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Lithuania Country Overview

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Country Overview
With a people who are as friendly and outgoing as Lithuanians are, (and who erected a memorial statue of Frank Zappa) any one visiting their country is bound to have a great time. With a rich European culture and some interesting architecture that dates back centuries, lush pine forests and a Baltic coastline, there is enough to attract even the most jaded traveler.

Daily Budget
With hostel accommodation about US$10, or even as little as US$2 for a bed in a shared room, and self-catering or eating in canteens without going daft on train or bus travel, it is possible to make out on US$10 a day. If you prefer to lash out a bit and enjoy the comfort of a private room in a mid-range hotel, and eat in decent restaurants, then you may find your daily expenses rising to about US$40 to US$60 a day.

When to Go!
The best time to travel to Lithuania is in May to September, when the days are longer and the weather more benign. July and August sees the main influx of tourists and accommodation becomes a bit tricky with budget hotels and hostels fully booked.

One of the main events on the calendar are the horse races on Lake Sartai in Dusetos, on the first Saturday of February every year, April heralds the International Jazz Festival, attracting top musicians from around the globe to Kaunas, and Midsummer celebrations are climaxed on the night of 23 June, with celebrations and festivities.

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