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England, like all major countries in Europe, is a significant tourist attraction. The fact that England ranks 8th in the topmost visited countries in the world clearly shows its popularity. Truro, England is a county town and the southernmost city in the British mainland. While Truro, England may not be the tourist hotspot, it gives you a chance to explore the country without all the rush and flock of tourists. Here are the best things backpackers can do in Turo England!

Getting Around Truro England

Getting around Truro
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Once you reach Truro, one must know how he intends to go around in the Visit. A city not so big can be easily roamed around in a bicycle. There are some places where you can hire a bike.

The second option is by car or rail. Cornwall has an extensive network of both track and buses, and one could easily travel back and forth within the county. Finally, for a backpacker, his feet are his main source of getting around and will be their primary travel partner in their trip to Truro 

Visit The Historic Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral From Inside
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The cathedral located in the heart of the city is known for its fantastic architecture. It has been designed by John Loughborough Pearson and famously known for its stained glass windows. The popularity of this place can be asserted from the fact that approximately 200,000 visitors visit the cathedral every year. Additionally, every single visitor was stunned by its amazing architecture. 

Speaking in terms of art fanatical, the building is a blend of English and French Rayonnant Gothic design. Guided tours which are free of charge are given every morning so don’t forget to miss this opportunity.

A Look Into Cornwall Royal Museum

Front Face Of The Royal Cornwall Museum
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It is the ultimate source to learn about Cornish history and culture. It was founded way back in 1818. Since 1919, the museum’s home has been the Truro Baptist Chapel (1848) and Truro Savings Bank (1845), a pair imposing granite-clad Neoclassical buildings.

The galleries of the museum give an insight into the mining heritage of Cornwall and host some sensational minerals collected throughout history. In addition to these, the museum also hosts Ancient Egyptian, Roman Greek, and Byzantine artifacts.

Relax In Victoria Gardens

The Lush Greenery Inside Victoria Garden
Image by Simon Lewis on Wikimedia Commons

Victoria Gardens was opened to celebrate diamond jubilee in 1897 for Queen Victoria. This oasis of greenery in the middle of Truro contains ponds, fountains, and waterfalls as well.

Stairways and paths wind down to the water, next to colorful ornamental flowerbeds and manicured lawns. This design has not changed in more than 100 years. One another Victorian holdover is the cast-iron bandstand holding concerts on Sunday afternoons in summer.

Enjoy The Countryside Of Cornwall

Cornwall Countryside
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As a backpacker, you are always looking for experiences that are free of charge. The reason is so one can explore the natural beauty which comprises a natural park and views overlooking the ocean. The South West Coast Path, also a National Trail, weaves along the rocky coast, passing through scenery that will halt you in your tracks. An example is the Portscatho beach and a sweet harbor.

Tour Of World-famous Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm

Cornish Cyder Farm, Penhallow, Truro
Image by Gordon McKinlay on Wikimedia Commons

Who doesn’t love a nice chilled mug of brew in summers, especially when it’s of the world-famous Healeys? This first cider mill of Cornwall and the distillery has been around for three centuries, showing us the rich history behind it.

You can visit the distillery and the museum inside to know about the history of cider and apple brandy. A chance to sample on the apple wine, brandy and cider would be a fantastic experience for drink lovers. If by chance, you have kids along, they would have a lovely time in the animal park to meet all the cows, goats, and pigs. 

Water Sports In Truro England

River Fal In Truro
Image by Ron Strutt on Wikimedia Commons

Backpackers who are interested in water sports are in for a treat as the waters between Truro and Falmouth are gentle and great for water activities. A watersports center is on Carrick Roads on Loe Beach. Just a few miles of Truro. One could enjoy kayaking and paddle boating on the Fal River.

Visit The Lemon Street Market

Lemon Street Market, Truro
Image by Tim Green on VisualHunt

As a tourist, the place where you learn the most about a city and its people is in their markets. It’s a place where one can interact with the locals and get a chance to know about their culture, taste, and everyday life.

The Lemon Street Market is a place that has an airy open building and hosts several cafés. All the amenities you find in a regular market place are present here. Some of them are design shops, florists, and art gallery clothing. These and other such shops are a great place to spend your afternoon at.  

Visit The Scenic St. Agnes Heritage Coast

St. Agnes Heritage Coast In Truro
Image by Uwe Nassal on Wikimedia Commons

At Central Cornwall, the peninsula shrinks to just ten miles across, putting the dramatic ocean-scapes of the north coast in view. The St. Agnes Coast is a little more than 15 minutes by car. It blends the rugged coastal scenery with Cornish tin-mining heritage.

Plan your visit when there is low tide as the beach is exposed to the full force of the Atlantic. Other excellent options are the Trevaunance Cove, Blue Flag Porthtowan, and Trevallas-Porth beach. All of these have a savage beauty but so require a bit of planning as are affected by the tides.

Sailing Tours On The River Fal

9 Sails On River Fal
Image by Steven Vacher on VisualHunt

An excellent way to relax is going on a sailing trip while in Truro, England. The English country town has its share of sailing tours. Most of them done by the locals on their private sails. The tour lets you sail past some of the landmark locations along the way, including Tregothnan (home of the Cornish tea), Tolverne, Trelissick, and the Carrick Roads.

The trips are roughly £20 per person, depending on the duration. This is most suitable for those looking to spend a bit of cash. It’s vital to take note of the weather beforehand if you don’t want the weather to be a spoilsport. Book the tour in advance after looking at the weather.

Hall Of Cornwall

Hall Of Cornwall, Truro
Image by Alan Dosser on Wikimedia Commons

This venue of performing arts is a must-visit for people in love with performing arts. The hall was built in 1846 using granite, which once served as a municipal complex that housed various government offices.

It’s an iconic place for the music lovers as well because in 1970, the iconic band “Queen” played here for the first time with Freddie Mercury as their frontman. It’s the biggest live arts venue in Cornwall and hosts a number of dance, music, comedy, and theatre acts. 

Finding Cheap Accommodation In Truro

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While most of the must-see places and famous attractions are pretty much covered above, the main question which arises for travelers on a budget is where to spend the night. As a backpacker, you won’t have the cash to spend on expensive hotels, so hostels are your best option. The hostels in Truro is the cheapest when compared to the hotels and other bed and breakfast options.

In case luck isn’t in your favor and you don’t find a hostel, the other cheap option is bed and breakfast. These are privately owned houses with the accommodation managed by the owners. If both don’t work out, then you always have the Airbnb and couch surfing option.



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