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Type: Beer > Lager
Stella Export
Lived in Cairo in the mid to late 80's. Stella Export was the way to go. It was made to higher standards for export and you could tell. Regular Stella ...
Type: Beer > Ale
Will never forget
While serving in the USN had a few days in Gibraltar. Found a pub (completely by accident), drank multiple pints first go round and returned the next day with 1/3 ...
Type: Beer > Other
keo beer
Keo beer is available from Crown Imports, in Melbourne, Victoria
Type: Beer > Lager
Best Beer Licher
I was in Butzbach,Germany in the 80s & tasted Licher bier, It's the best ever!!!
Type: Beer > Lager
if you don't drink, and you don't mind poor food and hygiene, and you just want some sunshine, Tunisia is still crap, the beers make you ill ,so does the ...
Type: Beer > Lager
Shining Star
Would have given STAR a 3.5 but that wasn't possible. I can't give it higher than a 4 because I am not fond of Lagers. However, I have done three ...

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