The Best Winter Hiking Boots For Women

Winter Hiking Boots
Image by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash

It’s hiking time! Are you ready for your upcoming hiking adventure over the winter season? No doubt you want to spend your money on warm winter boots that will offer you the right value for your money. In this post, we share the best women winter hiking boots in the market. We have taken into consideration issues such as comfort and what kind of activity they are suitable for.

Winter Hiking Boots
Image by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boots 

If you are looking for a lightweight and elegant women’s winter hiking boots then you have Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Hiking Boots as a great option. These boots are most suitable for day hikes during the cool weather months. They are waterproof and are very comfortable. They also provide great support. In addition, they grip your foot, preventing you from sliding down when climbing hilly terrains.

These boots are also waterproof. So, if your hike involves going past streams of water or maybe encountering rainfall, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet. They are also chic and come in various colors. Each pair’s color presents a contrasting stylish color combination. They also contain cushioning inside, providing you with extra comfort. These boots will meet your expectations when it comes to providing comfort as they are waterproof and lightweight.

They have a standard foot width size. Most users online have, however, complained of the boots not being waterproof as it claims. These boots may not tick all the boxes of an effective winter boot, but they are, however, best for casual day hikes even during the winter season.

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Winter Hiking Boots
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Get them here: Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot

XPETI Women’s Outdoor Hiking Boots 

If you are looking for winter hiking boots, then these are the go-to boots. They are made of both fabric and synthetic material and have a rubber sole. The upper features of these snow boots are made to provide a waterproof lining for your feet and keep you warm as you walk through snow and mud. They are ideally suitable for snow hikes.

Your feet are secured by the waterproof rubber toe cap on the topmost part, and the midsole equally offers you enhanced protection and comfort. The XPETI Women’s Outdoor Hiking Boots are extremely stable and durable for the steep climbs. They are warm and water-resistant, and the boot itself effectively supports the ankles.

They are also breathable, which keeps sweat and moisture away. The in-soles are easily removable, which makes them easy to maintain and clean. Some users have found the boots to be bulky. Well, this comes with the territory, considering that the boots are waterproof and specifically meant for hiking in the snow.

This boot fit is also smaller than your standard winter hiking boots. Therefore, while fitting, it is best to get one size bigger. Keep in mind that you may also wear extra thick hiking socks to provide warmth and comfort. To effectively maintain the boots, avoid exposure to sunlight. When cleaning, let them dry for at least 20 minutes outdoors and then continue to dry them indoors for the remainder of the time.

XPETI Women's Dimo Mid Waterproof Hiking Outdoor Boot
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Get them here: XPETI Women’s Dimo Mid Waterproof Hiking Outdoor Boot

HI-TEC Women’s V-lite Wild-fire Mid I Waterproof Hiking Boot

These winter hiking boots are made of leather and after a few years, they get adjusted to your foot size. They are long-lasting. They have both breathable and waterproof material. Your feet will be comfortable and not crunched at the top with this pair of boots.

These boots have an ankle brace to provide extra support for your ankles. They are suitable for all hiking seasons. Being lightweight makes them a go-to multi-purpose hiking boots. Also, it is advisable not to wash these boots with detergent. This is because detergent breaks the stitching and bonding material used to put together the boots.

While cleaning, insert paper inside the boots to maintain their shape. Allow them to slowly dry in room temperature as direct heat will destroy the upper sole. The inner sole and boot lining are easy to maintain as they are made of breathable fabric. When you sweat or you come into contact with water, the moisture is absorbed and that makes the drying quick. The boot insole can be removed and replaced with another. This makes it easy to maintain. When going hiking, you can even pack extra insoles.

HI-TEC Women's V-lite Wild-fire Mid I Waterproof Winter Hiking Boots
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Get them here: HI-TEC Women’s V-lite Wild-fire Mid I Waterproof Hiking Boot

Camel Women’s Winter Boots

The most distinctive feature of these hiking boots is that they are waterproof. Whether you are walking in the snow or rain, you can rest assured that your feet will be kept warm and dry. They have a middle-top design that gives your ankles extra support. The pointed toe at the front gives the boots an extra feminine look. The sole provides an excellent grip that protects you from sliding through slippery mud and snow. The outer material is made in such a way that is extra dirt resistant, which makes it easy to clean. The umbrella fabric make the boots keep you warm throughout the cold season. You can wear the boots up or style them down depending on the occasion.

Some users have complained of the inner fur coming off. The fur provides extra warmth and insulation to your feet. The lace is a feature that make the boots multi-purpose in that you can wear them as you can fold them or wear them high. However, some users found it difficult to lace them up. As you purchase this, you may want to explore by trying on the alternative ways you can wear them. Their synthetic fiber shows wear and tear much sooner.

CAMEL Women's Winter Boots Thermal Snow Outdoor Mid Calf Boot Waterproof Rain Booties with Warm Fur | Winter Hiking Boots
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Get them here: CAMEL Women’s Winter Boots Thermal Snow Outdoor Mid Calf Boot Waterproof Rain Booties with Warm Fur

Timberland Women’s Winter Hiking Boot

These are another great pair of winter hiking boots made of leather. They have a rubber sole with a shaft that measures approximately at the mid of your calf. The upper sole is made of waterproof leather. The extra lining and the insole offer you comfort. However, the full leather sole makes it a heavyweight kind of boots. If you have a wide foot, you may want to consider buying a size bigger to avoid returning the shoe if you are purchasing it online.

Additionally, to maintain the quality of your boots, it is advisable to buy the Timberland cleaning kit. The company offers a variety of water-based cleaners. Using the recommended cleaners helps maintain the shoe quality and removes stubborn stains. A distinctive feature found on these boots is the anti-odor footbed. This provides you with breathability, moisture resistant, and a comfortable footbed.

Timberland 6" Courmayeur Valley Shearling Waterproof Winter Hiking Boots
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Get them here: Timberland 6″ Courmayeur Valley Shearling Waterproof Boot

KEEN Women’s Revel III Cold Weather Hiking Boots

These boots are made of leather and synthetic inner material. The leather material is one that is suitable for long backpacking trailing. The soles are made of rubber. They have a waterproof upper sole with a dry breathable waterproof membrane. If you have wide feet then these are your go-to boots. The fit provides an extra fitting for ladies with wide feet. They have an elegant ladylike design. When planning your purchase, keep in mind that the bigger shoe sizes cost a little bit more. Also, if purchasing online, consider ordering your foot size instead of going for a size bigger.

Much to everyone’s delight, they also come in different colors! The boots are known for their superior quality and longevity. Some users have had these boots for up to 10 years. So, if you are looking for a durable and long-lasting pair of boots, then you have them in this brand.

KEEN Women's Revel III Cold Weather Winter Hiking Boots
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Get them here: KEEN Women’s Revel III Cold Weather Hiking Boot

In Summary

When getting the best winter boots in the market, you have to consider some factors like comfort, durability, price, and warmth, especially for the winter season. Personal preference and functionality are other factors to consider. These varieties also come in different types of fitting. For instance, you may find that some brands have a wider fitting while others have a slender fitting. 

When it comes to price, it all depends on the type of brand, its quality, and its popularity. One of the ways to get the best bargains is to shop online and also during seasonal sales in brick and mortar stores. One way of getting a bargain is to go to a physical shop, then try on the boots. Once you get your perfect fit, you can go online and shop for that same pair at a bargain.

For any winter hiking boot, it is important to think about the wear and tear that comes with hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing in snow. You should also be practical when thinking about the functionality of the boot. If you are going on a day hike, for instance, you may want to consider a lightweight pair.

Being in a winter season, the best kind of pair to get yourself is a water-resistant pair of warm winter boots that will cover you from the rain and snow. When checking out materials and fabrics while purchasing, think about water-resistant features. Your boots should also be breathable to absorb the sweat and moisture during your hiking adventure. And finally, and most importantly, think of comfort. Comfort comes first, as without comfort, you will not enjoy and have a memorable adventure.


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