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This thriving commercial city stretches for five miles along the Pacific coast, and from your base here you can explore the ruins of the 16th-century ...


Biking tour in the RainforeestDuration: 4 hours
This fun and non-skilled trail is great for bikers of all levels. Follow a single track into the thick vegetation ...
River Rafting Chiriqui RiverDuration: 14 hours

Do you like it fast and invigorating, then try rafting on the Chiriqui Rivers. These rivers descend 11,000 feet from ...

River Rafting - The Chagres ChallengeDuration: 11 hours

Start with a 2 hour nature walk into the Chagres National Park before reaching the Chagres River for the rafting ...

City Tour at Folkloric Mi PueblitoDuration: 3 hours

Panama has been the melting pot for several cultures. Originally, the native Indian groups, then the Spanish conquerors brought their ...

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