A Backpacker’s Guide Through The City Of Chester

Town Ha;; Chester England
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Chester, England: a city, known for once being a fortress of solitude for the Roman Empire. Imagine walking in the footsteps of the proud Roman soldiers while taking in the architectural brilliance of its Roman, Saxon, and Victorian heritage. The same city that was not only declared as one of the most beautiful cities to visit by The Sunday Times but it also beats Paris, Rome, and Venice in terms of aesthetics, according to a poll conducted by American tourists. 

If you possess the wanderlust bug, then you will surely be amazed as to what this city has to offer.

City Walls

City Walls, Chester
Image by diamond geezer on Flickr

Among the wide array of historical monuments that the walled city has to offer, by far, the most exceptional piece of ancient architecture is the city walls, which are made entirely of red sandstone.

This two-mile circuit around the city of Chester will not only provide an ideal place for all the hikers out there, but it will also give you a chance to soak in all the glitz and glamour, including the four gates, towers, and the panoramic view of the city.    

City Of Chester Eastgate Clock

Eastgate Clock
Image by Alex Liivet on Wikimedia Commons

Let’s talk about England’s second most photographed clock tower (next to Big Ben). The Eastgate Clock Tower. If you ever find yourself visiting England, why not stop by the walled city of Chester and proudly take a selfie with an awe-striking landmark built to commemorate Queen Victoria in 1897. This is a place most popular amongst tourists. So much so that it can always be seen buzzing with people. Tourists and common folk alike go here.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo
Image by Jonathan Beilby on Wikimeda Commons

Officially declared the best zoo in the UK and third in the world, the Chester Zoo is a place worth checking out. A sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife with over 500 rare species of exotic animals. With over 21000 animals of all shapes and sizes, a visit here will surely put a smile on your face. It is an ideal place to take your toddlers and loved ones too. Pulling in 1.9 million visitors all year round, this is a must-see for all types of tourists. Admission costs £24 for adults and £20 for children; however, families are entitled to a 12% cashback. If you are in search of a cheaper alternative, try booking online before 9:30 a.m. Another plus point about this particular zoo is that it is open to visitors seven days a week.

City Of Chester Story House

Story House, Chester
Image by Julia Chandler on Flickr

The story house is an all in one entertainment center that will satisfy all your recreational needs. It has everything—from food to entertainment and beyond. It goes from having a state of the art library and an award-winning £37 million theatre to an eatery that will make you fall in love with every bite. A library that wavers through the entire building with its endless range of classics from every genre. A place where you can let loose, simmer down, and immerse yourself in the exciting world of crime fiction or fantasy while being surrounded by a sea of information. 

Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral
Image by David Iliff on Wikimedia Commons

Looking for a budget-friendly option? Well, look no further! The Chester Cathedral is by far, the best option for you. Firstly, entry to the cathedral is absolutely free, but donations are encouraged. Get ready to venture through centuries of history, ascend to the top of the tower, and peer down at the 14th Century quire stalls while enjoying the ravishing view of North Wales and Chester.

If you happen to be an avid huntsman, then don’t forget to check out the cathedral’s Falconry & Nature Gardens. This is where you can get the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet the stunning birds of prey. Do keep in mind that though entrance may be free, the activities in it cost money. Activities such as ground floor tours and dining in the 13th Century monks hall refractory are among them.

The Grosvenor Museum

Grosvenor Museum, Chester
Image by Dennis Turner on Wikimedia Commons

Looking to delve deeper into the vary heart of Chester? The Grosvenor Museum has got you covered. Attracting over a whopping 100,000 visitors each year, the museum hosts a variety of events. Some of these are two Roman exhibition galleries with a tentative program of events and displays, so don’t forget to check online. Time travel 2000 years to the past of Chester, England and learn more about the city’s wildlife, geology, and the Victorian naturalists who studied it.

You do not have to be a history buff to appreciate the rich history surrounding a remarkable piece of land. If you want to know how much it costs, well, the best thing about this place it’s free of cost. Although, a £3 donation is highly appreciated.

 The River Dee

The River Dee
Image by Rosser1954 on Wikimedia Commons

Fancy a boat ride? Why not sail along the dazzling River Dee by enjoying a half-hour city cruise? Or maybe an afternoon tea voyage through the Duke of Westminster’s Estate? Let loose, relax, and enjoy a soothing £7 boat ride through the monumental city of Chester.

Don’t know how to row? No need to panic. Let the driver do the driving and you just focus on the unwinding. But beware! Do not forget to bring your cameras no matter what or you’ll end up missing all the snaps you could’ve taken of all the alluring sights along the way.

The Roman Amphitheatre

Chester City
Image by PierreSelim on Wikimedia Commons

If you’re a fan of the gladiator franchise, then you’ll surely appreciate this venue, which by the way, is open to the public for free. The Roman Amphitheatre boasts a structure similar to that of the Colosseum in Rome. It is the largest stone-built amphitheater in all of Britain. In use through most of the Roman occupation of England, the Amphitheatre was abandoned in the year 350. It was rediscovered during construction in 1929. So come on down and relive the fantasy of being a Roman soldier on a chariot galloping towards victory while the crowd cheers you on.

The Waterside

The Waterside; Chester Station
Image by CanonJim on Wikimedia Commons

There is something wonderful about having a bite to eat while enjoying the waterside view. Simple as it may be, but astonishing nonetheless. Ideal for a backpacker on a tight budget, enjoy the withering waters of the city of Chester as they make their way from one corner of the city to another.

The Chester Castle

Chester Castle
Image by Tanya Dedyukhina on Wikimedia Commons

I’m sure we’ve all dreamt of living in a castle once or twice in our lives. So, why not visit one? You can feel like royalty, at least for a moment. The Chester Castle is a castle within a castle (think about it). Open to the public and home to the remains of a once-mighty empire. No doubt it will be a decision that you will surely not regret.

Furthermore, if you’re craving a tomb raider style expedition, why not visit one of the many castles that loom over Chester? A 25-minute drive from the city will bring you to the medieval Beeston Castle. This marvelous castle sits on top of a steep, rugged crag and gives a spectacular view of the city and adjoining areas. Not only will you get a chance to hike your way to the top, but you’ll also be greeted by a breathtaking view of the walled city.


City of Chester
Image by WikiCommons

Now that we’re through with our top 10 picks for things to do in Chester, England while on a backpackers budget, we should move on to an even more important matter—accommodation.

Chester may be blessed with a luxurious range of hotels to stay in but to make the most of your trip and to save money, it might interest you to know the best-rated hotels with easy access to all of Chester’s sights and historical monuments. To top it all off, let us take a look at some ideal hotels from the most luxurious to the most budget-friendly options:

  • Edgar House: A perfect blend of luxury and serenity. A riverside view, beautiful gardens, boutiques, and heated bathroom floors.
  • Roomzzz Chester City: A mid-range hotel with free breakfast, elegant décor, and a contemporary look.
  • Oddfellows: An affordable hotel with themed rooms, an eccentric look, afternoon tea, and a Mediterranean restaurant. 
  • Premier Inn Chester Central (Southeast) Hotel: A budget-friendly hotel with a modern look, comfortable beds, and near a bus stop.

There you have it, folks! A perfect guide for the city of Chester along with a list of hotels you can stay at. Don’t take my word. Check it out for yourself. We guarantee that you’ll not be disappointed.


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