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Sofia City Overview

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City Overview
Locals will tell you that Sofia “grows but never ages” and depending on what you like, that makes it the perfect holiday adventure spot. This little city may seem uninviting for the first timers, but as time goes by and you find your rhythm you will discover that it is actually a very chilled city with friendly people and beautiful buildings, the night life is still in the beginning stages as the locals are very fond of just parking off in a park and drinking and then moving onto a nearby coffeehouse to end off the evening, but there are clubs and pubs throughout the city.

Daily Budget
Try your hand at camping and cooking for yourself and you will find that living on US$20-40 per day is a breeze, but if you are not the camping type then you will properly end up spending closer to US$40 a day rather than US$10, your meals are going to be anything between US$1 and US$6 with accommodation costing you about US$9-20 per day.

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