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Mongolian Darhad Nomads trails - Mongolia Travel Story

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Title: Mongolian Darhad Nomads trails
I been there to see all that things with nomads life.
Mongolian culture has many distinctive features closely connected with the Nomadic way of lifestyle. A heart - touching sound of Urtiin duu (long drawling song) and Morin Khuur, a Mongolian national musical instrument brings you to the endless vast steppe of
Mongolia and gives you the feeling like galloping on a horse. touch and taste Mongolian specials such as experience their way of nomadic life; live and feel every wonderful, interesting moments of processing milks into dairy products for their foods, producing living appliences and consumption products by animal skin, fur, wool and horns and even using livestocks as porter while herding their livestocks; goats, cows, horses, sheep and camel or known as five major kinds of livestock.This fantastic trip gives you the opportunity to take part in this great event and takes you to the pristine nature of Mongolian countryside. When you take part in the Naadam festival you will experience the thrill of watching hundreds of racing horses with their remarkable young riders, strong wrestlers performing the “Eagle dance” and traditionally dressed archers. But our tour doesn’t stop there; you will have the chance to learn the training of the horses and chance to talk with the trainers of the horses. Last few days of the tour, you will enjoy short‐ term real adventure and chance to discover the untouched northern part of Khuvsgul Lake, a crystal clear Khuvsgul known for its name “Dark Blue Pearl”. The fantastic tour is waiting for you. To do all this trip you can contact with Local tour agency Bonda lake ger camp
on mongoliantrips@yahoo.com

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