Top Adventurous Backpacking Trips Around The World

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The world is literally within your reach if you explore it backpacking style. Backpacking trips don’t break the bank and you will definitely have an amazing time if you have an idea of the destination you are headed to. Instead of opting for organized tours, a backpacker always prefers traveling based on his or her own budget and itinerary. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking adventures, relaxing idyllic views, authentic and tasty cuisine or you just want to soak up the culture of new places and people, these places come highly recommended.


Philippines Beaches
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With over 7,000 islands to explore, the Philippines has plenty to offer. You may think that backpacking and traveling across islands may be expensive and a hassle. However, that is actually part of the fun and charm of the country. The diversity of the country makes for a memorable trip. When you’re there, don’t miss out on the pristine beaches and gorgeous landscapes of Palawan; party the night away in the white sand beaches of Boracay; enjoy the hip urban jungle that is Cebu City; marvel at the natural landscapes of Bohol; you have countless options that one trip to the country won’t be enough.

This country also boasts of some of the most amazingly breathtaking sunsets in the world. You can avail of cheap but satisfying tours at each destination as tourism in the country is booming and the locals are as friendly and hospitable as they come.


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Thailand is filled with culture and history which is precisely one of the reasons that backpackers flock to this destination. Their Buddhist lifestyle is something you should soak up on by visiting their temples. Backpacking through Thailand will not cost you over 30$ a day which is very cheap as this includes food and lodging with a couple of extra bucks to spare. Bangkok is always a sight to see with all the hustle and bustle about.

If you want to experience the less touristy locations, head towards the northern regions where the tropics are abundant. Try scuba diving in Koh Tao at a very reasonable rate. If you are looking to relax on a beach, opt for the less crowded Koh Lanta Island. Of course, local cuisine is not something to be missed out on, from affordable street food to fine dining featuring Thailand’s signature dishes, your palate is in for a ride. Traveling to Thailand should absolutely be on your backpacking bucket list.


Image by Antonio Doumas from Pixabay

Morocco is literally and figuratively a very colorful country. The sights are always aesthetically pleasing and the scents are always interesting and awakening. The village of Essaouria offers a less hectic and more relaxed market feel that you shouldn’t miss. The mountain town of Chefchaouen offers Instagram worthy destinations as their blue streets and pathways make for a perfect photo op.

Do not forget to experience the abundant sand dunes all around. Backpackers are just recently discovering the charms of this country and it offers something different from the usual nature and beach escapades. This destination is backpacker-friendly as traveling will not cost you not more than 50$ a day.


Image by gustavo9917 from Pixabay

Do not be taken aback by its dangerous and morbid history. Beaches, nature, art, culture and beautiful people aplenty, that’s Colombia. Relax in Playa Blanca for that chill Caribbean Island vibe. For adventure seekers, plan a tiring but absolutely fulfilling trek through the Lost City. Every hour is happy hour in El Poblado, Medellin. Of course, a trip to Colombia won’t be complete without visiting its capital city of Bogota which offers the best and cheapest accommodations and eateries perfect for the backpacker budget. Walking tours through the streets of Colombia will always leave you in awe of the country’s beauty and culture.


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Vietnam is a backpacker’s food haven. The food is always a delight even at very low prices. Backpacking trips to Vietnam will not be complete without visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An. Also, don’t forget to drop by Hanoi which is much busier but still with amazing sights to see and activities to experience. You can also experience their culture firsthand when you visit Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Many backpackers say the best way to travel the country is by renting a motorbike and pretty much going wherever you please. This is much cheaper than going on tours and you have much more control over your time and itinerary. If you don’t know how to drive a motorbike, no worries, bus trips are the next best and cheapest option.

New Zealand

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New Zealand has a lot to offer to the adrenaline junkie backpacker. From bungee-jumping or hang-gliding in Hobbiton to white water rafting, there is always something to get your blood pumping in New Zealand. Queenstown offers breathtaking and amazing views and hiking spots. Although backpacking trips through New Zealand may not be as affordable as some of the places mentioned above, you can still find a way to fit your tours into a budget. The best way to travel through and around the country is via backpacker buses which are reasonably affordable and fun. But expenses aside, travelling to New Zealand should always be an option.


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Another pleasantly affordable backpacking destination, India boasts of lively streets, diverse locations, and flavorsome authentic food. Of course, a visit to the Taj Mahal is a must, just to awe at its grandeur and beauty. Quickly becoming famous for its backpacking appeal, the state of Goa should be the primary target when traveling to India.

Although the journey there is no easy feat, the destination itself will make it worth your while. The beaches alone are some of the best and diverse in the world, from laidback vibes to party feels, the 60-mile stretch of tropical beaches has it all.

Image by Jason Chung on flickr

India is also one of the best places to indulge in savory and palatable dishes. Known for their spice-filled and robustly-flavored cuisines, you can have a literal taste of India at very affordable prices. Some recommended places to visit are Pushkar and Kerala where you can see a vast display of Indian culture and heritage. If you have the patience to explore busy streets filled with harried and sweaty locals, please do visit India. It may be intimidating but you definitely will not regret it.


Nepal Backpacking Trips
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Nepal is a backpacker’s dream. Possessing some of the best peaks and trails the world has to offer, it is the best refuge for the nature-loving backpacker. The majestic mountain landscapes and picturesque fertile plains are a spectacle, and the temples and ruins are a sight to behold. The Himalaya Peaks are something to conquer, hiking and camping, going back to basics without electricity and the internet.

Kathmandu Valley shouldn’t be missed as it has well over a hundred monuments and temples to explore being a well-known world heritage site. Accommodations are cheap and plentiful and the people are warm and welcoming. This alone should make Nepal worth traveling to.


Indonesia Backpacking Trips
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Although Bali has become a mainstream tourist destination, there are still some backpacker-friendly destinations in Indonesia. Lombok has become the go-to destination for backpackers visiting Indonesia, not only is it far from the touristy crowd, but it offers a lot of things to do such as trekking through Gunung Rinjani. For beach lovers, you can have island hopping trips where you can see some of the cleanest and bluest waters in the world. The food is also amazing and surprisingly affordable, considering how tourists have flocked to Indonesia.


Peru Mountain Backpacking Trips
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The diversity offered by Peru is very appealing which is why many backpackers have put it into their “to-go-to” destinations. Hiking the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu has got to be one of the most fulfilling treks you will ever make. The beauty and magnificence of Machu Picchu deserve its place as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a sight that you will never forget.

Also, another to-see natural wonder is the Cordillera Blanca in Ancash; the 2nd highest mountain range in the world. For a rush of adrenaline, you can try sandboarding or go dune buggy riding in the desert oasis Huacachina. As traveling goes, you would also want a place to relax in and just unwind, in Peru, you can go to the beach town of Mancora. And to immerse yourself in their culture, visit the capital of Lima and meet the lovely locals.

Peru Backpacking Trips
Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

The list is a long and difficult one to make, and these are just a few recommendations for your next backpacking trips. Each destination offers something for every type of backpacker which makes each and every one of them worthy destinations. Any backpacker would be lucky to have visited all of the above-mentioned places, so if you haven’t still, please mark these countries as your next destination.

Backpacking and traveling should always be memorable and exciting, with every place adding to your culture and experience. The advantage of being a backpacker when visiting these places is that you get to experience the culture firsthand and see the places that not many tourists would think of going to. So, don’t hesitate, pack up that backpack and go explore.


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