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Good beer in a old celler
We where about 10 friends who visited Germany in may 2010. We ended up almost every night in Malzer because of their good beer and old brick cellar. The beer ...
If you like techno, dub or any sort of electronic music..this is the place for you. It's open on a Saturday from 10pm and closes on Sunday at 10pm. It'll ...
Type: Coffee Shop
The Broschek Cafe Bar is a cool and relaxing place in trendy Neukoelln. Just a few steps off bustling Weserstrasse, it's famous for its vast selection of biologically grown beers ...
Great bar!
But the name is: "Die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld"
The Dancing Unicorn
We visitd this nice Taverna in Hamburg. Its very close to a Trainstation so its easy to reach! The ambiance is very comfy. They have a smoking area for around ...
A Gem just out side the city center in Bonn
I found the Fiddlers by accident on my way to the youth hostel Micheal the barman know all that happening in Bonn, I even got a job at at a ...