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Laos on the road - Laos Travel Story

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Title: Laos on the road
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Ban Pako, Laos on the road
Gravel, sand and dust hitting my face as the WXR accelerates past the trucks. A winding road nestled among the villages in deep Laos. I wish nothing more than to keep the feeling for ever. I am one with the Yamaha 250 CC Enduro bike, I am here and I am alive.

A sharp turn and I nearly loose the traction, have to kick down a gear to regain control. The only danger on the road is the cows that have no respect for vehicles coming their way. The dogs run after the bike as they want to chear me along. Village people gawking in amaze as I pass them in high speed. Children waving to the tall white Falang on his blue monster machine. Only 40 kilometers more. Pushing the bike harder, making it go faster, the gravel stand no chance against the enduro tires. I am winning against the elements.

The sun and the dust leave marks on my skin. I am covered in red sand, my hair is dusty and my shoulders are burned from the gazing sun. Its so hot, it must be over 40 degrees in the air. The wind makes no difference, I am so thirsty. I pull over in a small village next to a house that has some water. The man comes out of his house. "Sabadee. Neung Nam" I try my best to pronounce the words. He gives me the bottle of water that I asked for. I ask for directions hoping he can tell me if I am on the right track to Ban Pako. He nods and with a "Keub jai lai lai" I am on my way again. The water feels so good in the heat. I wash with the remaining water and my hands turn red as the dust leaves my face. Soon there, soon I can rest.

A left turn and finally I can see the houses making Ban Pako so special. I ride the bike up to the reception made restaurant. With a big sigh the engine unwinds as I put the gear in neutral and turn the engine off.

I have arrived to one of the true Eco resorts in Laos. All energy used at Ban Pako is produced by its own solar cell system, every building on our premises are built out of eucalyptus tree and bamboo from the resort plantation.

Ban Pako itself dates back to more than 2000 years ago. It was a place where people gathered to work in pottery, iron and textiles. The people also deposited a vast amount of pottery at the site and buried their dead.

This fascinating history first emerged in the early 1990s when pots and other artifacts were uncovered during the construction of the lodge. Lao archaeologists made the initial excavations and in 1995 a co-operation project was established with a team of Swedish archaeologists that resulted in joint excavations of the site in 1995, 1996 and 2002.

I head for the nearast table overlooking the Nam Ngum river and order a Mango shake.

Its so serene, its flowing and wishing you memories. The Nam Ngum is a river of joy, sadness, death and life. I wade out into the current and let the river carry me down stream. I float looking up to the sky, the sun kissing my face. I am alone. Nam Ngum is a 354 km long river of Laos and one of major tributaries of the Mekong. It originates from the Northern mountainous region of Xiangkhoang Province and flows south through Vientiane Province joining the Mekong at Vientiane Capital. Nam Ngum River basin is home for about 1 million people in Laos. But now its all mine. After a while I start swimming to shore. The river is strong and wants to carry my further. Finally I reach a sand bank and I can start walking back to the Eco resort.

After a bowl of Lao Noodle Soup its time to head back to Vientiane before night descends. The road becomes a greater danger during dusk. It is at this time that the people of Laos is hurrying to their homes after a day in the fields, the dogs are at their most active and the cows are walking home from a day of feeding.

Its so hard to describe the feeling of traveling in Laos. Its inviting, fun, scary, exciting, different, surprising, sad, rich, poor, diverse and same-same. I wish you will find the time to mount your blue monster machine and head for a destination far away - you will be rewarded.

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Hey sounds kool, Did you rent it & where? Did you need motorbike licience? Big up