Sheffield England: Be Amazed By 10 Greatest Attractions

Sheffield England
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Ready for your backpacking trip to Sheffield England? This city in England was previously known for its stainless steel cutlery. The city has since metamorphosed to one of the largest cities in England that houses galleries, theatres, and museums. Giving variety to England tourism.

Tour The Millennium Gallery 

If there is one tour that backpackers can afford to leave out of their itinerary, is the Millennium Gallery Tour. Millennium is the leading Gallery in Sheffield and is located at the center of the city. Access to the gallery is free for visitors. The gallery can be accessed through various modes of transport. There is a train, a bus, a coach and lots of parking across the city.

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Millennium Gallery is host to both temporary and permanent exhibitions throughout the year. Its permanent exhibitions include unique collections of metalwork, artifacts, and Ruskin. It plays host to fashion, designs and craft exhibitions all year round.

It hosts about 800,000 visitors from around the world annually. It’s a beautiful gallery designed with glass and concrete exterior. The interior receives natural light and partitioned for visitors to access four exhibition spaces.

Tour The Peveril Castle 

The ruins of Peveril Castle stand majestically above the beautiful village of Castleton at the center of Derbyshire. This castle is one of England’s oldest Norman forts. The citadel was built in the 10th century and was named after William Peveril who was the bailiff of the Peak after they conquered Norman in 1066.

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You can explore the remains of this Sheffield England castle by climbing to the top and enjoy spectacular views of the Hope Valley. Inside the castle, you will see the ancient lavatory. The history of the area shows the Peveril as the administrative place since the 11th century. Inside it too you will see what looks like traces of kitchens and a hall. There are tour guides available at a cost. The tour will take you through stunning views of the Peak District. There is also a range of items that you can purchase as souvenirs at the shop. At the visitors’ center, you will also get to experience interactive displays of what the castle has to offer.

Go Through Time In History At Eyam Hall

The Eyam Hall was constructed in 1672 designed as a Jacobean Manor House. Each generation has carefully preserved the artifacts found here. Rich in history you will enjoy much of Hall’s vast area where you can explore the village too with captivating tales. This beautiful mansion has been in existence for 350 years.

In Sheffield England, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal and also find shops where you can browse and buy souvenirs. The shops around here comprise of a buttery, wine, bookshop and another that sells clocks. The courtyard comprises of old farm buildings that are next to the hall. 

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The tour of the Hall takes about 3 hours where you will experience and learn about the beautiful history of the Wright family. At the same time while touring you will be served with pies and a glass of wine. This is a great tour to see how a family has preserved its history for the last 350 years.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

These beautiful Botanical Gardens in Sheffield England were developed in the 19th century after a consultation between residents of Sheffield at the time. The gardens were built as a way of increasing open spaces and facilities that encouraged healthy recreation. The gardens are close to the city center and it covers 19 acres of land. The grounds host a great collection of plants from all over the world and give you a superb backdrop of the lawns, trees and the broad walkway.

Botanical Gardens
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The grounds host 18 different lawns and they are all arranged in themes according to plant and geography themes. There is plenty of interest for any visitor coming to the gardens throughout the year. From the bear pit that is tucked away between the Himalayan and Mediterranean gardens and a well-maintained fossil of a tree that is found at the Evolution garden. Other gardens to explore include the Victorian rose garden and prairie area. Entry to these enchanting gardens is free.

Kelham Island Museum 

Sheffield England was originally an industrial city. To get a feel of this ancient part of the city visit the Kelham Island Museum. It is a museum situated on a manmade island that is over 900 years old. The museum boasts of objects, photographs and a collection of materials that represent Sheffield’s manufacturing history.

Bessemer england
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The museum has interactive walkways that give a story from skilled workmanship to trading and how it felt to live in Sheffield during the Industrial Revolution.

What’s amazing about this museum is that it gives extensive information about the development and eventual deterioration of steel manufacturing in Sheffield England. The showcase is also very interactive giving you an idea of how the lives of the workers and engineers used to be at the time.

Tour The Chatsworth House 

This is a well-known historic house that belongs to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and it has been in the family for 16 generations. The home is well known for the quality landscape and art it contains. 

It has slowly evolved through the years to show the tastes and passions of the families that have lived through it. Also, a tour through the home will take you to a viewing experience of art that goes as far back as 4,000 years ago. The home has about thirty rooms for visitors to explore.

Take A Backpacking Adventure To The Zoo

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The Tropical Butterfly House is a zoo that hosts wild animals from all over the world. The well-organized animal park has a timetable that you receive when you arrive. It covers what will be happening where and when while on tour.

Around the Sheffield England zoo, you will come across the event schedule. During the tour, you will also learn a lot from the keepers and presenters who take care of the animals. Additionally, it is free to attend the shows.  The zoo charges membership fees, depending on the kind of experience you want to have. 

Take A Walk To Endcliffe Park Sheffield

This is an attractive park found in the south-west of Sheffield City. It has two main entrances one at Rustlings Road and another just off Hunters Bar. There is plenty of parking available for visitors.

Endcliffe Park Sheffield
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The park has plenty of opportunities to just sit and relax and there are food vendors available. The park is always busy with events. There are also plenty of opportunities to play games such as football as the park has plenty of space available. You can also take a walk by the side of the river.

Endcliffe is also popular with runners and cyclists. If you are in to any of these fitness activities then you will enjoy your time here. This is a lovely green space that’s worth a visit if you are looking to relax, have a picnic and use the huge space to play some games. The park was opened in 1887 in honor of Queen Victoria.

Visit the Moor Market Sheffield

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The Moor Market in Sheffield England is considered as one of the premier enclosed markets in Sheffield. It hosts well over 90 traders and is loved by visitors and well known as a place for food lovers. Your tour here will be a great way to experience different culinary. You have the option of buying fresh organic food or experience world food flavors from the vendors.

Also, you can get to have a taste food from Italy, China, Africa, India, France, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean Island. In addition to the food store, you will also get to experience shops that sell handcrafted items that you can take with you as gifts or for personal use. From shoes, clothes, and jewelry, the stores have a wide selection of items to choose from. 

The Moor tour will take you to an interesting experience full of delicious flavors and exquisite items for sale. The market opens from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Peak District National Park 

National Park England
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The Peak District National Park is a place that is full of activities for you if you love being active, there is a variety of activities which you can do from cycling, camping, trail walking to horse riding. There is also an opportunity for you to visit four visitor centers – Bakewell, Castleton, Derwent, and Edale each unique in its way showcasing why Peak District is one of the most popular parks to visit in the UK. 

The park also has four different trails-High Peak Trail, Monsal Trail, Thornhill Trail, and Tissington Trail. These trails used to be railway lines in which the authority took over and converted them to walking trails. These trails also provide a beautiful view of the countryside. The trails are 34 miles.

Sheffield England brings to visitors a unique experience of history, retail, and adventure and also outdoors with wonderful flavors which include tastes, sights, and sounds. There is so much to explore that your itinerary will need to cover at least three to four days to extensively explore the city and its attractions. There is something for every backpacker in all the cities of England


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