: 78704
Phone number: (512) 516-4874
Hostel website: http://www.facebook.com/rustyrailway
Type of hostel: Accommodation > Hostel

Reviews (3)

Laying low from a real nice girl with stalker like actions? The Rusty Railway will suit you fine. Waiting for "Skooter" at the Summer Moon Cafe was suspenseful. The Summer Moon Cafe is this real awesome coffee shop, where he meets you at, then you follow him to the hostel's secretive location. Real live Bat Cave type shit. I've read reviews about this place. They make this place out to be a dive, with tin sheet metal roofs in the middle of the desert, next to some hobo ridden train tracks. With a mild mannered Fat beer bellied Red Neck with a sweaty wife beater stuck to his partially hairy body. Well that's what I envisioned, to many film noir movies I guess. Well I was mistaken. Skooter is a skinny, weird looking, high wired dude, and not a bad dancer. "Skooter" keeps his real identity hidden with the alias aka Skooter. Just like Batman, but he's no Batman, more along the lines of Robin's sidekick. With that said, he's a pretty good host. Very friendly and hospitable host. He's well informed on what to see in Austin and is always down for a good party. Now the hostel itself is a bit of an oddity, but still real cool. The hostel consists of two 2 storied town houses...I felt they were pretty clean and decently maintained. There's beautiful murals, done by a traveling artist from Seattle, on the fence line that happen's to be the courtyard of the hostel. Now if you're looking to get 7 to 8 hrs night sleep, this probably isn't the place for you. No hostel will be. The hostel is located next to the train tracks, so if you suffer from hobo flashbacks you might want to stay away. I myself slept like a baby, until this french girl woke me up looking for her cell phone. Have you ever met a lovely girl from Senegal? Hung out with a National Guardsman days before being deployed to Afghanistan? Piled 2 french girls, 1 girl from Senegal, 1 dude from Australia, 1 dude from Israel, 1 dude from Wisconsin going to Afghanistan, and one intoxicated hostel owner from who fucken knows into a four seater Nissan Sentra rental car, after a fun night of dancing at the Hotel Vegas? Well I have. And wouldn't change it for a second. All for a grand total of $22 a night. Hotels suck. Hostels is where it's at if you're up for an adventure. Lowering your expectations usually opens windows to exciting times.
This is sort of a cross between a hostel, and staying with a guy who picks you up from the airport. He "screens" all his potential customers before even letting them know where the hostel is. It is not too close to the city, but is in a nice residential neighborhood with good bus access. His rather unscrupulous manner of finding guests using fake Google businesses and labeling them as different hostels, along with his screening process seems to work well for finding fun and interesting travelers. I had a wonderful time staying here, but I wish he ran it like a more legitimate business. Otherwise,"Scooter" is a decent, welcoming host who provides good, cheap, Austin accommodation.
Thanks for receiving a pilgrim for God. You gave me a glass of water and carried my bag. We built luggage racks, made new friendships and had some good laughs. I'm so thankful for "the rusty construction crew" it was a joy working alongside you and keeping them wheels a turnin'. Anybody who reads this. you're in the right place; hangin' out with Scooter on the right side of the tracks!