Kid’s Camping Gear: Your Best Packing List

Kids Camping
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Camping remains one activity that your child will most definitely take part in either with the family or as an activity with a group such as scouts. It is important to be prepared for these activities and know which camping gear is essential for their use. Your child also needs to enjoy the camping experience and make it memorable for them and all this depends on the camping gear you decide to get for them. Here is a list of kid-friendly camping supplies you may want to consider packing for your upcoming trip. It’s a great idea to have kids have their kids camping gear as this gives them a sense of responsibility. It also allows them a chance to own the trip.

Sleeping Bags

Kid's Camping Gear
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One of the most essential kids camping gear to carry is the sleeping bag. Camping activities during the day can take a toll on your child and you want them to have a good night’s rest. In addition to this, sleeping in an unfamiliar place may cause discomfort.

In this regard, you want to select a comfortable sleeping bag that allows your kid to have a good night’s rest. Choose a sleeping bag that is close to your child’s height to absorb the most amount of heat in the body. Check also that the bag has an adjustable hood that can prevent the night cold.

While purchasing the sleeping gear, remember that you may experience camping activities in different seasons. Therefore, purchase a sleeping bag that can conserve heat and also one that can be used during the summer months.

Have a sleeping bag that can be carried like a bag when folded and easily attached to the child’s camping bag. This will reduce excess luggage for both you and your child. It will additionally allow you to carry on extra stuff which you could have used on the space you pack your sleeping bag.


Head lamps Kid's Camping Gear
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This camping essential will certainly come in handy for your child. Do you know the way kids misplace things? Headlamps will give them an opportunity to search for whatever they are looking for, be it a change of clothes, a lost water bottle or just preparing the sleeping bag for bed.
Headlamps are hands-free so the kids can do more. Look for headlamps that have extended battery life and fit comfortably on your kid’s head. Headlamps are perfect for your child as they will learn so much especially when setting up the tent. They won’t have to carry around a lamp instead they will be hands-free and help you out with the set-up of the tent, dinner preparations and getting themselves ready for bed without your help.


Keep your kids entertained outdoors with toys. Some toys you may want to consider purchasing include kites, boomerangs, balls and skipping ropes. Toys will keep your kids busy for part of your camping trip and bring variety to the activities in your outdoor program.  Pack toys that they can use indoors if it starts raining.

Be prepared with activities to keep them busy. Kids love to explore and wonder in nature and these kids camping gear will help your kids do that. These can make the camping trip more interesting when you allow them to take control of gear such as binoculars and compass to explore nature.

A compass will give your kid the confidence to set the directions of your hike.  Be creative by carrying stationery and design crafts for your kids. Lastly get the kids to play sets that include survival tools such as knives, scissors, and hammers so that they are not tempted to use the real ones.

Water Bottle

Very essential and handy kids camping gear is a water bottle. A bottle ensures that your kids are hydrated throughout the camping trip. Get a bottle that will not break or crack as they are bound to be dropped from time to time. Also, check for one that securely closes and easily opens.

Water bottle
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A securely sealed bottle will ensure that there are no leaks and easily opens. It also ensures that the kids can independently drink their water without always asking for your help to open their bottles.

Get a water bottle that can be used for any camping activity that you decide to choose to include such as biking and hiking. A multipurpose bottle is essential to protect your water from external temperatures. If you are camping during the cold season you can use the bottle to maintain room temperatures. It can also be used as gear for cold weather. Camping during the humid season the bottle can maintain cold water.

Clean Wipes

Staying clean during your camping trip is important to avoid contracting infections along the way. What better way to avoid this by carrying clean wipes. Purchase biodegradable wipes that you can use for multiple purposes such as going for number 2, wiping the dust off hands, cleaning up before and after your meals.
Have a separate pack of antiseptic wipes for accidental cuts and bruises during your trip. These will also come in handy as a substitute for soap or hot water after going to the bathroom, and of course, wipes away dirt during nature expedition. If spending the night out, they are also best used to freshen up before getting on the rest of your trip.

Camping BackPack

Kids Camping Gear

As part of teaching your kids independence, packing their gear separately from yours helps the kids take responsibility for their gear. One of the essentials to consider before your camping trip is buying them a bag to pack their stuff. When purchasing a bag, consider your child’s height.
See to it that the bag is not bigger than their body size otherwise it will be difficult to balance and carry around. It is advisable to go with your child when shopping for the bag pack to get one that fits them just right. Kids’ bag packs differ from those of adults in terms of size and the adjustable harness.

Get a bag that will carry all their essential stuff from water, snacks, clothes, and gear such as headlights, binoculars, etc. Ensure you get a bag that has easy access to the side pockets for water and also for the child to balance their load comfortably. Lastly, get a multi-purpose bag that your child will grow into. A bag that can be used for overnight camping trips and one for hiking trips.

Portable Toilet

A necessary essential for camping with young kids especially those below 5 years. Sometimes the camping facility is far away, you can use the portable toilet during your expeditions. As you know with kids when they have to go they have to go and there is no stopping them.

When investing in a portable toilet, find one that is easy to use, and stable for the child. If you are going camping with toddlers know that these are the best places to potty train. A portable toilet will come in handy during this time.

Camping Pillows

While these may feel inconsequential, you may want to consider your child’s sleep as a priority if you want to enjoy your daily activities. There is nothing as unfortunate as having an irritable child with a stiff neck. Get a camping pillow that is comfortable, compact and easy to pack.
Going camping requires light packing therefore put into consideration a pillow that is multi-purpose and water-resistant. Look for a pillow that your child will enjoy packing; buy bright colors or your child’s favorite color. In addition to this, one that has a soft texture.

Camping Chair

Kids Camping Gear
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This is one camping accessory that you don’t want to leave out. It’s geared to encourage your kids’ independence. While out camping instead of your kids sitting on your laps or on your camping chair, buy them a chair which they will set up and set down by themselves and use it throughout the trip.

A camping chair will ensure you are both comfortable especially in the evening as you prepare your meals around the campfire. It additionally allows to carry out your activities as they observe you and also as they assist you. Your child will also get to enjoy the external environment easily.

Fishing Rod

Kids Camping Gear
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If going camping near a water body, say spring or river, then consider buying fishing rods that you and your kids will use. There is nothing as satisfying as preparing your dinner that consists of fish that you caught and nothing more exciting if it is your child that caught the fish. There are different sizes of fishing rods for kids.

Make sure you buy one that fits size and skill. Get one that is easy for the child to carry and most importantly easy for their use. A fishing rod that’s especially for kids will make the experience memorable and enjoyable. As opposed to adult fishing rods, kids fishing rods are easy to operate and do not tangle easily.

Camping with kids can be fulfilling and memorable if planned well making sure all details are covered. This can only happen if you plan early by getting the best kids camping gear in the market. Are you planning to go on a camping trip with your little ones? What kid’s camping gear do you consider the best and most essential?


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