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Hue Charming Local City Tour - Huế - Comments & Reviews

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Address: Hue City Central
Zip: 00543
Phone: +84.935.905.379
Website: http://huecharmingtravel.tk
Type of attraction: Major Attraction

Reviews (1)

Visitor Review We organised atour of DMZ with Hoang Phuong Charming Travel-Hue_VietNam, they povided two easyrider from Hue. I would just like to say taht we were so impressed with the tour, that we wiil be writting to the Lonely-Planet, and Tripadvisor guide with their detail & also planing them on internet travel blogs. The experience was outstanding. This was not just a mechamical poit of interst Tour. We were truely engaged into the emotional aspect of the sights we saw. This is because HoangPhuongTravel-Hue_VIETNAM are genuinely passionate about the history they shared with us. Something that will last with us forever. They are very safe rider & excellent tour guides, very friendly & helpful. The trip included the Vinh Moc Tunnels, but stop at several other placessuch as Museums, Memorial historic building & given informative details history accounts. They broke up the ride into many short sections. They also took us to caffe with great coffee & the place we went to for lunch was a top meal, and cheap! The day was a highlight of our time in Vietnam & we whole heartedly recomemd their tour. He taught us some Japanese and Chinese. if contact with him Hoang Phuong Charming Travel nice website; www.hue-charmingtravel.tk email: hue.charmingtravel@gmail.com DAVID &KYLIE USTRALIA Emai:dave-z@optusnet.com.au