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*****  (3 reviews)
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Type of bar: Lounge Bar

Reviews (3)

iTS Really Makes you HIGH... Try it once(OUNCE) you feel like flying... 1.Loung Couch. 2.Music. 3.Kick. Charging Tequila For Jus Rs.200/-
AWESOOOOME!!!!!!!!.... a great ethnic feeling... out of the world experience.... its a must you come and check the ambience.... specially on thursdays with a wide range of smooth chillout music... Bottom line....... CHILLOUT!!!!!!!!
play on words not withstanding, the atmosphere within is a study in contrast. the elements of earth, wind, water and fire are displayed effectively against a backdrop of ethnic white hurled walls and glass panes, used on everything, furniture(not the most comfy) included. music's great and the booze is good. best part take your women on wednesdays they get unlimited free booze!. yup you heard me.