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Potosí City Overview

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City Overview
Make sure you are prepared for the chilly weather here before you embark on an adventure like this, even in the sunlight; there is still a big chill in the air. Back in the 17th century, this city used to hold the title of being one of the richest cities in the world. That is thanks to the Cerro Rico (meaning the rich hills) it has been said that if you had to put all the silver mined from the hills together, you could build a bridge from Potosi all the way to Madrid and if you had to pile all the bones of the lost lives from the hill, you could build one coming back as well.

Daily Budget
Try spending your night in a tent camping and starting a fire to cook your own meals, not only is this an amazing experience but also a great way to save money on your trip. If you prefer to be in motel it will cost about US$7-18 and your food will be about US$3-7 making your living costs a day US$35.

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