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Type: Beer > Lager
Refreshing and easy to drink
Im not a big beer drinker, but I like this one! It isn't that thick mucky beer that leaves me belching, blotted, and with the taste of tar in the ...
Type: Beer > Other
Indian Restaurants
I went through Indianfoodzone. When I was searching for indian restaurants and got indianfoodzone is one of the best for finding an indian cuisine. Its Great.
Type: Beer > Lager
Perla Beed
Perla beer is extremely disgusting & will eliminate cure constipation at a hundred miles ab an hour!!! Season a timber fence with it, but dont drink it whatever you do. ...
Type: Beer > Lager
Weak at best
I got this beer in The World End pub in London without knowing what beer I was ordering. Beer was so dull that I got suspicion that it was actually ...
Type: Beer > Ale
Peroni is excellent especially on tap
I began to serve Peroni at an annual party we have and each year the 1/4 keg we orders drains faster and faster. This is an outstanding choice for a ...
Type: Beer > Other
7.3 % Dark Beer.
The Tomislav Crno is the best beer that I have ever drunk outside of England.

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