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*****  (4 reviews)
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Type of bar: Lounge Bar

Reviews (4)

have read the review above but not sure if this is the new bus bar or the former....whichever one it is, it still sounds like my favourite bar in beijing from way back in 2001 & 2002. Found it by accident and couldn't believe my luck! The whole place was so contrary to everything we had come across in Beijing. This place was chilled and totally unpretentious. The bar men were total rastas which again was surreal for this city! Big black men running a bar unlike any other, footballers, street girls, old russians...not a chinaman in sight! Drinks were really good value..
Definately the best bar in Beijing, an absolute must for those who want to get away from the rudeness of some of the Chinese people. The Nigerians who run it are top notch (for just about anything), and are as friendly as they come. The DJ Andy is a top man also and if you are reading this Andy, then just to let you know I managed to get a copy of African Queen by 2face from the internet, pity I never saw you before we came home though.... Drop me a mail at andabhoy@hotmail.com Stay cool mate!
Definitely my favorite bar in Beijing. Potheads, rastafarians, etc.--this is the place to go if you want to get your smoke on. Sam, the owner, is a great guy. Cold Tsingtaos for 10 yuan, tequila shots for 5 yuan. Highly recommended.
The first pub I stumbled into in Beijing, and most definitely one of a kind. Its charm is made up of unique features: -Large numbers of black people. It's possibly the only black bar in China. Most of the patrons there, apparently, are on the African Football Team. -Large amounts of drugs. Sold by said Football Team. -Very big pint glasses. Proper, big, pint glasses. A rarity in China. -Very strong cocktails. And, if you bargin: -Very strong cocktails in very big pint glasses. The Long Island Ice Tea is especially lethal. As black as the afore-mentioned Football Team.