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The unique atmosphere and the smell of Mediterranean cuisine floating in the air.. Modern interior and delightful service. French elegance mixed with a typically Italian atmosphere. It was my first impression after I walked into the restaurant - La Cavallina. Later, I was just more fascinated by this place and there is no doubt that I had much larger appetite than before. What can I say? Today I could give a lot for the see food salad or delicious tuna steak with balsamico straight from Modena Great food at a reasonable price! That is exactly what can you expect from a visit to La Cavallina. This typical Italian restaurant is located on the Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris. Here you not only eat well, but you can drink the best of Italian wines. For each of these dishes the waiters recommend wines that excellent complement the taste of food. All the servers seem to know the perfect glass of wine to accompany whatever it is that you're eating. This is the perfect place for lunch and dinner in good company. First date, family meal or business meeting. At each of these occasions You should visit the La Cavallina. I’m not exaggerating by saying that this is place with a unique passion for Italian culture. In the menu you can find everything from Italian cuisine which is famous. Superb veal dishes, tortellini stuffed with fontina and white truffles and the seafood sepia linguini are all fine choices. You don’t need to go to Italy to taste what is excellent in Italian cuisine! Veronica Kozior

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