Hike The Five Best Trails In Saratoga Spa State Park

Avenue of Pines in New York
Image by Adam Lenhardt on Wikimedia Commons

If you find yourself in New York with a hankering for an excellent hike, Saratoga Spa State Park will not disappoint! While this park is home to several landmarks, most famously the Mineral Springs, there are also beautiful sight-seeing and hiking opportunities that are not to be missed. In the park, you’ll find the origins of the naming of Saratoga Spa as a state park in 1962, all the way up to being declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Avenue of Pines in Saratoga Spa State Park, New York
Image by Adam Lenhardt on Wikimedia Commons

This article gives you a full rundown on the five best hiking trails of Saratoga Spa State Park. This includes nature trails, bird-watching spots and so much more! These five trails will ensure your backpacking adventure is filled with stories to be told and memories to be treasured. Let’s get started!

Hike Up The Hemlock Trail

First up, we have an easy to digest 3.9-kilometer hike with an elevation gain of 11 meters. This trail is filled with beautiful wildflowers and works perfectly for all skill levels. Best of all, so long as they are kept on a leash, dogs are welcome! The terrain of this trail is mostly flat and gentle underfoot, so it no problem for more activities afterward. This great trail offers lots of nature in an urban setting. Here, you’ll see chipmunks, scarlet tanagers, nuthatches, as well as plenty of logs for entertainment. Also, there are serene bridges with calming water running underneath.

If you ever feel as though the city grind or sounds of constant horns and beeps is starting to take its toll, then this is the hike for you. The soft ground coupled with a portion of the trail takes you through lush, forested surroundings. It offers the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The fact that such a tranquil hike exists within New York is already a feat in itself. It’s a reminder that there is always time for solitude, even in the busiest of cities. Hemlock Trail is a must for anyone in the area and looking for a quick but wholly satisfying hike.

Tributary in Saratoga Spa State Park, New York
Image by Doug Kerr on Flickr

Cross Through The Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail

Another relatively short hike at 6.6 kilometers, The Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail is one of Saratoga’s earliest additions. Its origins date back to 1993. This hike has become a year-round favorite as it works great as a warm summer walk and even an area for cross-country skiing during winter months.

Rich with history, the pathway follows an old railroad that had previously been used to connect Saratoga Springs with other destinations in the area. Fans of bird watching will certainly find plenty to enjoy here (Turkey Vultures are popular visitors). If you prefer a leisurely stroll, benches are spread across the pathway along with plenty of signs for you to read. You can delve into the rich history of the old railroad.

In the warmer months, you will find various wildflowers such as spotted wintergreen, mayapple, and much more. If you fancy something with a little more speed, this trail also offers a great joggers’ route. Going along the old railroad feels like turning back the clocks and becoming a part of history yourself. 

As one of the earliest accomplishments of Saratoga, this trail is sure to wow everyone who has the opportunity to experience it—from nature lovers looking for some wildlife, to history buffs looking to sink their teeth into something truly impressive. Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail offers something for everyone to enjoy.

The Island Sprouter in Saratoga Spa State Park, New York
Image by Doug Kerr on Flickr

Take A Stroll On Geyser Creek Trail

Anyone hiking this trail will also learn of the great history surrounding these springs. Saratoga is now well known for its historic thoroughbred racehorse. Its origins can be traced back to the Native Mohawks, who believed the area was blessed with the powers of healing; due to the naturally carbonated mineral springs, feel free to judge for yourself! 

Many of the water bodies can be experienced along the short Geyser Creek Trail, which is a mile from the Saratoga Springs Hotel. Prepare to be enchanted by the mysticism surrounding the minerals of Saratoga. Illnesses from hangovers and indigestion to cancer and malaria having been claimed to be cured here. Each spring offers a different taste, due to the mineral composition unique to each spring. This hike is a fountain of knowledge for the History of Saratoga Spa State Park. 

The hike itself is a short walk of around an hour. Along the way, you’ll find the signature springs, Island Spouter, and Orenda Spring, as well as numerous mineral deposits. The springs have also become known for the hospitable nature they seem to draw out of people. 

Dating as far back as the 19th century, where one may expect only the privileged to have excess to such wondrous tools, you may be surprised to hear that even if you could not afford the lifestyle of some of the more opulent residents of the area, you were more than welcome to stop by and have a taste. So, with this in mind, why not grab a friend, and share the magic of this hike. The trail is superbly picturesque. 

Geyser Island Sprouter, Saratoga Spa State Park, New York
Image by Ryan Hodnett on Wikimedia Commons

Smell The Flowers On Gideon Putnam Trail

This is a delightful trail that can please all casual hikers as it is suitable for all skill levels. It’s also dog-friendly and child-friendly. Also, it is lined with beautiful wildflowers, making for relaxing, low maintenance, wonderfully-scenic hike. 

Just in case that doesn’t sound relaxing enough, why not sit back and enjoy bird watching? What could be more serene than kicking back, surrounded by lush, flowering nature, and listening to the birds sing? 

Geyser Brook, Saratoga Spa State Park, New York
Image by Ryan Hodnett on Wikimedia Commons

The Gideon Putnam Trail is perfect for those hikers who don’t feel the need to burn themselves out in order to feel as though they’ve experienced a terrific accomplishment. With the fast-paced and hectic lives today, every once in a while, you may feel the need to disconnect. Enjoy some peace and quiet and reconnect with the natural world. 

Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that offer that biggest rewards. Visit this nature trail and you will surely leave with a truer understanding of that sentiment.

Circle Around Warming Hut Loop

If the name didn’t give it away, this particular trail is loop-based, stretching at 3.2 kilometers and low in traffic. The Warming Hut Loop is perfect for all hikers. It offers the opportunity to take casual strolls or to take it up a notch and test yourself with some trail running. 

Orenda Spring in Winter
Image by Coasterlover1994 on Wikimedia Commons

Placed within an atmospheric forest setting, the trail offers a fantastic view when making your way through the Avenue of the Pines. Walking or jogging through this passageway of looming trees is truly a sight to behold. Standing tall and strong, they are a genuine statement to the strength and longevity of nature. 

The fresh open air and wide-open space of this trail make it unique with plenty of room to explore. Pick any spot, look in any direction, and admire the beauty and majesty that surrounds you on all sides. With so much to gaze upon, you will be thankful this hike is designed as a loop trail. For certain, you will be jumping at another chance to take all in! 


To summarize Saratoga Spa State Park; it has a rich history, endless beauty, and teeming with possibilities. Saratoga Spa State Park is an absolute must for any hiker hoping to add another conquest to their trail map. You may decide to visit to learn about its origins stemming from Mohawk Natives. Or perhaps you might be interested in the healing abilities of the naturally carbonated mineral springs. 

Saratoga State Hall
Image by Cg-realms on Wikimedia Commons

If you want to take in some nature at your own pace, go for some bird watching on the Gideon Putnam Trail. Fancy admiring nature while you also stay on your feet and feel the fresh wind your face? Or walk among the towering pine trees and imagine yourself in a land far away? Then the Warming Hut Loop is for you. 

Guaranteed a fun-filled day with the whole family the children will never forget, the trails of Saratoga Spa State Park are perfect for you. It truly is a place where there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


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