Backpacking Japan: 10 Things To Do In Osaka, Japan

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Backpacking in Osaka Japan is a one-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss. Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan and boasts of so many sights and sounds to see and what you have to plan your itinerary carefully so that you do not miss out on the great aspects of this city. Here is a list of 10 things to do in Osaka Japan to add to your bucket list.

Minoo National Park

Take your backpacking adventure outdoors by visiting one of the oldest national parks in Japan called Minoo National Park. The park is less busy as compared to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding town. To get here, take a 30-minute bus ride from the main station known as Hankyu Umeda. You can also get to the park using a train ride that is about an hour long. The park is about 15km from Osaka.

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When you get to the park don’t miss the opportunity to eat maple leaf. This is a local delicacy that is prepared along the streets of the park. The park is closed on Tuesdays but opened the rest of the week from 10 am to 5 pm.

Here is what you will enjoy when you visit the park: You will come across 980 species of flora and fauna that you will encounter along a spectacular trail. When you visit during the summer you will enjoy viewing a large display of maple leaves.

Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is considered one of the oldest temples in Japan. Shitenoji Temple was built way back in AD 593. It is a Buddhist temple a religion that was inherited from China. The best time to visit is during the flee market. You will get the chance to buy some beautiful antiques and you will also find the famous kimono. Kimonos are Japanese traditional women’s outfits. The temple is open to all the public every day from 8 am to 4 pm.

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Experience Photography Inside a Purikura

Purikura is a Japanese photo booth. They came into existence during the 1900s and they allow you to take photos alone or with friends inside a booth. They are lots of fun to experience. What these photo booths do is filter your original images to make you look quite different from your real self. If you have met new friends here or have gone backpacking as a group then this is one activity you should not miss out on.

What makes these photo booths popular and one of the top things to do is the technology aspect of it. Once you take the photos you can share them on your mobile device. In addition to having access to your photo digitally, you also receive a print copy on a landscape or portrait format.

Namba Yasuka Shrine

Lion Japan
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This is a beautiful shrine located in Osaka, Japan. The locals also call it The Lion Shrine because it contains a massive head shape statue of a lion. It is surrounded by cherry blossom trees making it a popular area to visit during the spring season. It is also a very popular area where tourists love taking photos.

So what is the story behind the lion with an open mouth? According to the folk tale, the open mouth will swallow any foul spirits that follow you. Once swallowed, you are left only with good tidings allowing you to succeed in any business and school activity that you venture into.

Learn How To Bunraku

Bunraku is an entertainment form that came up during the Edo period. Take some time to watch their performances. You can also take part in learning the art of Bunraku. As a beginner, you can enjoy the performance. To learn how to do this you have to be part of a performance team of three. As a beginner, you will enjoy this by assisting the main operator.

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As an assistant, you will also have to coordinate and help the other team members to maneuver the puppet’s body. This maneuvering brings out expressions and actions from the puppets.

However, if learning is not your interest, you can watch performances in theatres. You can catch these performances either in the evening or in the afternoon. In Osaka, Japan, there is the main theatre that showcases Bunranku know as The National Bunraku Theatre.

The Osaka Castle

Image by Sangyeon Yu from Pixabay

Osaka Castle is a famous landmark in the city of Osaka. During the 16th century, it played a pivotal role in unifying Japan. It is open to the public and you can get here from the Osakajokoen station. It is a two-story building with a rich history dating back to 1583 when its construction began in 1997, the interiors were rebuilt and now serve as a museum.

There are other beautiful surrounding sceneries around Osaka Castle. These include a park which has entertainers and you have a chance to view free performances. During April the park normally hosts cherry blossom viewing parties where you can join in the fun. Near the castle is also the Osaka Museum of History where you can learn a little bit more about the history of Osaka, Japan. It is situated on a snail-shaped building.

If you want to sit back and relax from your sightseeing, then look no further than head on to Naniwa-no-Miya Palace Ruins a hidden gem just a few minutes from the park where you can take a moment to just sit back and relax.

Kaiyukan Aquarium

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Kaiyukan Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the world. The indoor aquarium is a kid-friendly zone and also very popular among tourists as a sight-seeing venue. The aquarium hosts over 3000 species of aqua animals that dart back and forth from the corals in the aquarium. The animals found here can also be found in the Pacific Ocean.

The aquarium hosts 15 large tanks each creating a special regeneration of different places of the Pacific. While here you will enjoy a virtual exploration of the Pacific Ocean. Each of the tanks is named different giving a different recreation of each sector. To enjoy this virtual tour, set aside about two and a half hours of your time exploring the different flora and fauna found here.

A Walk Through Tennoji

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Tennoji has fast become a busy urban area with lots of sights to see and things to do. From the recently constructed Abeno Harukas building to watching entertainment in the district, there is so much to see and do here. Abeno Harukas is the tallest building in Tennoji and when you come here you will have a chance to see a fantastic view of the city of Osaka. You will also have the opportunity to see other nearby areas such as the Inland sea and Wakayama. The best time to experience these views is in the evening.

Get a taste of the local food from restaurants around the Shinsekai area. You will enjoy a stroll along the streets and while here you can quickly visit the Tennoji- Koen Park that adjoins Shinsekai. Other places you should consider visiting include the Tennoji Zoo and the Shitenno-Ji Buddhist Temple that provide you with a view of different wild animals moreover, see the ancient culture and religion of Osaka.

Experience Shinsekai Town

shinsekai town
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Tsutenkaku Tower was first constructed in 1912. It is the main attraction in Shinsekai Town. Now here is what’s so special about the Tsutenkaku tower; when it was constructed tourists could take cable car rides from an aerial ropeway that connected it to a Luna Park. It was later destroyed by a fire in 1943 and then later reconstructed by a famous architect called Tachu Naito who is also famed for constructing the Tokyo Tower.

At the time it was built, Tsutenkaku was the tallest tower in the Asian continent. It offers visitors a chance to see Shinsekai from an aerial view. The main deck where you can sightsee is done at the 91 meters mark. Shinsekai was initially built at the beginning of the 20th century imitating New York and Paris cities. The town quickly became a tourist attraction.

Experience Osaka Food

Among the things of what to do in Osaka is not to miss out on the opportunity to relish on their local delicacy. Just like the old saying ‘ When in Rome do as the Romans Do’ take the opportunity to sample and enjoy foods made only in Japan that you would not find any other place in the world.

Japanese Food
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From the time immemorial, Osaka has been the breadbasket city. Food would be delivered to Osaka before leaving for the rest of the country. Try the famous Takoyaki – these are savory ball cakes. Also, experience Kushikatsu which is a deep-fried combination of skewered meat and vegetables.

Are you planning to travel to Japan? Then you should add these destinations to your bucket list to experience the perfect trip to Osaka, Japan. Most of these spots would need at least a 2 to 3-day itinerary to experience them. You can also opt to visit Osaka for just a day, but that will not do justice to your backpacking trip.


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