Hike The Best Campgrounds In Moreau Lake State Park

Moreau Overlook

Take a break from your hectic and tiresome routine and connect with nature on a spiritual level at the Moreau Lake State Park. The wonderful and massive park is filled with campgrounds that offer breathtaking views of the hardwood forests, rocky ridges, and the three lovely lakes amidst the scent of pine cones and wildflowers lingering in the air around you.

Moreau Lake State Park gives you a much needed serene and secluded experience to unwind from the fast-paced and eventful life of NYC. Located between the Saratoga County and the Glens Fall area, the park covers a big portion of the breathtaking Palmertown Mountain Range. It spreads across 4,531 acres and offers 148 campsites, along with two cottages, seven cabins, and a group camp setup (available on request).

Moreau Overlook

The state park has a lot to offer besides camping, be it the sandy beaches with pearly white sand, cross-country ski trails, fishing, boating or kayaking, you’ll get an opportunity to explore nature in its purest form. The proximity to Lake George and Saratoga Springs is an added bonus!

Campsites & Campground At Moreau Lake State Park

Take a virtual tour of the campgrounds before you make your bookings! Imagine cool and shady groves of trees with nothing to disturb you besides the playful chirping of birds and the rustling of trees, while the cool breeze washes away the stresses of everyday life. There is a total of 148 campsites at Moreau Lake, though none of them are on or nearby the water.

Campsites are formed in loops with multiple campsites available in each loop. These campsites are numbered in each loop.

There are seven loops which are:

  • First is Loop A
  • Second is Loop B
  • Third and fourth are Loops C and D (adjoined)
  • Fifth is Loop E
  • Sixth and seventh are Loops F and G (adjoined)

All of these campsites can be booked for a maximum of 6 people, and have all the basic amenities, as well as desirable locations near the main attractions of the park.

Have Your Lunch On The Picnic Grounds 

Moreau Lake State Park has delightfully pleasant picnic grounds, located well under the lush green trees for shade and coolness. Enjoy a nice lunch while soaking in the natural beauty around you and planning ahead for an adventurous day ahead.

Moreau Lake Birds
Image by BowersE on Wikimedia Commons

Setting Up Pavilion & Canvas Tents

There are two pavilions at Moreau Lake State Park. Each has a capacity of 120 people and overlooks the lake. These pavilions can be booked on a daily basis. Rent them out for parties and events, and enjoy a multitude of activities to take your celebrations to the next level. If you are looking for a smaller arrangement, there are three canvas tents with space for 35-50 people as well.

Experience A Stay In A Cottage

If you wish to stay in a well-equipped and cozy cottage instead of a tent, better hurry up on those bookings as Moreau Lake State Park has two amazing ones! The Lake Shore Cottage is loaded with amenities, from refrigerator and stove to utensils and dishes, as well as a lovely screened porch for evening teas. There’s also a warm and cozy fireplace to curl up with a good book in winters. A warm shower in the bathroom and the plush bedding and pillows will you send you off to the finest sleep after a day filled with outdoor activities. The Campground Cottage is another cottage with the same great amenities and comfort.

Relax In Their Cabins 

There are 7 cabins to rent out, with Sunset Cabin being the most popular one after its renovation. The cabins have a picturesque, rustic beauty with pastoral décor that will take you back to simpler times. To top it all, it has a quiet and secluded location like the campsites and offers a wonderful lakefront view.

Moreau Lake State Park
Image by Diane Cordell on Flickr

Have Comfortable Amenities 

All of the accommodations at Moreau Lake come with a number of services and amenities to enhance your experience and give you the best possible facilities during your stay. Enjoy hot showers and swimming in warm water to wash away the fatigue and weariness after a long hike. There are enough parking spaces present near the campgrounds and cabins, as well as picnic tables and playgrounds for the kids.

There are interpretive programs to explore, and a first aid station as well as dump station and comfort station. Additionally, there are several shopping spots, tasteful restaurants, theme parks, convenience store, and an amphitheater within 10 miles of the park as well.

Things To Do At Moreau Lake State Park

There are a lot of things to do in the huge park the entire year round! These activities center around the season you choose to visit. Make the best out of them so you can truly take in the essence of nature in all its glory as the colors of the wind change. Here are some of the fun activities to enjoy with family or explore in solitude and connect with nature.

Get Exercise By Hiking, Running, & Walking 

Put on your best shoes and get ready to explore the trails at Moreau Lake State Park! There are 41 miles of them to choose from, each offering a unique experience with marvelous views. If you are looking for a light walk, Lake Bonita Loop has a great trail with a rewarding view of the lake. Baker Trail is another easy one with great views and a tremendously peaceful hike.

Hudson Highlands View From Breakneck Bridge
Image by ScubaBear68 on Wikimedia Commons

The Western Ridge Trail will offer you a great payoff for all the hard work you would do to reach the top. Although the hike of this trail is short, it has a 600 feet vertical incline over 1.8 miles, which demands a little effort. If you want a bit of a challenge, try the Red Oak Ridge Trail to push your limits, and enjoy some of the best views of the mountains and lakes as a reward after you are done. Don’t forget to load up on water and trail mix.

Go Biking

You don’t always have to be up on your feet. Mountain biking is another option to explore all the beauty the trails have to offer. Make sure of your safety as some of these trails can be slippery or uneven.

Little Free Libraries

Ah, the simple joys of life! Who needs a big screen or other entertainment options when you are in the company of a good book? Moreau Lake has four fully stocked libraries that are absolutely free of cost! It operates on the philosophy of ‘take a book, return a book’ for free book exchanges. Pick the one you like best, and enjoy it by the cozy fireplace, or under a beach umbrella facing the sun-kissed beaches.

Visit The Beach

This is a great activity for summers. The beach lounges are comfortable and there are beach umbrellas that can be rented out, as well as fishing gear if you are in the mood for it. You can also plan some sort of sports activity by the beach or just enjoy the welcoming warmth of the sun while lying by the sandy shores.

Moreau State Park Beach
Image on dailygazette.com

Kayaking, Canoeing, & Rowing Boats 

Rent out a boat, canoe or kayak, and explore the beauty of the park by the sea. They offer you a much needed quiet time and are great for a fishing trip too. Rentals are available for windsurfing as well, depending on the season.

The Best Site For Stargazing

Is there anything more magical than laying under the stars and marveling at their unique arrangements? There’s a new observatory built in the park, where you can stargaze and ponder over the vastness and majesty of the universe, leaving all your worries behind. It is a great couple activity and has quite a romantic set up.

Horse Riding & Dog Walking

Moreau Lake State Park is a pet friendly park. So, bring along your fluffy friends and take a stroll with them on one of the scenic trails. You can also get horses and enjoy horse riding.

Bird Watching 

The park is filled with exotic birds. Some of these birds tend to pay a visit at campsites and entertain the campers with their chirpy songs. Eagles and Osprey are on display in the park as well, so make sure to bring your binoculars along.

Greenhouse & Nature Center

This is a great activity for families. You can learn a lot about invasive and native species.

Ice-skating & Ice-fishing In The Winter

This is a popular winter activity in the park. You can rent out snowshoes and fishing gear, and even go skiing in winters.

Moreau Lake State Park In Winter
Image by Doug Kerr on Flickr

Swimming & Fishing During The Hot Summers

Swimming and snorkeling is highly encouraged! Lifeguards are there for your safety throughout the opening hours. You can also enjoy some warm weather fishing and catch a variety of fishes to flaunt in front of friends. Some of the fishes found in the lakes are Bluegill, Pickerel, Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, Yellow Bullhead, White Suckerfish, Yellow Perch, and Largemouth Bass.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Picnics

Plan a picnic in one of the picnic grounds under the cooling shade of trees. This is also a great time to explore the forests and take pictures!

Join Events

Plan your visit around some of the exciting seasonal events. These include NatureFest, Geocaching, and other fun holiday events. In summers, there are engaging kids crafts arranged down at the beach too. For hunters, Moreau Lake State Park also allows hunting. However, there are boundaries by which you must abide. Hence, to help, you can get a hunting map with boundaries where hunting is allowed around the park.

Enjoy the lovely campsites and hiking trails around the year. Soak in the sun in luxury beach lounges under the umbrella while sipping on those cocktails in summers, or rent out snowshoes in winter and go for some ice fishing, the choices are limitless and inexhaustible.


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