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Tunis City Overview

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City Overview
Tunis, Tunisia's capital is the reminiscents of the French protectorate, which is still expanding as the modern city as well as the suq, the old town, one of the Arab worlds best. Filled with beauty and charm without being spoiled. Compared with most mega-cities elsewhere in the world, Tunis comes across as little more than a large country town. The city centre is compact and easy to navigate, with almost everything important to travellers within the medina and the compact ville nouvelle.

Daily Budget
Currency: Tunisian Dinar. Meals can be bought for aorund: US$3-5 and you should budget about $5-10 per day for Lodging. Tunisia is not a budget buster, especially for Western visitors. It's usually possible to get a clean room for about US$5 per person, and main dishes in local restaurants are often in the US$4 range. If you're fighting to keep costs down, you can get by on around US$15 a day, but you'll have more fun with a budget of about US$25 and can live like royalty for upwards of US$40.

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