No Name Bar - No Name Bar

As a first time visitor to Marmaris it was a real pleasure to watch the antics of staff and customers at this superb bar. I suppose some would say its to loud and boisterous, but then they should find a bar that shows football and sells fish and chips. From Suleman performing the fishball dance to the non stop dancing by the rest of the guys, entertainment all the way. The acts that perfom during the night work hard at giving the audience a good show, just remember to have plenty of change for a tip when they come round with the hat. When it comes to the food that is served up thats even better, trying to find genuine Turkish food was a challenge until we found the Testi Kebab here "DELISCIOUS" The rest of the bars menu was excellent and the fillet steak melt in your mouth. It will certainly be a major watering hole the next time we holiday in marmaris

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