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Probably the world’s best beer index. The World Beers Index now lists

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, to ensure that wherever you are on the road you won’t be wasting your rupee or your ruble on the wrong snifter. Thebackpacker.net’s users have braved the best and worst beers to bring you

a comprehensive independent guide to beers at 100 countries around the world

, and our beer index continues to grow! Users can recommend a new beer, or add their own rating to an existing beer.


Type: Beer > Other
Ace stuff ,. Ell it am to pm ioswald rd Scunny , 4 cans. 4 quid . Also onttap crown meeting ham Mr Scunny
Type: Beer > Other
Without a doubt the best larger on planet
Its becoming hard to find its the only larger i can down without getting all bloated its so smooth and creamy makes all othrt larger taste horrible and the only ...
Type: Beer > Lager
Beamish are you listening?
I agree guys, I've tried most of the worlds beers, I'll give anything a go to be honest, I'm a huge Belgian beer fan and stout drinker, but sadly my ...
Type: Beer > Lager
Carling Extra Cold
I tried this beer when I was visiting Wales in 2003, after asking for a beer served at the correct (Australian) low temperature. I only wanted a refreshing cold ale, ...
Type: Beer > Ale
Also looking for Lowenbrau in Seattle, grew up on the stuff in the 70's and 80's, is it back now, best beer EVER!!!
Type: Beer > Lager
Refreshing and easy to drink
Im not a big beer drinker, but I like this one! It isn't that thick mucky beer that leaves me belching, blotted, and with the taste of tar in the ...

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