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Bergen City Overview

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City Overview
Founded in 1070 Bergen is Norways second largest city . Set on a peninsula surrounded by seven hills it's the gateway to the spectacular Western Fjords. Bergens history is closely tied to the sea, it became one of the ports of the Hanseatic League of Merchants which dominated trade in Northern Europe in the late Middle Ages. A university town and the cultural centre of western Norway it has a pleasant, laid back, pace and is one of the country's most enjoyable cities.

Daily Budget
Norway can be very expensive but if you stay on camping sites and prepare your own meals you might just get by on 180 a day. If you plan to stay at hostels, breakfast at a cafe, lunch at a cheap restaurant and shop at grocery stores and cook your own meals at night you should manage on 300 a day. These are the bare costs and don't include drinks, travelling, trips or drinks of any sort.

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