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We went on a sunday night and had a great time! It was expensive but we didn't go until one-ish so didn't need many drinks when we arrived! The craic was great in the smoking area, would definitely go again!
Only worth it on a Sunday. Very Quiet or closed other nights.
It was closed early when we went last Saturday. We went on to Milan anyway and had a good night. We were told it opens Sunday but were heading home that day.
The grill on Sundays nights is the bst crk ever the place itself isnt very nice but its some laugh always busy on sundays..all the staff are lovely as well and theres sum amount of talent ;)
what a disaster, a failed club totally and now truib bands 12euro for a covers band , disaster..............................sis there sat night for police truib 45 in disaster
What a pure shit hole thought milan and voodoo wer bad!what a fuckn mess,itz designer musta been bangin on the tabs wen he designed this quagmire fuckd up mess,music shit,bar shit,crowds wer r the fuckn people?the grand old grill lost its touch!
Bit old to be in Voodoo if ye were in the grill 20 years ago mate. Havin said that it is a disappointment and playing its worst music in years. Milan would rate better.
been there 20 years ago still looks the same not worth going to a waste of money and time its even worst than the zone in buncrana and thats saying something voodoo the place to been seen in so see you there
the grill is the spot u must go there it is class the tunes are class its just by far the best club in letterkenny
Terrible. After all the chat where was all the money put. Voodoo have nothing to worry about.