Budget Canada On A Backpacking Trip

Budget Canada
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Budget Canada can be done with no sweat and no need to stretch your dollar thin. Backpacking to visit Canada at a low cost of travel is one of the most exciting adventures you can have in this lifetime. There are numerous unique landscapes you can see, wonderful places to stay in the cities in Canada, and unusual free activities in nature.

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Budget Canada: Toronto Art Museum On Community Sundays

Canada Budget
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The Museum Of Contemporary Art in Toronto, Canada established a Community Sunday each month since February 2019. This means that on one Sunday of the month everyone has free access to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Toronto has a vibrant way of life. It is one of those places where almost everywhere you look you can find something to do. When you visit Canada, have in mind to at least see Toronto as well, and enjoy what one of the most famous cities in Canada has to offer.

If you have some time on your hands, go check MOCA on Sunday. It is a rare opportunity to get the chance to visit the exhibitions without paying a dime and reducing your cost of travel.

The museum has its doors opened on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. Sometimes they include in the program guided tours, so make sure to ask before going in. 

Budget Canada: Aviation And Space Museum In Ottawa

Spac e and Aviation museum
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When you visit Canada, you have to go to Ottawa too. It is one of the cities in Canada that everyone has on their list. Not only that it is the Capital city of the country, but it also features lots of activities that can be done and many, many places and landscapes to see.

One of those places to visit in Canada is the Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. The museum has various types of exhibitions inside. Each and every one of these exhibitions will carry you on wonderful journeys. The main exhibition hall features unique stories about humans and our flying history. After boarding on some history lessons, you can take a trip to the International Space Station and witness the life of an astronaut.

Admission to the museum is free every day between 4 pm and 5 pm. You don’t have to stretch your dollar for this one and you can save some more on your cost of travel. 

Budget Canada Things To Do: Niagara Falls

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

There is no doubt that once you visit Canada, you have to go see the Niagara Falls. Close to the border with the USA, Niagara Falls are called iconic for a reason. The landscape is breathtaking. Once you get to an airport nearby, there are many public transportation options that will get you to the falls. If you have your own car, consider that even though there are no admission fees to see the falls, there are parking costs.

Other than that, it should be a nice place to decompress and enjoy a day walking and taking photos. The waterfalls are about 51m high. The Niagara Falls are not only remarkable for the eye but also extremely useful. They are used to provide hydroelectric power. This is why balancing the recreational side and the commercial use it’s been challenging. 

Stretch Your Dollar To See Granville Island In Vancouver

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Everything on this list you can do on a tight budget. You don’t have to spend while you are on Granville Island. The only reason why you might do that is that the island is known for being a shopping district in Vancouver, Canada. Granville Island has a public market that is open to shoppers only between 9 am and 7 pm. It is the place to do all your shopping, especially for groceries. At first, it was known as a fishing area.

Now you can admire art shows there, live performances and the island is home to over 250 businesses, employing over 2.500 people.

What to look for when you are there: fresh produce, delicious foods, and handmade crafts. No matter what you choose, be it something to eat or a souvenir, it will surely mean some extra nice memories for you. 

Camp For Free In British Columbia, Canada

Budget Canada
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Reduce your cost of travel and camp for free in Canada. Backpacking on a budget can be a memorable experience no matter the money you spend. British Columbia is a large area in Canada with numerous places where you can just drop your backpack and install your tent. The best part of some of these areas is that they are free of charge.

Even more, they offer you all the utilities you need and some extra benefits like fireplaces or picnic tables. This way you don’t have to worry about a thing. Most of the campsites in British Columbia let you stay there up to 14 days. Another great thing about these places to visit in Canada is that there are over 1.000 of them.

Open your map, pick a free place to camp in Canada and go. Visiting Canada on a budget while living a little can be done!

Budget Canda In The Bay Of Fundy

Bay of Fundy
Image by Berma1 on Pixabay

Between Nova Scotia, Maine, and New Brunswick lies the Bay of Fundy. The name of the bay comes from the French word ”fendu”, meaning ”split”.  The legend of the bay says that it appeared when Glooscap – a legendary figure of the Wabanaki people, wanted to take a bath. The first people to live there were the Mi’kmaq.

On the coast of the bay, you can enjoy a walk through old buildings and places. You can admire its natural and unusual blocks of layered sandstones and maybe take a bath just like the legendary Glooscap did. The place is also unique regarding its dimensions. Most tidal ranges worldwide are around 1m, but this one has a range of 13m. Some call it a watery wonder.

If you feel adventurous, you should know that extreme sports are frequently practiced in this area. Sports like rafting and kayaking are among the crowds’ favorites. Sometimes, whales make appearances here too. This just another reason to put it on your list of top things to do while you visit Canada backpacking on a budget. 

Jasper National Park In the Canadian Rockies

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Backpacking in Canada on a budget should definitely include a visit to the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. Jasper Park is almost 11.000 square meters in dimension. It is located in Alberta – another Canadian province that has borders with the United States of America. Jasper National Park has everything that nature has to offer. You can see mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and even waterfalls. It is no wonder that this marvelous place was included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritages.

Here is a list of just a few of the park’s attractions: Miette Hot Springs, the Pyramid Mountain, and the Pyramid Lake, Tonquin Valley, Marmot Basin which is a skiing area, Athabasca Glacier, and many, many more. You would probably need a lot of time to visit them all, but there is no chance that once you get there you won’t get to experience all its beauty. 

Book Your Stay At A Hotel

Hotel Canada
Image by Jerry Coli on Pixabay

Cities in Canada have many types of accommodation. If you are looking to save your dollars, look no more and book your stay at a hostel. Life at a hostel is pretty active. Usually is a place where you can meet lots of new people and get tons of tips for traveling light and on a budget while you visit Canada.

Besides the livelihood of a hostel, it is an accommodation option that offers everything else you need. You have wifi, a kitchen, usually a yard, and a common room. Sometimes you have to share a bedroom. But if you travel in groups you can book one just for you.

Remember to search for this option when you are in a big city. It will be a nice change of pace from your camping experience under the night stars.

Try The Local Street Food

Canada Street food
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Anthony Bourdain named street food its favorite food while traveling. He says that it is the best way to try the true local foods and discover a foreign culture. Besides, you can do it on a budget. Get out and walk around the cities in Canada. You will easily find a local food market that offers fresh cooked food. Your cost of travel doesn’t have to suffer.

Among the things, you will most likely stumble upon are: grilled octopus, fish sticks, bubble waffles, curry, gelato. The menu in various of these street food markets is almost always full of international options. From Australia to Japan and everything in between you can think of, there is no recipe you might not enjoy it on Canadian grounds.

The experience is completed in most places with live music concerts for free and/or local bars and gardens where you can enjoy a cold beer or a hot coffee. 

Hike The Grouse Grind For Free

Canada Budget
Image by James Wheeler on Pixabay

There is no fee to hike the Grouse Grind. It will cost an insignificant sum only if you want to return with the Skyride. The cost should be around 10 dollars. The hiking trail is located where the Grouse Mountain is in British Columbia, Canada. The trail is open for tourists during the summer and is 3km long.

Except for the hiking trail, the Grouse Mountain in Canada is known for its skiing area. The area also has some other wonderful outdoor activities planned for people visiting it. It has a 100 seat theatre, a wildlife refuge, helicopter rides, zip lines, golf, mountain biking routes, and guided walks around. 

Enjoy Canada and live a little while there on a budget!


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