Cheap Flights To Italy On A Backpacker’s Budget

Italy Flights
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Italy, being one of the most toured countries in the world, has tourists from all around the globe. The rich history, iconic monuments, and mouth-watering Italian cuisine make it one of the top tourist countries in the world. This article will be your guide if you want to travel on cheap flights to Italy. We will help you with details and give tips to travel to Italy based on your current location.

Choose Italy’s Flag Carrier – Alitalia

Alitalia, Flag Carrier Of Italy
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When choosing the airline, always look at the options you have with the travel destinations’ flag carrier. In the case of Italy, the flag carrier is Alitalia. The airline has routes to some major countries. 

The drawback of Alitalia is the lack of routes outside Europe when compared to the likes of Emirates and Singapore Airlines. New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, and Johannesburg are some of the notable destinations this carrier operates. They are also popular routes. 

 Tip: always search for the national airline of the country you plan to travel. Alitalia, the national airline of Italy, should be your first choice when searching. 

*Purchase the Travel Pass if you are a frequent traveler to Italy. The pass allows one to avoid future price increase by purchasing flights in bulk and in advance and exchanging them with the required flights when you want to travel.

Filter Out The Budget Airline

EasyJet Flights To Italy
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As a traveler, you must be aware of what airlines come in the category of budget airlines. The reason these airlines came into being was to offer cheap flights with slightly fewer advantages. This means cutting back on things that a traveler takes for granted on a normal airline.

When choosing an airline, a backpacker must do more extensive research on the airline and check if any hidden costs are involved. In most cases, the food, extra baggage, and other stuff could really add up the fare, so keep that in check.

Easyjet and Vueling are some examples of budget airlines in Europe. EasyJet has 14 travel destinations in Italy, including the like of Naples, Venice, and Rome. Vueling is the other cheap European airline and it connects Italy to all major European hubs.

Ryanair: The Budget-friendly King In Europe

Ryanair Flights To Italy
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Ryanair stands at the top of the budget-friendly airlines and is a hot favorite amongst the backpacking community. One of the main reasons is its extremely low rate, as low as €11 (without accounting for the taxes, of course). If you plan to travel to Italy from within Europe, then look no further than Ryanair. A list of flight costs from major European cities to Milan would give you a good idea of how cheap Ryanair is.

  • London to Milan – €11
  • Paris to Milan – €16
  • Dublin to Milan –  €20
  • Madrid to Milan – €15
  • Stockholm to Milan – €13

Cheapest Airlines From The United States

American Air
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It’s time we move from Europe and its budget airlines and discuss what airlines are the cheapest to Italy from America. It may be a surprise to a few that when looking out of the national carriers, the flight rates don’t have a major difference between them. A comparison of flights from New York to Milan can give an idea of what we are talking about.

  • Jetblue €677
  • United Airlines €389
  • American Airlines €392
  • Delta €409
  • Emirates €413
  • British Airways €443

The top 4 mentioned above are the US flag carriers. It can be seen that except for Jetblue, all lie in a similar range. A good comparison is made with the world-leading airlines as well. For this reason, try to properly compare the airlines with all the costs included and see where you can really save money. 

Cheapest Airlines From Asia

Singapore Airlines Flights To Italy
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The real difference in the cost of flights comes to travelers coming from Asia. Normally, if these flights have stopovers, it really changes the dynamics of ticket pricing. Asia, being the largest province, has a number of countries from where travelers come to visit Italy. In order to give a comparison between some of the flights, we have chosen the flight route from Singapore to Milan.

  • Singapore Airlines – €882 (Nonstop flight)
  • Air China – €482
  • Emirates – €705
  • Thai Airways – €531
  • Turkish Airlines – €642
  • Cathay Pacific – €1216
  • British Airways – €696

The list clearly shows the difference in fares between various airlines, but the most important factor is the stopovers. Singapore Airlines’ direct flight cost almost double to reach Milan than the cheapest airline that is Air China. In short, if you are traveling on a budget and don’t mind the extra flying or transit hours, then choose among various cheaper options as per your needs. 

General Tips To Save On Your Flights To Italy

Flight to Italy
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  1. Choose The Right Dates: Summers, being the holiday season, is the most expensive time to travel, and definitely, the flights are not cheap. Try to go off-season, which will also help you save on hotels.
  2. Book Early: It’s a common saying that booking six weeks in advance for domestic and 20 weeks for international gives you the cheapest option, so try your luck and go for it.
  3. Two One-way Fares Instead Of Roundtrip: It’s a common notion that roundtrip fares are cheap but sometimes one-way fares may be cheaper. Do give it a try as well.
  4. Land On Small Airports: In some major metropolitan and tourist cities, there are normally two airports. One near or inside the city while the other is a bit further away. Normally, flights landing on these are cheaper, so do give it a check when finalizing your tickets. 
  5. Check Out The Airline Website: Your first choice in choosing a flight would be to go on a consolidator website. Visit the airline directly, and you might be surprised to find some cheap fares and flights, not on the consolidator’s website.
  6. Fly To A European Hub: The best pro tip and the crux of the article is to choose a flight that lands in European hubs like London, Dublin, Munich, Zurich, etc. The flights to these would be less expensive. Once landing, you can choose flights that are cheapest within Europe. Don’t forget to calculate the extra costs so you don’t go on spending more than you would have while going for a direct flight.

In the end, it’s all about having a lovely time as a backpacker traveling the world. Don’t go so hard on yourself in saving money that you don’t enjoy your trip because going cheap can sometimes get you more frustrated, tired, and jet-lagged. So choose wisely and have safe travels.


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