10 Things To Do While Backpacking Liverpool, England

Liverpool England
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Liverpool, England is one of the most iconic cities in the United Kingdom and the world. Probably most well known as the home of The Beatles but the city has so much more to offer those who venture here. The city of Liverpool is vibrant with a particular focus on art, culture, food, football, history, and music.

Liverpool, England is home to a plethora of art exhibitions, museums, concerts, food events plus much more. Here we list the top 10 things to see and do when you visit Liverpool.

The Beatles Story

Everybody knows who The Beatles are, right? If not, they are probably the most famous music band to have ever existed. If you are already a fan then this experience is completely unmissable! This fascinating attraction has won awards for its immersive experience through the history of the band and for being one of the best things to do in  Liverpool, England.

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It’s a chance to learn all about the rise and success of The Beatles, even true fans might learn something new here. Be prepared to also get a taste of the swinging ’60s, a time of peace and love where everyone was groovy. There are a number of interactive experiences to take part in too with recreations of the Kabash, Matthew Street and The Cavern.

Additionally, if you fancy taking a piece of this experience home you are in luck. Here you will find the largest collection of Beatles merchandise in the world! The Beatles Story is open all year round and costs £12-17 per ticket.

Anfield (Liverpool FC)

Image by anwo00 from Pixabay

The city of Liverpool loves Liverpool Football Club maybe even more than The Beatles. This is a football club steeped in history with an impressive trophy cabinet. If lucky, you may be able to buy a ticket for one of their games in the Premier League season (August to May). The atmosphere of the stadium is touted as one of the finest in the United Kingdom and possibly on the planet, it is a truly magical experience for football fans everywhere. Tickets can cost anywhere between £10 -£100 so it’s important to plan and book ahead.

If you are like many backpackers and working on a tight budget, just visiting the Anfield stadium is also worth a trip. Also, you can opt to take part in a tour of the stadium and there is even a museum you can visit to learn more about the football clubs’ long history.

Mersey Ferry

The Mersey River plays a pivotal role in the character and infrastructure of Liverpool as a city. It is used for tourism, leisure, commuting, and business. Most commonly, it is used to give people an awesome sightseeing tour of the city by the river. It is also one of the most famous things to do when you visit Liverpool, England.

Image by pauldaley1977 from Pixabay

You also have a choice to buy a ‘hop on hop off’ ticket which gives you the freedom to explore the city as you like or you can opt for a combination ticket that gives you the same freedom plus entrance to a number of great Liverpool attractions. These include the family interactive experience of Spaceport and the U-boat story; a unique experience inside an actual WW2 German submarine.

The Museum of Liverpool

Continuing with the focus on Liverpool’s vibrant culture we have the Museum of Liverpool. It’s actually the largest museum of any city in the United Kingdom, even London! Located in the UNESCO world heritage site waterfront, this museum is home to some very interesting exhibitions. It explores the history of popular culture, social, contemporary and historical issues. There is always a lot on offer here for visitors. So be sure to plan ahead and check what is going on. Events include the British Music Fireworks Championship, arts festivals, unique Beatles exhibitions and WW2 in Liverpool displays.

Go Clubbing Downtown

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The city of Liverpool loves to party and there is no shortage of places to have a drink and start dancing with the locals and tourists. Liverpool nightlife has it all when it comes to music, whether you want pop, hip hop, electronic or even K-pop. A night out in Liverpool, England is one you won’t forget anytime soon. A good starting point for backpackers is Concert Square where you will find a number of different clubs within walking distance.

Also, the court area itself is a great place to meet people. If you are looking for Beatles music, there is no better place than The Cavern on Matthew Street. It’s the home to Beatle mania, playing the band’s tunes all night long. Liverpool, England also has a thriving electronic music scene for those who enjoy anything from house to techno, dubstep to drum n bass. Top clubs to check out include 24 Kitchen Street, Camp and Furnace, and The Invisible Wind Factory.

Sefton Park

Image by Graham Hobster from Pixabay

For backpackers who enjoy nature, Sefton Park is the leafy green haven you are looking for. It boasts 250 acres of Grade 1 green space for people to walk in, have picnics and explore. It’s the perfect spot for a day out with the family, kids will love the big open spaces so make sure you take a ball and full picnic basket. Ice creams, coffee, and other sweet treats are available on site. Inside you will find lots of things to do including the Victorian Palm House which is great for any of you that enjoy horticulture. Inside you will find Liverpool’s botanical selection for viewing. For those feeling extra adventurous, there is even a cave and a waterfall to discover!

Tate Liverpool

You may well have heard of Tate Modern in London. Well, meet its Northern family member Tate Liverpool. Originally opened after the ’80s, the Tate director at the time wished to open a ‘Tate of the North’. Now it is one of the most culturally important aspects of Liverpool’s vibrant culture. The building itself is art and won an award for its impressive architecture. However, inside is where the art really flows with 100’s of pieces of art on display for your viewing.

tate england
Image by 334926 from Pixabay

Tate Liverpool has also established itself as one of the most important galleries in Europe; frequently exhibiting some of the most famous art from around the world. It’s important to plan ahead as Tate Liverpool offers a number of things to do throughout the year including free exhibitions. Check the website in advance to take full advantage of this wonderful art gallery.

The British Music Experience

Britain has always been at the forefront of music across the world. It has a long and incredible history of artists, bands, genres, and various music scenes. The British Music Experience allows you to learn about it all in a fantastic interactive experience. Inside you will find genuine memorial from some of the most famous musicians to have ever existed. These musicians include David Bowie, Dusty Springfield, and The Sex Pistols. There is also a chance to get involved with the music yourself, pick up a guitar, drum stick or keyboard and perform a tune in their very own music production booth.

Outfits in British Music Experience
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The experience is pretty up to date too, so it’s not just old musicians and includes bands like Oasis and singers such as Adele which makes it perfect for young or old backpackers. There are also plenty of events that happen here including a spectacular film night which shows old movies, Q&A sessions with famous artists and bands, one-off exhibitions of specific famous bands and even production masterclass sessions.

Relax At Crosby Beach

England is not known for its beaches. However, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Crosby beach in the Summer. It’s a fantastic way for backpackers to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, catch some rays and enjoy a traditional English seaside 99 ice cream. It’s also home to the very eerie but magnificent sculpture, Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’. Additionally, it is well worth the visit just for this impressive piece of art sticking out of the sand with the waves crashing around it. Above all else, Crosby Beach in the Summer will give you a taste of England by the seaside; a unique experience for anyone not from the United Kingdom.

The Royal Albert Dock

Image by Neil Martin from Pexels

Liverpool’s famous Royal Albert Dock is a great day out of walking, shopping, and eating. Backpackers will find a plethora of restaurants and bars to enjoy a meal and a few drinks. There are all manners of world cuisines to choose from whilst enjoying the views of the dock itself.

If you fancy some shopping you there is a huge array of independent clothes and homeware shops with some delightful products on offer. You will also find the best gift shops here, perfect for buying some memories or gifts for family back home. At night, the dock comes alive with huge swathes of people arriving for the famous Liverpool nightlife. Make sure you plan ahead because The Royal Albert Dock is also a host of some pretty great events including art exhibitions, live music, street food festivals, beer festivals, and clothing markets.



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