20 DIY Camping Hacks and Crafts That You Must Know

Photo by Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

Camping is a fun activity to unleash our adventurous and clever side, be it a solo trip or one with your family or friends. Bringing many items when backpacking is inconvenient and expensive at the same time. Be more resourceful and creative on your next camp with these useful do-it-yourself camping hacks and crafts that you should try.

Build A Homemade Tin Can Stove

Camping Hacks: Stove using tin can
Photo by Darrinmcl from Instructables

A portable stove is inconvenient to bring in a camp. Aside from it’s heavy, you need a gas or electricity to use it. So, what’s the camping hack? Try to build a stove using two recycled tin cans. Cut a hole in the middle of one can similar to the size of the other to fit. Place dried leaves and branches inside, then light up with fire to use. You can dispose of this after.

Create A BBQ Grill From A Tin Can

Camping Hacks:: BBQ Grill using tin can
Photo from Fab Art DIY

Grilling food is one of the best parts of camping. However, bringing a portable grilling machine is a hassle for us. Maximize your ingenuity by making a mini grill pan using a tin can. First, cut the upper part of the can into strips then wrap it with aluminum foil. Add some charcoals and lighting fluid. You can start cooking your favorite backpacking meals barbeque, sausages, and vegetables using it.

Use Tic-Tac Boxes For Spices

Photo From Diyinspired

Spices are essentials to make our food delicious regardless of whether we’re camping or not. But, do we need to bring our big jars of seasonings for it? The answer is, no! For those who eat Tic-Tacs, give the containers a new purpose instead of simply throwing it away. You can fill it with the spices that you’ll need on your camping trip. Yes, this is one of the many amazing camping hacks you need to know. Put a label for each container so you’ll find it easily. These containers are convenient to use and handle.

Create An Easy To Carry Condiment Station

DIY Condiment station
Photo from Bored Bug

Use a muffin tin to create your condiment holder. The individual sections are better storage for onions, pickles, relish, and tomatoes. You can also add ketchup and mustard. Cover it with a plastic wrap so it’ll not spill. The condiment holder will avoid you from bringing too many containers or jars on the trip. Plus, it saves you from washing multiple dishes.

Create A Gallon Jug Lighting

Camping Hacks:: Gallon jug lighting
Photo by James Graham from Survival Jar

The light from the flashlight or torch may not be sufficient for the whole tent. A do-it-yourself water jug lantern is so easy to create. You only need a big white jug and a headlamp with an elastic band. Fill the container with water then wrap the headlamp around it. That’s it! It provides a wide range of light enough for your whole tent.

Customize A Pot And Pan Holder With A Belt

Camping Hacks:: Pat and pan holder belt
Photo from Thetentairconditioner

Organize your pots and pans by hanging them. Bring an old belt and hooks with you. Tie a belt around a tree and insert the hooks. You can hang your cooking utensils around it. The holder will secure the tools from the ground. It is a better place to dry them after washing. You can also hang other stuff aside from utensils.

Organize A Pocket First-Aid Kit

Pocket firs-aid kit
Photo by Nnygamer from Instructables

Safety is always our top priority. Bringing a first-aid kit is on the top of our list. It is a good idea to create a pocket-size first-aid kit that we can carry anytime and whenever we are. You can use an old mint box or an empty prescription bottle. Fill it with the medicines, band-aids, and other items that you might need.

Use A Water Bottle As Egg Storage

Camping Hacks:: Water bottle egg storage
Photo by Olinselot from outerport

Secure your eggs from getting cracked for your camping trip. An easy way to carry eggs is to beat them beforehand and place them in a clean water bottle. It is also easy to pour them out when you need to cook them already.

Pack The Clothes For Each Day Together

Pack clothes per day
Photo by Erin D. from Blog.The3Day

If you’re going to a camp for a few days, plan all the attires that you’ll wear. Pack the clothes that you’ll need each day in one ziplock together, including socks and undergarments. It will make your stuff more organized. You’ll also have a place to put your dirty clothes in.

Make A Pillow Using Your Stuff Sack And Clothes

Camping Hacks: Pillow made in stuff sack and clothes
Photo from Rei

Spare yourself from carrying extra luggage. Put your clothes inside your stuff sack to create a pillow. It will take up less space in your baggage since you don’t need to bring a pillow. Aside from that, you can also get your clothes faster because it’s inside of your pillow already.

Make Your Shoes Waterproof Using A Candle

Waterproof shoes using candle
Photo by Lauren J from DIY Projects

It is inevitable to step in puddles during camping trips. If you’re planning to wear canvas shoes, coat it with candle wax to make it water-resistant. Apply the candle wax generously until it covers all areas. Melt the wax with a hairdryer so it will stick, and your shoes will look good as new. It secures your shoes and feet to stay dry. Another is to prevent your shoes from becoming stinky and ruined by excess water.

Create Coffee Bags

Coffee bags
Photo from 365daysofpinterestrecipes

Coffee lovers! Bring your favorite coffee with you without the hassle of bringing pots and containers. Create your coffee bag to brew your drink on your camping trip. You can use coffee filters or cheesecloths for your DIY coffee bag. Then, fill it with the amount of coffee you need. Additional tip, you can add a creamer in the coffee bag too.

Make A DIY Candle Stakes

DIY candle stakes
Photo from A Subtle Revelry

Create a romantic nighttime lighting using candle stakes. Making a candle stake is much cheaper and affordable. You need a candle and stick. Drill a small hole on the bottom part of the candle. Place the candle on the stick. Then, that’s it!

Use Sage As A Mosquito Repellant

Sage as mosquito repellant
Photo from Road Map

Camping is fun, but mosquito bites aren’t. If you’re worried about the chemicals from insect repellents, use a natural method to get rid of mosquitoes. Burn a sage in your campfire to repel mosquitoes. You’ll enjoy the smell of sage but, the mosquitoes don’t. The scent will linger on your skin and clothing, so it’s extra protection too. Also, ticks hate sage. They will stay away from the smell too.

Use Deodorant To Treat Insect Bites

Deodorant to treat insect bites
Photo by Lindsey Rose Black from Bustle

Do you know that you can use deodorants to treat bug bites and other itches? Just rub it over the itchy area and the itching will stop. Aside from using it for your underarm, it’ll cure the itchiness you might get from insect bites during your camping.

Bring Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels
Photo from Microfiber Wholesale

Bringing lightweight items is very convenient for us. Rather than bringing heavyweight towels, carry microfiber towels instead. They are absorbent and lightweight. You can easily carry these wherever and whenever you are.

Wrap Duct Tape Around Water Bottles

Duct tape wrapped bottles
Photo by Vanessa Beaty from DIY N Crafts

Duct tape is one of the essentials needs every camping. But, if you’re bringing many items along with us, it may be inconvenient for us to look for it. You might end up rummaging through our luggage or tent looking for it. An easy way to keep a duct tape is to wrap it around things that you can find faster. Since we carry water bottles and big enough, you can use these.

Use Doritos for kindling If There Are No Other Options Available

Doritos as firestarter
Photo by U/fischerkidd from Reddit

Sometimes it is inevitable to encounter unexpected situations during camping trips. It may rain, and you can’t use anything around the area as kindling to start a fire. Good thing, you can use your favorite chips as a fire-starter. Yes, you can use Doritos as a kindling, whether you believe it or not.

Freeze Gallon Jugs Of Water And Add Them In The Cooler

Freeze water jugs before putting in cooler
Photo from Camping Blogger

Keep the food’s freshness by maintaining the coldness of the cooler. Freeze gallon jugs of water then place them in the cooler. They will keep the food cold, such as pasta sauces, meat, sausages and many more. Plus, you’ll have plenty of water to drink and use for later.

Create S’moreos!

Photo by Mntreiger from Paper Treiger

Make your camping trip fun by giving a traditional smores a fun twist. Instead of graham crackers, prepare smoreos (marshmallows and Oreos) for the kids. Open an Oreo, then add a piece of chocolate and roasted marshmallows. It is a delicious snack that not only kids will love, but you’ll also enjoy it.

The camping hacks and crafts mentioned are some ways to make your trip more fun and convenient. You don’t need to prepare too much for it. Just be creative and resourceful when planning. Be wise and practical. Recycle different used materials inside your house and turn into something useful. The most important part is to make the best out of the trip. Appreciate the beauty of nature and spend time with your loved ones in this one memorable camping experience.


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