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Great place, great party
I came to this pub once as a friend invited me for our reunion. There was a great band played but not really sure what their name. They played 90's ...
Good Athmosphere
Probably the best cafe in Yogyakarta now
Type: Other
Paddies Bar is a Rip off
My partner was at Paddies Bar and was short changed by bar staff for drinks. When she complained she was hit with an electric tazer by bar security and had ...
Type: Club
The best club I've ever entered, good music, cheap drinks, friendly people. let's get drunk there! (Y)(Y)(Y)
Type: Coffee Shop
Not same owners...
I would like to say that the owners of the quality coffee described in this cafe have moved next door to a cafe called "Antipodean", so now indeed Periplus is ...
Type: Bar
DD Bar
great people