The Best Backpacking Guide On Things To Do In Rome Italy

Rome Italy
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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When surrounded by the historic architecture and impressive atmosphere of ancient Rome, you have many activities to choose from. The history of Rome Italy spans an impressive 2500 years during which it has been the center of Europe. This is in terms of power, politics, culture, art and scientific development. Of the many cities in Italy, Rome is the most famous.

Thanks to the extensive collection of archives kept by the Romans, this city has detailed accounts of ancient times. If you are a history buff, you will feel intrigued by walking the streets that Roman Emperors ruled. It’s where Cesars conquered and the heart of the Roman Empire.

Everywhere you look in Rome, you will be met by fantastic monuments, palaces, religious buildings, and ruins; now all tourists’ attractions hinting at Rome’s splendor. Due to extensive and well-preserved archeological sites, Rome is considered one of the top backpacker destinations in Europe. This includes buildings such as the famous Colosseum. There are also plenty of budget accommodation options to meet any traveler’s wallet.

When visiting the capital of Italy, backpackers will have a hard time choosing between splurging on various types of mouthwatering pasta, shopping handicrafts, learning at archeological sites, wandering through the city streets, exploring museums, and seeing endless works of priceless art. That is why we have compiled this list of the best things to do in Rome Italy. So relax and enjoy your visit to this city in Italy without missing out.


Rome Italy
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The most iconic landmark in Rome is one not to be missed by any traveler visiting this beautiful city. The Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre was built between 70-80 AD. During its peak, the Amphitheatre was estimated to be able to hold 80,000 spectators who would gather to watch games, gladiator tournaments, wild animal shows, and a range of other entertainment.

It was one of the favorite pastimes on ancient Romans with Roman Emperors often sitting in the premium seats to enjoy the show. If you wish to visit the colosseum, you will find it easily accessible by the metro. It is a fast and efficient way to travel around Rome Italy.

Since it is such a popular tourist destination, try heading over early in the morning to avoid massive crowds. Here, you have the opportunity to appreciate the grandeur and enormous size of this colossal building.

Ancient Ruins At The Roman Forum

Ancient Ruins Rome
Image by WikiCommons

These ancient ruins sites date back to 500BC. Each has been attributed to construction by Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, Domitian, and Trajan. The city had expanded so far by then that many structures extended beyond the limits of the forum. Among these include the famous Trajan’s Column, Arch of Titus, and Circle Maximus. The Ancient ruins at the Roman Forum allow you to wander through the massive archaeological sites. Also while at it, picture what ancient Rome would have looked like.

Ghosts of Romans in their togas wandering down the cobbled streets between various impressive temples can still be felt. You also have to admire the sheer talent and capacity of ancient roman architects as many intricately carved buildings, towering pillars, and entire structures are still standing after millennia.

Pantheon Burial In Rome Italy

Pantheon Burial
Image by WikiCommons

The Pantheon is a burial place of Roman kings and other prominent figures from roman times. Considered one of the most impressive architectural feats, it features the largest dome ever constructed until modern times. It was constructed sometime between 118 and 128 A.D on top of the site of an older temple.

It has been known as the world’s only architecturally perfect building. Interestingly, it has somehow also managed to stay perfectly preserved since imperial Rome. Make sure to walk on in and look up and admire the oculus in the dome. This gives you glimpses of the sky above.

Centro Storico

Centro Storico
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Narrow cobblestone streets in the center of Rome make up the Centro Storico. Here, there are three main roads leading from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia. The streets are teeming with boutiques selling carved wooden figurines, beautiful handcrafted jewelry, fancy little restaurants, private courtyards, cafes, and the homes and gardens where the wealthiest Romans lived.

Rome Italy Piazza Navona

Fountain Rome
Image by Waldo Miguez from Pixabay

This oval-shaped central plaza is one of the most popular public places in Rome. It is filled with restaurants, gelaterias, and souvenir shops. Also, the famous Museo di Roma is based inside the Renaissance Palazzo Braschi. While the food options are vast and mouth-watering, they are a little pricy. However, it’s worth every cent to be located in this spectacular Piazza.

You can also sit on one of the free benches to observe the bustling of tourists and enjoy the spectacular Baroque art. Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, the large water fountain, features exquisitely carved figured depicting Borromini; Bernini’s rival recoiling from the church of SantÁgnese with his arms outstretched above him.

Aperitivo at Stravinskij Bar

Bars Rome Italy
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It would not be in the spirit of Rome to go through your stay in Italy without indulging in one of Rome’s favorite pastimes. That is the Aperitivo, also known as the Italian happy hour. You will find just about any bar set up for drinks in the late afternoon. With it comes a range of snacks for you to munch on.

Whether it is peanuts or elaborate buffets of scrumptious meals, grab yourself an Aperol Spritz. Enjoy some downtime in the heart of Roman culture. The Stravinskij Bar at the Hotel de Russie is one of the favorite destinations for pre-dinner drinks. Here, you have the chance to sit in a flowering courtyard with incredible service paired with a fine cocktail list.

As a backpacker, you might want to save a few euros. Use it splash out on a drink and snack like the Roman way of life.

Market at Campo de Fiori

Market at Campo de Fiori
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Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key ingredients of an Italian way of life. Italians prize high-quality food almost above anything else. The food produces available at this market are extremely high quality and gives you the opportunity to save some money.

Instead of buying food from restaurants or cafes, you can simply stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. This allows you to create your own scrumptious sandwiches, salads, or quick snacks during your travel in Rome Italy.

Visit the Vatican

Vatican Rome
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If you are intrigued about the state within a country, then you should include a visit to the Vatican to your itinerary. You can easily spend up to a day wandering through the enormous complex.

Here, you will find spectacular sculptures, pieces of art, and the absolute must-see of Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel. There is also a 1,400-room palace with every room seemingly filled to the brim with priceless pieces of history.

The Spanish Steps

rome The Spanish Steps
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Potentially one of the most iconic and photographed spots in Rome is the top of the Spanish steps. The Piazza di Spagna is a legendary shopping street. It has a long flight of old stairs leading up to the Trinita dei Monti with Bernini’s ship-shaped fountain. This fountain is said to bring good luck to anyone who tosses a penny in. So try your luck and throw in a couple of euros to make all your dreams come true!

Also, while you are in the area, you might also want to consider visiting the Keats-Shelley Memorial House. This is one of Rome’s lesser-known museums; dedicated to the English Romantic poets who fell in love with the Eternal City.

Nightlife in Testaccio

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A trip to Rome would never be complete without a good party. For this reason, every evening once the sunsets the town transforms into a thriving night scene. The best place for the most popular restaurants, bars, and clubs in the area in the south known as Testaccio.

It used to be a working-class neighborhood but is now brimming with tourist and local filled clubs. Here, music and festivities do not stop until dawn. While you may be tempted to dress up, try avoiding stilettos. This is because cobblestone streets are difficult to maneuver even at the best of times.

Gianicolo for Panoramic View

Gianicolo Rome Italy
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For one of the most beautiful panoramic views of beautiful Rome, you can walk up to the highest vantage point to see the whole city. Rome was built on seven hills. While Gianicolo is not one of them, you will certainly get the stunning landscape views of this Italian city. While exploring Gianicolo, you will also enjoy the work out you will gain from heading to the top of this hill.

Otherwise, you can opt for a quicker ascent by enlisting the help of an uber driver or renting yourself a Vespa. Try your knowledge of the city and see if you can spot the Spanish steps, Palazzio Venezia, or Parliament houses. Dusk is a beloved time to venture to this spot, and it is considered a particularly romantic destination for lovers.

Many street vendors take advantage of the popularity of this place. Here, you will certainly be met by offers of sales of glowing tchotchkes, snack foods, tourist souvenirs and more.

These 11 places are just some of the hundreds of fantastic sites, tourist destinations, activities, and spots you should visit when in Rome. 


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