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Hanoi Luxor Hotel - Good hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam

With the French style greeting and its marvelous architecture, the newly built Hanoi Luxor Hotel is the best boutique hotel located in the old quarter consisting of 36 streets of which the street names reflect the business one conducted there: Silk Street, Rice Street, Paper Street, When you stay at the 8-storey-French style premises, you would feel and taste the exciting of the city, the friendliness of Hanoi's distinctive charm stems from its architectural inheritance built by the French at the beginning of the century was conveyed into the style of Hanoi Luxor Hotel that is equipped with all imported luxury facilities. Additional to its charming architecture, Hanoi Luxor Hotel provides the boutique styling quality services, of which the complete traveling services are surely able to exceed all your expectation. Staying at the Hanoi Luxor Hotel of where the impression integrity resides, you would surely experience the most pleasant and comfortable stay and enjoy all the charms of Hanoi.

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