Top 10 Places To Visit While In Coventry England

Coventry Cathedral at Night
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Coventry was one of the most important cities in medieval times because of its trade in cloth and textiles. It’s also the 12th largest city in the United Kingdom. This city in Central England is famous for its outstanding tourist attractions and spires. On top of it is the Cathedral of Coventry England which was left in ruins after the Coventry Blitz. Coventry now has 26 twin towns and cities. It is home to some of the most illuminating museums, art centers, and medieval architecture.

So, if you’re a backpacker in Coventry, England, get ready because we have a list of the top 10 places for you to visit while you’re in Coventry City.


1. Cathedral – Coventry City


The St. Michael’s Cathedral in Coventry City, also known as Coventry Cathedral, features war-damaged ruins and a modern edifice. Undoubtedly, this medieval space sits tall in the heart of Coventry. It conveys the tales of England’s history while combining the bygones with the present. The cathedral comprises of two parts: the ruins and the modern edifice. Conceptually, it came into existence on the very next day of the WWII attacks.

The ruins feature the old St. Michael’s Cathedral, which was bombed during WWII. Remains of this medieval church consist of the spire, outer wall, tomb of the first bishop, and the tower. They are then left untouched to serve as pieces of remembrance. The newly built cathedral and infrastructural monument, also known as St. Michael, had its seeds planted on the very next day of the bombings. It now stands side by side with the old ruins.

Coventry Cathedral at Night
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2. Coventry Transport Museum


This city of England has not only been the hub of the British car industry, but it’s also the birthplace of the bicycle. The Coventry Transport Museum features large exhibits on transportation history. Additionally, it houses the world’s most extensive collection of road transport held in the ownership of the public of Britain. 

The Coventry Transport Museum does not only attract transport enthusiasts but also lures in storytellers, itinerant backpackers, artists, and historians from all over the world. Their exquisite collection consists of automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, and commercial vehicles. You should also note that most of the exhibits at the Coventry Transport Museum exist due to the courtesy of individual donors.

The museum continues to work toward creating a unique and secure transport heritage. Locals and enthusiasts throughout the country contribute towards the cause either by donations or volunteering their time.

Coventry Transport Museum
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3. War Memorial Park – Coventry United Kingdom


Unlike the Coventry Cathedral, this war memorial landscape came into existence in honor of the 2,587 Coventrians who died in the WWI. This 48.5-hectare park in the southern Coventry city attracts about 500,000 visitors from all over the world annually. If you’re into aesthetic pleasure, the jaw-dropping and pulsating landscapes, beautiful golden-hours, and multi-themed sunsets are some of its unique offerings.

Travelers, backpackers, local visitors, and historians visit the War Memorial Park in Coventry to study about the fascinating history of the place. Commemorative plaques, Green Flag awards, educational opportunities, outdoor fitness trail, Water Park, BBQ gatherings, cultural and memorial events, jogging tracks and leisure are some of the notable attractions offered by this place.

The government opened this premiere park in July 1921. Now, it’s a top tourist spot of Coventry, England that you should not miss.

War Memorial Park
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4. Coventry Music Museum


This great little museum depicts the history of the music scene in Coventry. Inside are the notable alumni of the local music industry. Also, the American singer-songwriter Chuck Barry’s number one hit “My ding-a-ling” having Conventrian roots is also featured at this place. The museum’s culture commemorates the music of many artists to come out of Coventry and Warwickshire. 

The Coventry Music Museum (CMM) is an award-winning, permanently-independent museum. Truly, this makes an ideal place to visit if you’re a music enthusiast on tour. The Beat and Madness, The Selecter, The Specials, Hazle O’Conner, Delia Derbyshire, and Panjabi MC are some of the showcased artists. 

Lastly, inside the museum, there’s an interactive studio room and a mock record shop booth. That should be enough to inject butterfly puffs in your stomach if you’re a musician, a producer, or even just a music enthusiast. 

Coventry Music Museum
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5. Canal Basin – Coventry City


To truly explore various branches of England tourism, Coventry Canal Basin should ideally be a part of your lineup. Previously known as Bishop Street Basin, the place is now fully restored. Moreover, it operates as a relaxing spot by the canal for the visitors and residents.

This cozy spot in the heart of Coventry features shops, a boat rental, small-scope businesses, and cafes surrounded by canal-complimenting architecture. If you’re tired and looking for a place to relax, this place is the place to be. It is surrounded by welcoming locals, food, and home-like atmosphere.

On your way to this charming waterfront area with boats, enlighten yourself with famous bronze art statues, live music, art events, and throbbing street culture of the inner Coventry.

Canal Basin
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6. Arbury Hall – Coventry, England


Arbury Hall is a private estate in a former monastery, situated at a 16-minute bus ride from Coventry, City of England. The Arbury Hall is spread over an area of 300 acres. It also features a robust gothic-revival style architecture. This grade I country house in Warwickshire, England is an ancestral home of the Fitzroy-Newdegate families.

Besides becoming an active part of documentaries and movie shoots, the countryside surrounding of the Arbury Hall is an events-centered venue hires and lettings area. The breathtaking landscapes and gardens inside the property are only the cherry on top. 

Whether you’re an architect, a historian, someone looking for a venue for a small ceremony or even a regular traveler, the Arbury Hall, in all its glory, with its awe-inspiring architecture, could be a part of your bucket list while in Coventry City. 

Arbury Hall
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7. Kenilworth Castle


If you’re about to visit Coventry for the first time, you should book yourself a tour at this magnificent castle. Kenilworth Castle bears witness to pivotal events in Tudor and English medieval history. This castle has been a historic destination of great importance since the six-month-long Siege of Kenilworth took place. 

Parliamentarians, to stop the castle from being reused again, terminated its modification in 1649. Earlier, during the 1570s, Queen Elizabeth I was also received at Kenilworth. 

The ruins have alluring architecture, and they’re thrilling to look at. If you decide to visit Kenilworth Castle, and you should, you’ll need at least a day to completely capture the beauty of this place. Furthermore, there’s an 18-meter high tower built for Queen Elizabeth. There’s also a cultured Elizabeth garden, interactive exhibitions, and Tudor stables. 

Kenilworth Castle
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8. Herbert Art Gallery & Museum


Do you like indulging yourself in arts, different cultures, and history? If that’s the case, then this would be an ideal destination for you. More than 300,000 visitors, historians, enthusiasts, and artists turn to the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum annually. The visitors come from Coventry and all over the UK. You can visit this place to enjoy the building’s fascinating and unique architecture. You can also investigate the natural world, modern arts, cultural diversity, and history.

Herbert includes opportunities to explore Coventry’s rich history with tours of Old Grammar School and Medieval Undersoft. The art gallery comprises of sections on Visual Arts, Social and Industrial History, and Archaeology and Natural History. The museum has something for every visitor. It’s located at a walking distance from Coventry Cathedral, right in the cultural hub of the city.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
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9. The Establishment Bar & Grill 


If you’re feeling ravenous, there’s the Establishment Bar & Grill. It’s a unique bar, set in the old County Hall. Also, it’s just a few steps away from the Herbert Art Gallery. This exquisite bar dated back to 1783. It used to be Coventry’s central court. The County Hall stayed empty for decades before reopening as a bar and restaurant in May 2012.

Features from the old courtroom have been beautifully restored in this bar. Some of them include the judge’s seat, the crown crest, viewing gallery, and the dock. Also, the chances are, that table spot you’re going to get for yourself was probably a prison cell a couple of decades ago. Nevertheless, we assure you that the food tastes 100 times better now.

The ambiance of this old building and its distinctive offerings coupled with great food and appetizing smell makes it one of the most quirky restaurants of Coventry. 

The Establishment Bar and Grill
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10. Belgrade Theatre


After the WWII, Belgrade was the first civic theatre built in Britain. It served as an immense source of entertainment and leisure. Being a city rich in imagination and diversity, the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry offers an exciting range of high quality shows for all ages and tastes. Also, it now operates as one of the largest regional producing theatres in the UK.

Belgrade has a long history of producing innovative new dramas. Not only that, but also depicting the cultural and historical complexity of the city, which makes it just the right place to visit if you’re a traveler. Moving people from the tops of their head to the tips of their toes, if you’re greedy for life and greedy for love, visit Belgrade while the night is young.

Belgrade Theatre
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