Hiking Outfits: Be Fashionable As You Hike

Hiking Outfits
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Many youths don’t pay attention to their hiking outfits; they wear something that will keep them warm and comfortable. Usually, many will wear old shirts and baggy yoga pants. They would be focusing more on the sightseeing and breath of fresh air associated with hiking than actually clothing themselves properly. Of course, everyone feels confident wearing different things, and there’s no standard hiking uniform.

Now, how do you know the right hiking clothes to wear that match your confidence as well as make you look fashionable?

Hiking Outfits
Image by Charlotte Karlsen on Unsplash

The Fashionable Hiking Tops

When it comes to the hiking top, you need those that fit your activities and the weather, so try to get the weather forecast before you go hiking. There are 4 different types of tops that are fashionable and functions well for hiking; a wicking hiking shirt, an insulated jacket, a rain jacket, and a sporting bra (for ladies). 

Here are the uses of each of these fashionable hiking outfits:

Find Comfort In Wicking Hiking Shirts

When hiking, you would need a breathable tee. A wicking shirt is a moisture-wicking, breathable tee. This is a basic top for a normal day, and you can get both men and women’s designs. These tees come in either long-sleeves or short-sleeves. Also, there is no need to worry because it doesn’t hold onto sweat; meaning there isn’t any odor. It is not clingy too. You can imagine how fashionable and comfortable this outfit would be during hiking.

Wicking shirts should be worn on days when the weather is normal, neither sunny nor cold. It is advisable that you wear a long-sleeved shirt to avoid mosquito bites during your hikes or camping trips. However, wicking shirts can be replaced with a tank top on sunnier days.

Keep Your Body Temperature Normal With An Insulating Jacket

Hiking Outfits
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Whenever you are going for a hike, you have to consider your destination while packing your backpack. An insulating jacket is a fashionable hiking clothing article that helps keep you warm during windy weather and cold. Also, a lightweight insulating jacket is recommended for any backpacking trip. This is because you need to always mind the weight of your backpack.

Be Safe In A Rain Jacket

A rain jacket is a waterproof jacket used on rainy days to avoid that very uncomfortable wet feeling during your hike. It is advisable to have this in your backpack, especially when there is a likelihood of rainfall.

When wearing a rain jacket, you may choose a lightweight turtle neck or a long sleeve tee. This should preferably be made from natural materials like wool or silk.

Hiking Shoes
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Sports Bra (For Women)

Sports bras provide support. They are breathable and they wick away perspiration. The best thing about sports bras is that they dry quickly after being wet, and doesn’t bind or chafe. They are perfect for bounce and they give the comfortable feeling around the bosom.

One of the key things to consider when choosing a sports bra for your hike is the size. The right size of a sports bra will definitely give you the right feeling when worn. It is also recommended that you get a sports bra without underwire as they tend to be too constricting.

Now that you have picked the right tops, what kind of hiking pants should you go for?

Fashionable Hiking Pants

A great pair of pants will offer you freedom, durability, and insulation when hiking. There are different types of pants made for different weather and destinations; exercise shorts, quick-dry undies, rain pants, long hiking pants, tights, and leggings.

Exercise In Some Exercise Shorts

If you are thinking of something fashionable and short for hiking, then why not choose exercise shorts? Exercise shorts may not be too stylish, but they are definitely good for outdoor strolls and hikes. However, take note, it shouldn’t be worn when it is snowing or raining. You would risk getting a cold or frostbite. An exercise short is also good when worn under the rain pants as an underlayer.

People Hiking, Hiking Outfits
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Exercise shorts are lightweight and are not baggy. Also, they are best suitable for a short distance hike. Exercise shorts are also awesome for summer hikes. Not to worry about mosquitoes during your summer hikes, for you should have insect repellent with you.

Be Comfy In Quick-Dry Undies

Quick-dry undies are lightweight underwear that dries quickly when wet. These undies will help you stay cool and help you stay without any odor all day. Quick-dry undies also wick moisture. Additionally, they work as well as swimming outfits if you decide to go for a swim while passing amazing rivers and waterfalls during your hiking trip. Since you have no access to a washing machine, just wash your clothes in a basin of water. That’s all it takes for your quick-dry undies to be freshly clean.

Stay Warm & Dry With Rain Pants

Sometimes the kids ask, “what is the essence of rain pants, why can’t I wear my normal spandex hiking pants?” Of course, normal hiking pants are fashionable and comfortable. However, it is better to have rain pants in your backpack. Imagine you are 10 miles deep on a trail and it starts raining, it would not take long before the hem of your pants get wet. Then, when the rainwater soaks through the opening at the top of your boots to your feet, there is a high risk of getting blisters. Rain pants will warm you up and keep you dry. So remember to include rain pants when drawing your hiking gear list!

Stand Tall With Long Hiking Pants

This is the most common type of pants to wear for hiking. They’re just basic pants like joggers or any other pants. It is good to wear long pants especially when you are going to areas where there are a lot of irritating bugs and mosquitos. Most regular hikers and campers tend to prefer a fitted but not too clingy pair of pants made with spandex or polyester.

Tights & Leggings

For most (though mainly women), when they feel like wearing a more casual but cute pair of pants, they like to go for tights or leggings. This is due to how easy it is to move around in. Tights and leggings have been quite fashionable in current years and they are or should be already in your closet. Also, tights and leggings are always cute in every selfie you snap (especially at the peak of that mountain).

Hiking Shoes, Hiking Outfits
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A Popular Question Among Hikers: Do I Need A Pocket In My Hiking Pants?

A lot of people overlook the importance of pockets when buying and choosing a pair of hiking pants. This is especially when going for a hiking session for the first time. Many don’t think it’s necessary to have pockets until they reach the middle of the woods and find they need a pocket for something as small and useful as a phone or compass. Most cute hiking outfits won’t be whole without box-shaped pockets on their pants.

Look Fashionable In Your Cute Hiking Hat

A hiking hat is as necessary as any other outfit accessory you pack in your backpack. No matter the weather condition, hats will definitely protect your head, ears, and neck. During the rainy season, a hat keeps your head warm and dry. Also, hats protect your neck and ears from the strong rays of the sun when it’s bright and sunny.

Picking a hat is largely determined by the weather conditions. But do not fret, for there is a variety of hats to choose from. You can even have more than one hat in your backpack!

Person wearing a hat on top of a mountain
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For sunny days, it is preferable to use a floppy straw hat or a Panama hat. These hiking hats help to protect you from sun rays and also keeps the heat out. This then helps your head to stay dry and comfortable without being sweaty. However, for rainy weather conditions, most waterproof hats will do the trick.

Avoid wearing a baseball hat and related hats because they only cover your head and hair, leaving your ears and the neck exposed. Even though they look cool, sometimes it is better to prioritize functions over form. However, don’t worry, you can still get hats that function well and still look fashionable; many stores have them in abundance.


We all know that sunglasses are great for hot, sunny days. Sunglasses protect our eyes against harmful rays from the sun that can damage our eyes. Sunglasses are hiking essentials, especially for a summer hike. Besides, we know sunglasses and hats are great together, a perfect combo of fashion, function, and form.

Get The Right Fashionable Hiking Boots Or Trail Runners

Choosing the right footwear for your hike will be dependent on factors like weather conditions, terrain, and the distance of your hike. It is important to note that the trail runners or hiking boots must be comfortable, provide good support, and be appropriate for the terrain while you still looking fashionable.

Hiking Boots
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Hiking boots come in low- mid- and high-top versions. It is recommended to wear mid- or high-top hiking boots for long hikes, and energetic hikes. However, if the terrain is rough, ankle-high boots would be preferable. When facing a rainy or muddy terrain or wet weather condition, always make sure your hiking boots are waterproof. In fact, it is best if you ensure all the hiking boots you have are weatherproof.

For less vigorous and shorter trail hikes, trail runners, walking, or even good athletic shoes with appropriate soles would be awesome. Trail runners are a hybrid between a low-top hiking boot and running shoe, good for both urban and trail environments.

Socks + Reminders

Always wear a pair of socks! Cotton, wool, or some type of quick-drying synthetic material as socks will help protect your feet.

Also, never wear shoes or boots with flat soles seen in fashion sneakers for they are not great for hiking. If you are looking to be fashionable and stylish, then go for brands like Keen, Merrell, Salomon, Vasque, and La Sportive. These are brands that have color and fashion interlaced with a practical design. Remember, a hiking gear list is not complete without good fashionable hiking boots or shoes.

So are you getting set for a hike? Then remember to make use of the tips in this article when picking what to wear hiking, so as to keep form. Have fun and stay fashionable!


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