A Backpacker’s Guide To Amazing Sights In Gloucester England

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If you are a history buff, you will love the cathedral city of the Cotswolds. Gloucester England holds over 2000 years of history within every inch of its architectural beauty. It was once a main Roman city by the name of Glevum. The fascinating remains of the fortifications and tunnel from the time of the Roman Empire still exists underneath the city. The cathedrals will also be of special interest to you if you are a Potterhead, as various parts of it were used as Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter movies!

The quaint city is located between Cotswolds to the east and Forest of Dean to the southwest and lies on the River Severn. Enjoy the awe-inspiring architecture and natural beauty of this city, and make sure to stop by the tasteful bakeries scattered throughout the city, to relish the Gloucestershire cheese and ale pie and delicious pancakes on the go.

Things To Do In Gloucester England

All sorts of adventures await you on this backpacking trip to Gloucester. Here are some top spots that you absolutely can’t miss!

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester England
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This cathedral in Gloucester England is a monumental part of the city and a famous landmark. The building has a gothic design with complex and beautiful details. The cathedral has a rich and profound history. Its foundations were laid down around 679 and dedicated to Saint Peter. It also has a tomb of King Edward II, and several musical events are hosted in the cathedral around the year.

In pop culture, this place will interest you as it served as Hogwarts castle in the Harry Potter movies. Learn about the fascinating history and the life of the monks who lived here from the cathedral guides, and pay close attention to the gorgeous design and intricate details of the place.

Gloucester Docks

Gloucester England
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This quaint and lovely place is famous for the vast array of rustic Victorian warehouses, and the waterway and soldiers of the Gloucestershire Museum. Gloucester England also happens to be the city with most inland ports in England. When the road freight and railways took over in the 20th century, this beautiful place was preserved as a posh and chic commercial and residential area.

The marvelous historic infrastructure is also well preserved and opens for tours. The warehouses serve as museums as well as housing, and one of them is converted to Gloucester Quays mall.

Robinswood Hill Country Park

Robinswood Hill Park
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Surround yourself with nature and let the peaceful landscapes set your mind at ease. This park features 250 acres of the open countryside; ideal for taking lazy strolls in the evening or setting off for an adventurous excursion of the nature trails on the hill.

Once you reach the summit, you can enjoy wonderful views of the Malvern Hills, the Black Mountains, and the Severn Bridge. If you are an animal lover, you are going to enjoy the frequent sightings of foxes, badgers and a number of exotic birds in Gloucester England. You’ll also find a pleasantly refreshing field of orchids. Take this opportunity to bond with your family, and have a nice day at the park with picnics and outdoor activities.

Gloucester Rugby And Kingsholm Stadium

Kingsholm Stadium
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In England, rugby is taken very seriously! There are diehard fans who attend the matches like a religious ritual, so if you plan to visit the Kingsholm Stadium, make sure you know your rugby. The stadium hosts a number of premiership matches upon its sacred turf.

It is a great opportunity to mix with locals and be a part of something they are truly passionate about. It is not just the sport, but an act that unites them together. Get a seat at the main grandstand or follow some locals to squeeze your way into The Shed.

Don’t forget to cheer for Gloucester as you munch on some delicious nachos and hotdogs. You can get the tickets online, or purchase them from the shop once you reach the stadium.

Prinknash Abbey

Prinknash Abbey
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Unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy some serene and tranquil time at the Prinknash Abbey and monastery, you deserve it! It is one of the most well-maintained places in Gloucester England, and even the secrets of the place are well kept!

The place serves as a home to many practicing monks. The visitors must be respectful of this and follow the rules. This includes routines and rituals of the monks who have devoted their whole lives to the spirit of Saint Benedict.

You can take a tour of the beautiful gardens and visit the café and bookshop filled with Christian literature and scents of incense. You can also buy handmade incense on site.

Blackfriars Gloucester

Blackfriars Gloucester
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The Dominican black friary is well kept by the Gloucester city council. You can visit the property on Sundays and Mondays during summers. This mystical friary originated beside the southern walls of Gloucester, under the backing of King Henry III in 1239, and was eventually dissolved in the mid-16th century.

Black friars were then preserved as a grandeur mansion, while the cloisters served first as a cap factory and later as dwellings. The scissor braced roof is an architectural marvel that needs your undivided attention. Also, there are many other intricate things to check out in the friary. Here, you will also find an ancient purpose-built library on the property; the oldest one to have survived in the UK.

Highnam Court Gardens

Gloucester Court
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This place is open to the public from March to September during weekdays. It is nestled in the western outskirts of Gloucester England and features remarkable gardens that have been successfully restored. There’s the Mannerist house at Highnam court which was built in the 17th century during the Commonwealth, and every intricate detail of the place was designed by a student of Inigo Jones.

The artist Thomas Gambler-parry pour his fascinating ideas into the designing and construction of the lovely gardens. They are surrounded by large tranquil lakes, waterfalls, rock gardens, wisteria walk and more. Head to any of their various types of gardens to explore and enjoy with your family.

Taste Gloucester

English Food
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Any trip is incomplete without indulging in some local delights and fine dining in the city. Taste Gloucester is a delicious tour that takes you through downtown Gloucester to sample food from various vendors.

From scrumptious bacon-wrapped scallops to authentic Italian cannoli, rich and creamy local chowder and sandwiches native to Gloucester, the tour will cover everything! You’ll also get beer tasting tours while learning about the interesting facts and fascinating stories of the place.

Gloucester And Sharpness Canal

Sharpness Canal
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Stretching across 16 miles, the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal was said to be the deepest and broadest in the whole wide world. Its sheer scale and extraordinary engineering still make it stand out from other navigations. It is a great place for touring, strolling, a nice picnic or a run.

The uniqueness of the place is further enhanced with huge swing bridges and ornamental bridge keeper’s houses. You can also plan a boat trip to explore the area by sea. The boats bypass a long stretch of the River Severn. The canal offers breathtaking views of the Cotswolds, the Forest of Dean and the Severn Estuary. Additionally, you can spot coastal birds and a big flock of migrant birds. So make sure to pack your binoculars!


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Part of being a backpacker is experiencing a new city amidst locals and making friends along the way. What better way to do so than staying in a hostel and other budget-friendly places? The common areas gave you the opportunity to mingle with the local crowd, and also save up on money. Here are some of the value accommodations in Gloucester that are near the city’s main attractions and of great value.

Irving Lodge

Irving Lodge is located along the Weston road in Gloucester. This is a value hostel that offers you a cheap and comfortable place to crash after a busy day of touring the city. All the basic facilities are available to you, along with common spaces for cooking and recreation.

City Lodge Guest House

The City Lodge Guest House is a cheap accommodation that is near the main attractions of the city, such as the Gloucester Park in the city center and Kingsholm Stadium. It is also within walking distance from the train station. The guesthouse has a rustic and quaint vibe, with 9 basic rooms over the 3-story redbrick property. The rooms are also equipped with all the basic amenities and entertainment units.

Central Hotel Gloucester

The Central Hotel Gloucester is a low-key, affordable hotel near the Docks district and opposite the shopping center. The rooms have a casual and comfortable layout with pine furnishing and tasteful decor. All the basic amenities are available, along with meeting rooms and business center.

Tips for Backpackers

Stagecoach England
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Although backpacking is a fun and affordable way to explore the city, you must also ensure you’re getting the most out of this experience. Here are some tips to help you with your backpacking adventures.

  • The best time to visit Gloucester England is during spring and early summer. The weather is pleasantly delightful and you can plan a lot of outdoor activities.
  • You can get around the city via Stagecoach, which is a local bus service that operates all around the city. It also travels between Gloucester and Cheltenham, South Wales, South West, the Midlands and the Forest of Dean. You can also get a bicycle to have a more stress-free ride!
  • Hostels may not have all the facilities. However, they are great for bonding with locals and saving up money that you can use for exploring the city.
  • Make sure to get backpacker insurance and stay safe.
  • Indulge in local delights and eat at local cafes and restaurants instead of high end and fancy restaurants.


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