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A Van Phuong - I wouldn't stay here again.

We stayed here on our first visit to Ho Chi Minh at the beginning of our trip. We got into the airport late at night so we spent 2 nights at A Van Phuong. Reasonably clean, and friendly enough staff. HOWEVER, my iphone disappeared from my carry on bag during my stay here. It was well hidden under books and papers and never left the hotel premises. I had it when I arrived in our room so draw your own conclusions from that (we were the only guests staying there at the time). Another unsettling aspect of our stay here were the prices for day trips on the printed out sheet we were giving by the hostel owner (which I saved for reference). 135 USD per person for a day tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels!! A hostel we stayed at on our way back through Ho Chi Minh 10 days later books a nearly identical tour for 7 USD per person! That is quite a commission for someone! Same with the boat excursion listed- 115 USD per person when elsewhere this sort of trip is booked for 9-14 USD per person. We didn't think much of the prices at first, they seemed a bit much but we had just arrived and didn't really have a feel for what things cost yet. In retrospect they are totally outrageous. We even showed the print out to a desk clerk at the wonderful hostel we stayed at on our second trip to this city and asked about the prices because we wondered if we missed something. Was it some sort of crazy luxury tour? Nope. She thought the prices were insane as well. Our final complaint- the man who runs the hostel politely (we thought) offered to get our bus tickets to Cambodia for us. $5 service charge. Ok, fine, we thought. $5, not big deal, we don't know where the bus station is. Turned out it was only a block away with all options in English. Totally unnecessary service charge and unfortunately we didn't think to ask. I would recommend finding one of places much closer to the city center where you don't have to worry about being ripped off. For only a couple dollars more you can find somewhere cleaner, more central and more secure.

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