10 Places To Visit When Backpacking Bali

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Indonesia, Bali is a well-known backpacking destination. There are loads to do in terms of activities and wondrous sights to see. For example, you can admire the lovely sceneries across sandy beach shorelines together with pleasant weather. Along with that, accommodation and meal choices are amazingly cheap. Backpackers will relish native cuisines at affordable costs while they are Backpacking Bali.

Thanks to these reasons, Bali is continually hosting tourists from around the world. Here are some of Bali’s best places to visit while on your vacation.

Backpacking To Ubud

This town is a must-visit because of its rich culture, attention-grabbing scenery, and landscape views. Here, rice growing is the main agricultural activity. You will encounter a vast area of rice fields; enabling you to see the Balinese culture. Also, as you travel past the fields, you will also find many Hindu temples.

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One of the things you could enjoy doing is to visit the temples in order to experience the diverse culture in Ubud. Accommodation choices are also plentiful. One of the amazing places you can explore is the Pondok Kutu Guest Homes;  a popular guest house based on reviews.

Pondok Kutu has a homestay style accommodation which makes the ambience a home away from home. Some of the service guest enjoy include airport pickups and a welcome drink on arrival. It is also centrally located and about ten minutes from the main town center.

There are many places where you can find budget accommodation from Rati Bali Hostel to Daffi Bali and Morotai Camp Hostel. For example, a hostel that you can consider booking is Puri Garden Hostel. The accommodation offers free breakfast and yoga for those who love to stay active while traveling. Also, guests at Puri Garden have the opportunity of sampling different types of local dishes at low prices.

Things To Do In Denpasar Bali

Denpasar Bali
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Denpasar is the densely inhabited capital town of Bali. Backpackers can enjoy viewing cultural sites. Denpasar has numerous cultural centers, temples, and museums for guests to explore. Once you land in Denpasar, you immediately have the opportunity to see Bali’s amazing monuments.

For new backpackers in Denpasar, one of the best monuments you cannot miss is Lapangan Puputan Margarana. It is a prominent monument found in the center of town where you can explore and sightsee. Also, you can use it as a landmark in case you get lost or need directions to other places within the town.

Denpasar Bali
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Other iconic places you should visit include museums that display a rich history of the town. For example, there is Sidik Jari; an interesting museum of fingerprint art.  Also, there is the Interactive Art and Werdhi Budaya Cultural Center where you can learn the history and culture of Bali. However, besides these exciting places, there are a number of other attention-grabbing places to go.

Backpackers may also pass by Taman Budaya Art Center that hosts the Bali Arts Festival. This festival is where artists of all sorts present their artwork of tradition and culture in the streets of Denpasar. Always held around the month of June each year, the festival is an amazing sight to see.

Backpack To Kuta Town Bali

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While Backpacking Bali, drop by Kuta town, not far from the air terminal. It has friendly, and affordable destinations to experience. Kuta is located on the West of Denpasar and offers numerous places from cafes to shopping experiences. Kuta’s nightlife comes alive when the sunsets, which makes it a popular sort after place during peak seasons.

Explore a variety of bars by the shores of the sandy beaches. However, you may also want to explore inland to find more interesting bars as you spend an evening out. Pudak Sari Unizou is one accommodation option with a wide selection of rooms that guests can select.

Explore Canggu Town

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Canggu is a village on the seaside sandwiched between Seminyak and Tanah Lot. Here you can discover activities like yoga, and sea surfing to give you a fun and relaxing time. There are also plenty of veggie cafeterias to explore, and they allow you to experience the Balinese local cuisine. If you like beach walks then Canggu Town is the place to go. The town has several popular beaches from Reverberation, Berawa to Batu Bolong beaches.

Bars along the seashore are part of another popular activity you will experience in Canggu. There are accommodation picks like Tribe Theory Startup House and Canggu Kayuma House. Built like a dormitory, many backpackers prefer these accommodations because they are cheaper than hotels in town. Also, these dormitories are close to all sorts of activities in the day and night.

Temples are also sight-seeing worthy places you can experience. One that stands out is the Pura Tanah Lot. The name meaning “land of the sea”, Pura Tana Lot temple is a popular world attraction because of its unique offshore setting and wondrous sunset backdrops.

Things To Do In Sanur Town Bali

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The city has an attention-grabbing sandy coastline to spend your time. Sanur Town is located on the eastern side of an Island called Isthmus. Sanur is unique from other towns because the coastline is not as littered with many bars. Instead, you will experience well-maintained seafronts that are excellent for evening walks, morning runs, and bike rides.

Other activities to enjoy in Sanur include kite surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, and diving. While at Sanur, do grab the opportunity to engage in some diving. It is a great opportunity to get training from many diving instructors based here.

Things To Do In Padang Bai Padang

Bai is set in the eastern part of Bali. It acts as a transit route to access the Gili Islands. While backpacking Bali, make a visit to Pandang Bai, It has several marvelous places for sightseeing. Basking, deep-sea diving and snorkeling are a number of the key touristic events that you can choose to do. To enjoy snorkeling in Pandang Bai, visit Blue Lagoon that is a popular destination for deep-sea diving.

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When visiting Padang Bai, you can discover some of its white sandy beaches such as Bias Tugal. Do some cultural excursions by backpacking down two well-known places of worship here. These places of worship are Pura Penataran and Pura Silayukti.

Accommodation options in Pandang Bai include Bamboo Paradise hostel. It is money-saving for backpackers, has good reviews and no reservation fees. Kusamba Village is a popular salt farming area. While backpacking through the town, you can stop over and see how locals harvest salt.

Sight Seeing In Amed

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Amed showcases a zoological display of amphibian animals situated at the Liberty Wreck and Lipah Bay. Here, you can spot different animals and learn about them. Nearby is Jemeluk Bay where you can experience Bali’s diving excursions. For backpackers and hikers who love the outdoors, Mount Agung is an hour’s drive from Amed. You can view this spectacular mountain from Jemeluk Bay, or spend a day hiking through it.

Accommodation in Amed is plentiful. They range from high end, Airbnb to homestays and budget places. Popular accommodation options in Amed include Black Sand Hostel; suitable for solo travelers. Backpackers can enjoy their stay at Dharma Yoga; a budget homestay that is adjacent to the sea.

Exploring Bedugul Town

Bali Temple
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The Beratan Sanctuary stands majestically in Bedugul and is certainly a place to visit.  The sanctuary offers spectacular views and activities for visitors to experience. This town is also a popular weekend getaway destination that offers beautiful nature and cool hideaways.

Bedugul is home to Beratan Mountain Lake where you can go on tours to see different areas of the lake. While gliding in a boat on the lake, you can catch a glimpse of the magnificent UluDanu Beratan temple located on its western banks. Lakes, sceneries, and nature, there are many things to see and do.

While in Bedegul, you will not fall short of places to stay as true to Bali, accommodation is available for every kind of budget. Bedugul is a mountainous town. To enjoy the breathtaking sceneries, consider getting a vehicle and hire a conversant driver to take you around the town.

Hiking At Kintamani Town

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Do you enjoy hiking? Well, Kintamani Town is the place to enjoy a hiking adventure. Mount Batur is a one-of-a-kind sight, where you can experience the natural surroundings of Bali. In addition to hiking, experience a shopping paradise from a special market day that is opened every three days. Take a boat ride on the famous Lake Batur as you view the flora and fauna of the area.

At the market, take the opportunity to shop for essential fruits and vegetables that you can use during your stay here. In Kintamani, you will also see the highest temple known as Pura Puncak Penulisan; standing taller than the Penulisan village.

Backpackers have a chance to climb to the topmost part of the temple. Here, it can afford you the prospect to visualize glorious views of the sandy beaches on the shores of the sea.

Backpacking In Nusa Archipelago

Nusa Archipelago
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This town is surrounded by Penida, Lembongan and Penida islands. Each island is unique in its offering of attractions to experience. Lembongan covers the largest area, while Penida covers the smallest area. To get to these areas, climb aboard a ship at Padang Bai or Sanur where you’ll take off for Lembongan Islands or Penida Islands.

Once you arrive at your preferred destination, you can hire a motorbike and use it during your stay. Explore the beautiful islands by visiting places like the great sunset spot at the Devil’s Tear at Lembongan and the Blue Lagoon place at Ceningan.

Tips For Backpacking In Bali

You don’t need to book a hotel that includes breakfast with your stay. Bali has plenty of food options that are cheap for a backpacker on a shoestring budget. Explore plenty of activities where you do not need to spend any money. For example, there are free activities such as walking along the beach, surfing, hiking the mountainous regions and sight-seeing.

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Another way to enjoy your backpacking Bali trip is to experience their local culture and traditions. Some of the activities you may encounter during your visit include funeral processions, and if you are lucky enough, you can witness some of the local festivals. All these experiences make Bali a unique place to visit.

However, finding the right place to stay in the city will make a big difference in your experience. Therefore, make a point of doing research before booking your accommodation. This will allow you to know the best times to go to Bali.

While backpacking Bali, you can see it undoubtedly has something for everyone. It is especially friendly to backpackers and has a lot of activities, monuments, and sights to see. With proper planning, you will not miss out on what Bali has to offer.


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