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No Name Bar - Review from Tyra Jane Russell

Well, This Bar Is One Of The Best Bars In Turkey Maramis, i would say it a must do if you are in turkey, it on the main street on the left side of the road, but during the day its a resuart it dont turn in to a party bar till 10pm, But is absoltly the best, but dont go for a bar man called hussan because he my boy friend, lol iv been going to tukrey for 4 years and to this bar too, and im going back next month but iv only been back in england a month, but if you wanna have a good time go to NO NAME BAR.. you will have a brill time, the best part is dancin on the bar, so girl if you go and your wearing a dress put a pair of short under it, because they will alll look up.

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