Winter Camping Gear: Gear Up For A Winter Adventure

Winter Tent - Winter Camping Gear
Image by Wilson Ye on Unsplash

Winter camping gear is needed when you decide to take on an adventure during the cold season. The campgrounds during winter can be formidable and tricky at the same time. This is why your camping supply list should include, at least, all the must-haves for cold weather camping. Here are the basic items every backpacker and camper will need during the winter season. After you cover the basics on your winter camping gear list, you can be sure you will enjoy your time in nature; be it a trip by yourself or with friends and family.

Winter Tent

Winter Tent - Winter Camping Gear
Image by Wilson Ye on Unsplash

The winter tent is the first and most important item on campgrounds for your camping gear list. There are different types of winter tents, but, lucky for you, there are specially designed ones for cold weather camping. Such a tent will be a little heavier than a summer one, but it will also protect you from winds and snowstorms. It is designed specifically to keep snow away and not let it settle on your winter tent. It will also keep the temperature way higher inside, so you don’t have to worry about freezing.

If you have been camping during the summer so far and this is your first time on campgrounds during the cold weather season, make sure you invest in a proper winter tent. With the new technology available and various types of materials, chances are, you will definitely find one that doesn’t exceed your budget.

Sleeping Pad For Cold Weather Camping 

Even if you need a sleeping pad on campgrounds in the summer too, like the winter tent, there are options available for cold weather camping as well. This type of sleeping pad is manufactured to keep you warm in such a way that your body can keep its temperature at optimal levels without extra effort. This also means that if you think a basic pad will do the trick, you might have to reconsider. If you are not sure about which one to buy, get in touch with a representative from the store where you are looking to purchase one.

The sleeping pad on your camping supply list can come in different colors, materials, and can benefit from different levels of technology used to make it. After you decide on one, chances are, you can pick its style for a variety of options. The winter camping gear must be useful and safe first, but it can also be stylish if you are looking for that too.

Nightlight & Flashlight for Camping
Image by Paxson Woelber on Unsplash

Sleeping Bag As A Survival Gear 

Your sleeping bag for cold weather camping is right there on the top 3 most important items on any camping gear list. You can have the best winter tent and the best sleeping pad, but if you don’t sleep in a good sleeping bag, everything else will fail. When you’re choosing your sleeping bag for your camping supply list, there are the top 5 features you should look for. These items are the feet box, the draft color, material or fabric, size, and weight. 

All in all, the most basic goal of a sleeping bag for cold weather camping is that it needs to keep the warmth inside and not let the cold air circulate, mostly to keep it outside from your sleeping bag. Also, keep in mind that by having a good sleeping bag, you impact your sleep quality and health. So, make sure to choose a proper one. Ideally, one that will last a long time. You do not need to invest in this item every time. Just buy a quality one from the start.

Flashlight & Nightlight For Campgrounds

After you set your tent, during the night you will need some kind of light. And you will have to provide it yourself. In this case, there are two main items you will need: at least one flashlight and one nightlight for the inside of your tent. You will use the flashlight to move around outside your tent. If you want to be as practical as possible, get a head flashlight. It allows your hands to be free to do other things.

The nightlight will be useful to you when you get inside your tent and want to get ready for sleep. It will create a warm atmosphere, almost like being in a small and cozy room. Neither the flashlight or nightlight need special features, except the basic ones. In the case of the nightlight for your tent, make sure it has a hook. All tents now have a specific place where you can hang it. And don’t forget some extra batteries, just in case.

Folding Knife

Folding Knife for Camping
Image by Jimmy Chang on Unsplash

Now that you are all set for the night, it is time to prepare some food or maybe just light a fire for warmth or hang out under the clear sky. No matter the weather, be it cold, warm, breezy, windy, or sunny, every time you go on campgrounds, put a good quality knife on your camping supply list.

Yes, there are the ones that fold and the ones that contain many other features, but if you don’t want to invest in a new item, just bring the best knife you have—one that you can use for food, as well as wood. The idea behind the folding knife is that you can pack it safely and transport it without worry. So, think about what will work best for you regarding the knife you will use.

Snow Shovel For The Wild Campgrounds

Snow Shovel
Image by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Yes, like it or not, you will have to include a snow shovel on your winter camping gear list. You might go on some already prepped campgrounds and that’s fine. But if you’re thinking about an adventure to a wilder place, you will most certainly need one. First, you will need it to make your sleeping area as smooth as possible. Then you can use it in more creative ways. For example, you can build some benches and a table where you can enjoy a meal.

When the cold weather surprises you with a storm, you will have to keep the snow away. Make sure that the grounds where you decided to install your temporary camp won’t become icy. Like any other adventure into the wild, this too will need some preparation in advance and useful gear for unexpected situations.

Mini-Stoves For Food Preparation

Mini Stove - Winter Camping Gear
Image by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

When you go camping, you can always eat out of a can. Foods in cans are very diverse nowadays. This means you won’t have to eat the same meal over and over again when you go camping. The good part about coming prepared to the campgrounds during the cold weather season is that you will enjoy your time better. Of course, you can eat out of cans without any additional work. But think about enjoying a warm meal and maybe having some hot coffee or chocolate.

Think about preparing a meal from scratch outdoors and serving it to your friends and family. Among other things, this will be a wonderful way to do something together, to work as a team and create some lasting memories at the same time. You can always just choose to put the basic needs for such a trip on your list. There is no problem with that. It is just a matter of personal preferences.

Cold Weather Camping: Thermal Underwear & Winter Clothing

Here you are — out in the winter, camping. Now, know that you will enjoy the outdoors more when you feel comfortable. This is the reason the next items on your camping supply list and winter camping gear list are extremely relevant. From head to toe, this is what you will need.

Winter Camping Gear
Image by Thom Holmes on Unsplash
  • Hiking Winter Boots. They should be able to stand the test of low temperatures.
  • Winter Down Jacket. This is the most practical jacket you can get for such an activity.
  • Thermal Underwear. Like skiers who can’t dress with thick layers, you will also move more freely if you use underwear designed for low temperatures.
  • Snow Gloves. When you are in the city, the gloves you use only have to keep you warm, but when you are outdoors and working or playing with snow, you will also need them to protect you from it.
  • Winter Neckcloth. There are so many different types of neck clothes you can use, depending on your jacket and the activity in which you are going to take part.
  • Winter Cap. Look for something that will keep the cold weather and the wind away from your head.

All of these clothing items come in different colors, are made from various materials, and offer different levels of comfort. Before leaving for your trip, check the weather. This way, you can be safe that you’ve packed accordingly and won’t forget anything important. Remember, when you travel to the woods, there are no stores or delivery services out there. Prepare everything in advance and it will make your experience even greater.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit - Winter Camping Gear
Image by Sebastian on Unsplash

Usually, you will need a first aid kit no matter where you travel. In this case, just put the things you will need in case of emergency situations and for cold weather effects on your camping supply list. This should include, but not limited to bandages, gauze roll, antiseptic cream, sterile wipes, anti-inflammatory, and other basic needs medicine.

Survival Gear: Avalanche Transceiver 

Now that you are on the “keeping everyone safe” part of the list, when you go camping during the winter, you will need one more important thing: an avalanche transceiver. In case of such an emergency situation, it will emit a signal for the search teams. Some winter and skiing jackets have something like this incorporated. If your gear doesn’t include one, you have to get it separately.

Before leaving, it is vital that you understand how it works and what you will need to do. Talk with someone who knows everything about these devices and ask them to give you the proper instructions. If you want to get fancy, you can also pack portable chairs, a table, plastic plates, cutlery, and everything you’ll need for food and entertainment. And of course, fancy or not, you will need a solid backpack on your camping gear list.


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