Your Personal Guide To Backpacking The Capital Of Peru

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Don’t overwhelm yourself with the bustling Capital of Peru. Start small and enjoy the little things by exploring Lima like a local! Here are some of the best ways to make the best out of your backpacking trip in Lima, Peru.

Take A Walking Tour

Walking tour gives you a chance to absorb the tiny details that are missed during road trips or guided city tours. Taking this tour, you will also save up on a lot of money and might even stumble upon rare local cafes that can be your very own treasured discoveries. Downtown Lima is a great spot for these walking tours. You can explore the Centro Historico and also see a handful of churches and shops.

Explore The Museums

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Museums hold a lot of ancient heritage and cultural beauty that helps you connect with the city on a deeper level. The capital of Peru, Lima has classy and high-class museums; Larco Museum being the most famous in the list. It has a very impressive display of pre-Colombian artifacts that will catch the attention of every history buff out there. Additionally, there are a lot of erotic ceramics as well to keep things interesting for everyone!

Journey Down To The Catacombs

If you enjoy mystifying, spooky stories and eerie sights, the guided tour of catacombs will deeply interest you. The Monastery of San Francisco offers a majestic view of the ornamental cathedral’s exterior. It has a classic baroque-style of the late 1600s with a number of gilded side altars and intricate lattice dome. The catacombs are built inside the church and are part of the original cemeteries of Lima. This tour is not recommended for people with claustrophobia or nauseous tendencies.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

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If you are planning to visit the capital of Peru during spring or summers, you can plan some fun outdoor activities to enjoy during your trip and to check off your bucket list. There are three popular paragliding spots along the Lima coastline, and you can also go for surfing against the wild ocean waves of the beaches in Lima. The beaches along the coastline of the capital of Peru are rocky, and the water might not be as clean as you like. But the beaches south of Lima are great for surfing or just to have a nice beach day.

Parasailing is another option that can be enjoyed in Miraflores. You will spot many people leaping off the cliffs of Miraflores to do so, and you can join them on all the crazy fun and have the time of your life.

Go On A Shopping Spree

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You are saving enough on this backpacking trip! Splurge a little and get yourself some precious souvenirs from the capital of Peru. Polvos Azules is a hidden gem in Lima. It has the same vibe as a flea market and has amazing varieties of the best local brands. It will make you feel like a local and you can buy a lot of stuff for a good value. Might even be a good idea to load up on gifts for loved ones.

Visit The Parque Kennedy

This local park is named after the former US President John F. Kennedy. However, it is fondly known as the cat park due to its adorable furry inhabitants. These cats and precious little kittens are not brought specially to the park; they just inhabit the park and no one knows where exactly they come from and why. One quick stroll will give you an idea of why it’s known as the cat park. You can stop by and play with them, feed them and hey, even adopt one because why not?

Indulge In Delicious Peruvian Cuisine

Peru Food
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Peru has the best food in South America. It is not even a contest, it wins all awards. Your taste buds will go on a magical food journey during your trip to the capital of Peru. Sample the delicious and mouthwatering local cuisine, even if you can’t pronounce the name, just stuff it in your mouth! Get a taste of the ceviche, adji de gallina, lomo saltado, cuy al horno and much more.

Also, if you want to try out some lavish and fancy feasts, you can go for some fine dining options in some expensive and high-end restaurants as well. Some of the best restaurants in Lima include Cae de la Paz, El Pez On, Café Amore, Astrid y Gaston, Punto Azul, Panchita and Maido. All of these are located in Miraflores.

Explore The Malecon

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Miraflores holds a lot of scenic beauty and is one of the top tourist spots in the capital of Peru. It is a refreshing coastal area stretching along the Cliffside. Here you’ll find the city’s Malecon that encompasses several beautiful gardens and fun parks offering great views and a lot of activities and events year-round. You can walk or jog around the stretch of the parks to take in the breathtaking scenery and landscapes, or plan a lovely picnic on a sunny day with your family.

Bar Hopping

When in Lima, Party like the limeños do! The people of Lima surely know how to party and have a good time. After a long day of exploring the city on foot, blow off some steam with one of the bars in the city. The hidden bars around the city are known as peñas, which are all night long dance clubs featuring DJs and live bands that will compel you to break out the moves and party like there’s no tomorrow.

Lima Peru
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Dive In The History Of Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana is an archaeological site of Lima that’s located in Miraflores. It has quite a controversial history. The name of the place can be loosely translated as Quechua which means a place of the ritual games. It is also said that many human sacrifices were done here as a part of ancient ceremonies. The strong and sturdy pyramid was constructed over staggered platforms to withstand earthquakes.

Where To Stay

There are several hostels and top budget-friendly spots for backpackers in Lima. You can save up while still being close to the top destinations and main attractions of the city. Many first time tourists prefer to stay at Miraflores as it offers the city’s scenic beauty and a lot of activities. However, for a more hip spot and mingling with the locals, Barranco is a great option.

Selina Miraflores is a great hostel for backpackers with comfortable and roomy dorms and private rooms. There are cinema rooms to merge and connect with fellow travelers and a community kitchen as well.

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Hostel Kokopelli is for all the party people out there who want a lively and buoyant atmosphere around them at all times. Enjoy delicious meals and cocktails, and dance to the beats of live music. The area has a thriving nightlife along with super comfy dorm beds to crash in after partying hard!

The Point is more of a laid back hostel for solo travelers who are looking for a quiet time when they have had too much of partying and mingling with the crowd. It is located in Barranco which gives it a bohemian vibe, and also allows you to be close to all the happenings of the city.


Tips For Backpackers

Here are some tips that will help you in planning the trip and getting the most out of your experience!

The best time to visit the capital of Peru is between January and March, as it offers very pleasant and moderately warm weather with a lot of light and sun! There are no major holidays during these months so it’s not as costly or crowded.

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Public transportation is not up to the mark in Lima. Additionally, you’ll probably want to try the Metropolitano bus and occasionally get an Uber to get around.

The capital of Peru is pretty safe when it comes to security, but as a backpacker, you will be sharing hostel and common spaces with strangers. It’s best not to carry gadgets and devices that are high in value, and keep cash with you instead of bank cards.

Get backpacker insurance so that you can have a safe and secure backpacking adventure around the city.

Walking tours and cycling around the main attractions is a great way to save money while making sure you are not missing out on the fun touristy experience.

Local treats are much more delicious than fancy restaurant food. You won’t be missing out on much if you choose to forego fine dining.

Stick to public transport, and find a hostel with free breakfast and a common kitchen to save up on living and transport costs.


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