Leicester England: A Guide To The Top Backpacking Attractions

Leicester England
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Leicester, a city in the East Midland region of England, is known for its cultural exhibits, cathedrals, castles, and many more heritage sites. With its history going back to at least two millennia, Leicester England is one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom. The place was initially composed of several villages dating back to 150-300 AD. During that era, the town was under the rule of Rome. Being home to the birthplace of King Richard III, and profound history, the city of Leicester, stands in the heart of England with great importance.

If you’re a tourist in England on a tight backpacker budget, don’t worry because we’ve got you a list of top-notch attractions in Leicester city which are not only pocket-friendly but are also fun-filled and thrill-packed.

Cathedral – Leicester City

Leicester Church
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Leicester Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Martin, serves as the seat of the Bishop of Leicester, England. According to the recorded history, a church dedicated to St Martin has been a part of this place for more than a thousand years. However, with modification through time, the addition of well-built spire and further restorations throughout these years, the Leicester Cathedral now stands tall in the heart of Leicester city.

The cathedral also contains the remains of King Richard III. Also, it has a statue that was built in his honor in July 2014. The cathedral interior now includes a newly built tomb, remains, and various more pleasing sights. If you’re interested in the history, cultural richness, preserved heritage, and architecture, the Leicester Cathedral of Saint Martin is a must-visit. It’ll definitely satisfy your dignified thirst.

New Walk Museum – Leicester UK

Leicester England
Image by Karen Roe on flickr

This exquisite piece of architecture was built in 1849, and it still stands as one of the most informative sites in Leicester UK. The museum is home to profound art and natural history. In terms of arts, there are a few of the featured designers and architects in the museum. These artists are, Ernest Gimson, William De Morgan, and Harry Peach. The museum and its art gallery have various themed sections ranging from Ancient Egypt to the lost world of Dinosaurs.

Featuring a significant collection of extinct species, the museum has two distinctive skeletons of dinosaurs that are permanently on display. Sounds like it’d be a cherry on top and an ideal situation if you’re a paleontologist in Leicester city on a backpacker budget. One of the dinosaur’s skeleton on display is the Cetiosaur found in Rutland, plesiosaur from Barrow upon Soar.

National Space Centre – Leicester England

Museum Air space
Image by Chris Devers on flickr

If you’re interested in an out of this world experience, National Space Centre is your spot. Science journalists, famous science writers, tourists, itinerants, backpackers, and everyone intrigued by space science should visit this place. As one of the most recognizable destinations of the city, the National Space Centre works in collaboration with the University of Leicester.

The museum in the building features tall and upright rockets housed in a tower. Apart from this, the National Space Centre has 6 galleries, one of them features a massive domed planetarium. For people, with or without kids, there’s something to see for each one of you, be it a virtual space tour, planetarium, guided solar system tour, tranquility base, or an orbiting globe illustration. All this and more perfectly fitted under a backpacker budget.

Bradgate Park – Leicestershire

Leicester Park
Image by Phil McIver on flickr

This park stands long in Leicestershire, in Charnwood Forest which is situated in the northwest of Leicester city of England. The park’s scenic views are no less than Eden’s sight, with streams of River Lin flowing within the Bradgate Park. Officially, his 830 acres long countryside park first came into existence 800 years ago.

The fascinating natural and human history of Bradgate Park is illuminated and put forward by various exhibitions; organized by visiting volunteers. For adults and the elderly who may not be into exploring the hilly area of the park, there’s a Visitor Centre that features tea rooms.

This lower area of the park is easily accessible, suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Lastly, the area around the River Lin is ideal for picnics. It offers beautiful landscapes with random deer wandering and exotic plants all around.

Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower – Leicester City

Clock tower England
Imaghe by Alex Liivet on flickr

Being one of the most famous landmarks of the Leicester city, Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower is located inside the ring-road. The location of this landmark is ideal and holds significant importance. Also,it is the point where five major streets meet; Gallowtree, Humberstone, East, and Church Gates along with Haymarket.

The clock tower now stands tall in the middle of the location. It was constructed in 1868 with Ketton stone and Mountsorrel granite. The Haymarket Clock Tower is referred to as a Memorial. It features four statues of four people of notable importance to Leicester.

The names of these four people are Simon De Montfort, Thomas White, William Wyggeston and Gabriel Newton. Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower should be a part of your tour since it’s a famous landmark with quick sightseeing.

Abbey Park – Leicester UK

Imahe by Marcus Rahm on flickr

Greeting the bank of the River Soar in the north of Leicester City is this beautiful green space – Abbey Park. You can come here to relax and enjoy the stunning riverside scenic views, silence and serenity. Right in the middle of the Abbey Park, lies a calm lake. This lake also offers boat rental services of rowing and pedalo boats. The park also features a railway track that is most active on the weekends or during special events.

Culturally intrigued and heritage lovers can enjoy a long walk around the remains of 12th century Leicester Abbey. Here, they can also explore the ruins of a 17th-century mansion. If you’re a pet lover, there’s an area specially dedicated to domesticated pets with a small variety of animals. The artists, cinematographers, photographers, and travelers can take full advantage of the greenery and beautiful landscapes of the park.

Beacon Hill, Leicestershire

Leicester England
Image by Jim Champion on flickr

Beacon Hill is a country park situated in Leicestershire, England. The place is one of the several beacon hills in the United Kingdom. This long and scenic landscape is spread over an area of 330 acres. Moreover, the park features several chainsaw carvings, displayed along all the main routes throughout the park.

Some of the famous structures in the park are axeman, green man and wizard at the edge of the woods. In other words, if you have children with you, they’re going to have a pretty darn good day.

Making an enchanting experience for all the visitors, there’s a Rhododendron Labyrinth, a circular wooden boardwalk. In addition to the natural play area consisting of slides, log train, and a hazle maze, there are activity areas for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Also, some other attractions in the park are food and drink cafes. There are also 8000 trees of ornamental varieties and children’s play area.

Outwoods, Leicestershire

Outwoods England
Image b y Phil McIver on flickr

This ancient wood and visitor attraction overlooks the Soar Valley and Loughborough and is spread over an area of 100 acres. This place is home to rare outcrops, a couple of species of woodland plants and occasional wildlife. The park also has a 24-hour car park station along with multiple routes and paths. Additionally, it has numerous bird feeding spots as well.

The Outwoods Management Committee manages the park. Also, it was a gift from two local benefactors, Allan Moss and George H Bowler. If you’re on a tight backpacker budget, you should use public service to reach the place. This is because of their car parking service charges. Also, for the pet owners, the management is welcoming, but only if there’s no littering. The managing committee also has a setting to arrange well-organized parties and events at Outwoods.

Swithland Wood and The Brand

Swiftland England
Image by Peter Batty on flickr

This public woodland is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is situated in the south of Woodhouse Eaves in Leicestershire, city of England. This ancient, semi-natural woodland was once cleared of trees and used for growing crops. This site now includes some of the top remaining examples of oak-lime and alder-woodland in Leicestershire.

If you’re a cyclist or a horse-riding enthusiast, the site is also home to several bridleways for horse-riding and has marked cycle routes. You may be able to access the park during the daylight hours. However, it’s only via car parks on Roecliff and Swithland roads. However, you may also be able to access this location via a footpath near the entrance of Bradgate Park. The 217 acres site is a hidden, yet interested gem situated in Leicestershire.

Guildhall – Leicester, England

Guildhall Leicaster
Image by Tangqiu on flickr

Last and definitely not the least in our top 10 attractions is the timber-framed building. It was once the town hall for the city. This historical site was used for many purposes including feasts, for theatrical performances and as a courtroom. The Hall is situated within walking distance from the Leicester Cathedral. It lies on the street that’s now known as the Guildhall street. It also reported that William Shakespeare also did appear here in the 16th century.


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