Your Top 10 Backpacking Breakfasts

Rustic Breakfast, Backpacking Breakfast
Image by Andrew Spencer on Unsplash

The best food ideas for hiking are always about nourishment, strength, and being revitalized. Here we discuss the best hiking food, specifically backpacking breakfast, where to get it and how to prepare it.

Rustic Breakfast, Backpacking Breakfast
Image by Andrew Spencer on Unsplash

Firstly, how much food should you pack? A good rule of thumb is about 2,500-4,500 calories per person per day. Therefore, calorie-dense food is a good idea when you consider the amount of food to be packed. You also don’t want to pack too much! Nobody wants to strain themselves even more by carrying food you don’t need. 

When it comes to a good backpacking breakfast, you have many options. It could just be a cereal bar or you could go big with eggs and pancakes. Here is a list of our top backpacking breakfast ideas. 

Don’t forget the coffee!

Find Nutrition In Oatmeal Packets

Instant Oatmeal for Backpacking Breakfast
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If you want a simple but revitalizing backpacking breakfast then look no further than oatmeal packets. The packets even serve as a bowl so you can just pour water and spoon it straight into your mouth. This makes oats a simple and convenient backpacking food. Also, oats are pure comfort food too and will warm your body up in no time. It’s perfect for a quick and filling breakfast out in the mountains. 

Quakers do a great 52 packet box with three different flavors: apple & cinnamon, maple & brown sugar, cinnamon, and spice. Oats are fantastic camping food because they’re so versatile and you can add any number of tasty extras like nuts, seeds, fruits, chocolate chips, coconut and many more.

Scramble For Powdered Eggs

Egg Yolk Powder for Backpacking Breakfast
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A hiker favorite and great backpacking food. Some people love the stuff and some hate it. It might be worth trying before you take it with you. However, if you want a lavish breakfast, this might be the choice for you. It’s not uncommon to see backpackers treating themselves to a lavish backpacking breakfast of eggs, bacon, and mushrooms. Also, the powdered eggs are very easy to cook. You just add water and scramble them just like fresh eggs. If you’re feeling up to it, you could make an omelet with onions, mushrooms, bacon, and cheese for some real hiking food. That is a guaranteed happy backpacker breakfast. 

Note: You can buy powdered eggs in most supermarkets or online at Amazon.

Go Trekking With TREK Bars

TREK Bars for Backpacking Breakfast
Image on Amazon

Sometimes a good nutrient-dense cereal bar is the pick me up snacks you need. A TREK Bar is great hiking food packing a mighty 9g of proteins and great for when you are on the go. Made with oats, nuts, seeds and chocolate, the TREK Bars will hit the spot and keep you moving all day long. Additionally, we fully recommend adding a handful of these to your packing list. Quick and simple nutrition on the go. 

Flavors include:

Morning Berry, Oat & Raisin, Banana Bread, Cocoa Oat, Cocoa Coconut, Cocoa Raisin, and Original Oat. Additionally, all TREK bars are vegan too for those that follow a plant-based diet.

However, you don’t have to stick to TREK, though. There are hundreds of quality cereal bars available for a quick but tasty backpacking breakfast. 

Note: You can buy TREK bars in most supermarkets or you can buy bulk online at Amazon.

Start Your Day With Breakfast Pancakes

Instant Pancake, Just Add Water for Backpacking Breakfast
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The ultimate backpacking breakfast? How do pancakes with strawberries and syrup at 8 am on the side of a snowy mountain sound? Pretty tempting right? Grab yourself a good pancake mix and you can make it happen. Just make sure you go for the ‘just add water’ mixes. Others require eggs and milk.

Pancakes are an amazing camping food. You can go sweet or savory and the toppings are endless. Having a good pancake mix in your bag opens the door for tons of great pancake meals. The easiest recipe by far is the classic sugar and lemon juice combo. However, if you have a real sweet tooth, then berries and syrup (maybe some chocolate sauce too?) is a good choice. If you prefer savory pancakes then a simple mix of garlic, onions, and chives are a perfect mix. 

Note: You can buy pancake mixes at your supermarket or on Amazon.

Roll Out For Protein Balls

Protein Balls for Backpacking Breakfast
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Probably one of the best and most convenient food items to pack for your hike. You can get these pre-made or make them on your own; they make awesome hiking snacks. However, we highly suggest making your own! This way, you can customize them to your own liking. Protein balls are great for…well…protein! You can add peanut butter, nuts, and chocolate. They’re also a great energy boost, the perfect breakfast before heading out for the day’s walk.

Protein balls are an excellent choice for hiking food because the ingredients are endless and you can customize it to the taste and nutrition you desire. Chia seeds, for example, are a great source of Omega-3, something that’s hard to come by on a hike unless you plan on fishing for your dinner.

Note: You can buy them premade from most supermarkets, bakeries, or health shops. To make your own, check out a guide over on Minimalist Baker.

Take Bites From Your Breakfast Burritos

Burritos for Backpacking Breakfast
Image by Joe Goldberg on Flickr

The king of lavish backpacking breakfast ideas. A great way to start the day is with a Mexican classic. You can pre-cook all the filling at home before the trip and seal them in a plastic freezer bag. Pack a couple of wraps in your bag. This breakfast is as easy as filling the wrap with the filling, rolling it up, and eating it. Simple and highly nutritious. You could even warm up the filling and the wrap using your stove. 

Imagine waking up to a chilly autumn morning and scoffing down a Mexican burrito to kick the day off. Take some jalapeños to really wake you up. Additionally, if you’re on group trek and you want to make friends for life, then this is the camping food you make for them.

Brighten Up With Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup
Image by Meal Makeover Moms on Flickr

This winter warmer backpacking breakfast is guaranteed to make you forget all about the cold. This is a real home comfort food and will give you an amazing boost in the morning before heading out of camp. Soups are great for hikers because they provide all the necessary protein and nutrients a hiker needs. 

A good soup is a great backpacking food and can really bring you back to life. Additionally, it will help you push forward no matter how difficult the hike is. There is nothing like a big bowl of hot moreish soup when you’re mentally and physically struggling in the wild.

You can choose to pre-cook this at home or cook it at camp on your stove.

Get Baked With Baked Potatoes

Baked Potato
Image by RitaE on Pixabay

Simple snacks are the best snacks! Nutritious, filling, and revitalizing! Carrying a few spuds in your bag is well worth the extra weight. A baked potato is easy to make and it’s proper backpacking food. You just wrap it in foil with salt and pepper and add straight onto the burning coals. Also, once your potato is cooked, you have a myriad of topping choices. You could add baked beans, cheese, pre-made chili, or just butter.

It’s a guaranteed energy booster and tummy pleaser. Additionally, you could even swap the regular potato for a sweet potato! Or you could do a mix. Baked potatoes are a party pleaser. So if you’re traveling in a group, this is a great recipe to share with everyone. Customizing your own baked potato is also fun and gets people chatting away.

Mix Yourself With Hiker Trail Mix

Trail Mix
Image on Amazon

By far the easiest breakfast to munch down on is a proper hikers’ trail mix. Basically a big bag of mixed nuts and seeds. You can pre-make this at home before setting out on your trip. Nuts and seeds are a great source of nutrients, calorie-dense, and will keep you moving. Also, there are nutrients in nuts and seeds that are hard to come by with your regular camping food. This makes them essential to every camper’s packing list.

You don’t have to just eat it out in a bag, feel free to pour warm water or milk over them and eat them like cereal. That warm nutty taste has a unique way of bringing you back to life after a tough night sleeping on the ground. Therefore, it’s simply great backpacking food.

Here is the best mix:

  • Nuts
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts
  • Peanuts
  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Seeds
  • Pumpkin
  • Sunflower
  • Dried Fruit
  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Raisins
  • Cranberries
  • Extras
  • Coconut shavings

Get A Grip Of Grits

Instant Grits
Image on Amazon

You don’t have to be from the South to enjoy the South’s favorite food. A bowl of grits is packed full of nutrition and will keep you full for the day, making it a good choice for backpacking food. It’s also really quick to prepare and cook in camp. Grits are a great choice because they’re versatile and you can add a number of toppings. These toppings include dried kale or spinach, sunflower seeds, avocado, bacon bits, and cheese. Additionally, you might want to consider toppings that are the easiest to store and carry on the journey.

Note: You can buy grits in most US supermarkets. However, if you’re outside of the US, you can buy online at Amazon. Make sure you buy the ‘just add water’ version, other brands may require eggs or milk.


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